On Line Clip List

I’m so grateful to have written regularly for these six online magazines. Thank you so very much for reading.

How to deal with separation anxiety in kids

Ways to laugh more every day

Peach recipes that are to die for

6 Things no one tells you about giving birth

How jealousy works

5 Back-to-school photo ops you shouldn’t miss

Get the Behavior You Want… Without Being the Parent You Hate

Kickstarter 101

Notice-me belts you need right now

9 Recipes that rock grapefruit

6 Hot perfume reviews

These authors nail it every single time

Brilliant beauty tricks

11 Social media mistakes to avoid

Race relations revealed

Is the NFL misogynistic? You bet.

This is how much you should tip for every service

10 Foods that get rid of PMS

Let’s (respectfully) discuss gender disappointment

Simple salad recipes for the summer season

Teaching kindness starts at home

Pregnant with the wrong baby

The home alone debate

What’s the “right” response when kids are killed?

Great grilled veggies

The God Box Project

Facebook addiction: The real deal is revealed

Summer style for the hip stay-at-home mom

Homemade ice cream recipes

Gender bias: How moms need to flip the script

The chore wars were so 2011

Adoption love stories

People would rather give to homeless mannequins than actual homeless people

I’m sorry, are you apologizing again?

Stylists share summer hair care tips

Stepmoms speak out

Blogging through divorce

The ugly reality behind beautiful clothing

Love that bump

Common cooking conversions

You’ll be shocked by who’s against marriage equality

Slut. Yes, we’re going there.

Top 6 at-home exercises (with photos!)

New romantic comedy portrays abortion without apology

America desensitized: The new normal

Stunning Father’s Day photos

Racism is over? Don’t be ridiculous.

5 Things marriage equality doesn’t change, and one thing it does

Sweet summer memories to recreate for your kids

School dress codes: Outdated and over-enforced

Sentenced to death for her religion

#YesAllWomen trends, every woman understands why

9 Perfect graduation gifts for $50 or less

The body image movement you need to get behind

Photographer who witnessed domestic violence called unethical

Zero tolerance: Not what it’s cracked up to be

Diet versus exercise: What should you tackle (hardest)?

The best salsa recipes

Amazing things women are doing online

Comfortable in our own skin

Barilla takes steps away from anti-gay scandal

These moms are one and done (by choice)

Toxin-free nail polishes that rock

Entertaining, meet Mason jars

The best cleansing smoothie recipes

Girlfriend, have we got a book for you

What teachers really want to tell parents

8 Organizing finds for your home — for $40 or less

Potty training ideas that work

The deal with cilantro

Top family vacation spots

The best photography tutorials

Food bloggers share their best kitchen tricks

The best birthday cakes on Pinterest

Flip the switch: What butter and bacon have to do with weight loss

Best Disney vacation tips

The best cauliflower recipes on Pinterest

Temperament: Your child’s personality test

One and Only: A book review

Everybody’s favorite nails

How moms ditch the paci

Operation Love Reunited: Photos of military families

The best spinach recipes on Pinterest

The best cupcake recipes on Pinterest

The Good Mother Myth: A book review

Things our kids will never know about

Easy St. Patrick’s Day party food

Alternatives to vegetable oil

Rabbis reunite to fight childhood cancer

Water birth stories

Rethinking homework

The Radiant Woman’s Handbook: A book review

The 365 feminist selfie project

Must-read memoirs

Enrichment activity ideas for kids

Sugar in schools: Yay or nay?

The best homemade recipes for toddlers

Easy Valentine’s Day party food

The best quinoa recipes on Pinterest

The best homemade baby food recipes

Why teens are wonderful

Is puberty before age 10 the new normal?

4 DIY shampoo recipes

Real moms share the strangest places we’ve breastfed

What does fair trade mean?

The truth about birth order

Women, Food, and God: A book review

The best DIY body scrub recipes

Mom tattoos

How do Jews feel about tattoos?

Black Friday shopping, FTW

Little fundraisers with a big impact

The best gifts for moms

Find the right necklace for your neckline

Treat your mom friends right

A healthy must-have: Apple cider vinegar

DIY photo gift ideas

Sending our kids abroad

Are gender specific toys beneficial or sexist?

Classic family night movies

What’s your excuse?

Great TED Talks you need to watch

Human trafficking: Our country’s dirty little secret

Paying it forward ideas

Creating “I’m Thankful For… ” traditions

Pretty Thanksgiving wreaths

 Life hacks for going green

Should I pay my kids’ (college) way?

Should you let your kids quit?

Food bloggers share their best pumpkin recipes

What makes a birth good?

Easy Halloween party food

Best doctor mom blogs

Best baby Halloween costumes

Hot nail polish colors for fall

Best hair styles for your face shape

Best Halloween costumes for couples

Fun Rice Krispies treats recipes

Food bloggers share their best apple recipes

Professional photographers share fall photo ideas

How to make a natural teeth whitener

Mama needs a new pair of… boots!

Best photo sharing sites

The skinny on artificial sweeteners

Goodbye tiger mom, hello dolphin dad

Food bloggers share their best bacon recipes

The best happiness apps

How to make your own flavored butters

How to make your own spice mixes

Mom to mom: How to induce labor

Back-to-school gifts for teachers

End of summer party ideas for kids

Real moms discuss kindergarten redshirting

Science experiments for smart girls

Last call for messy play

Cute backpacks for kids

Ideas for kids’ lunches

The cost of infertility

Yell less, love more

Should you separate or combine finances?

How to do polka dot nails

Summer’s sweetest sundresses

Go low carb for one month

Best book club reads

The best sunglasses for your face shape

The best & easiest Key lim pie recipe

DIY: How to make a Mason jar candle

Moms react to Angelina Jolie’s breast cancer prevention revelation

Let’s make girls unstoppable

Are you your own worst beauty critic?

Fresh strawberry jam recipe

Nora Ephron’s cheesecake recipe

Fresh iced tea recipes for National Iced Tea Month

Food bloggers share what to do with fresh strawberries

Black bean summer salad recipe

Father’s Day recipes

Give yourself an all-white mani/pedi

How to look great in photos

Gift giving: No boxes required

Chic mom jewelry

Real women share: Pregnant and dreaming of motherhood

How to create a pink blush halo

Tween hair: How to create a fishtail braid

My kid is a liar

Real women share what they’ve learned about motherhood

Crazy about coconut oil

May Day basket DIY

Mexican hot chocolate cupcake recipe

DIY gift idea: Homemade milk bath

A macaroni & cheese bar

DIY: Alphabet photography frames

DIY: Microbead nails for tweens

Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies)

An interview with Momastery’s Glennon Doyle Melton

40 Beads and a jumpstart to your marriage

Moms who need wine

Earth Day cupcakes

How to create a popcorn bar

Cute tween hairstyles

Tooth fairy ideas we love

DIY: The monthly interview

DIY: Baby’s first book

St. Patrick’s Day marshmallow pops

How to decorate with words

Clever ice cube recipes

Glitter-tipped nails

Are you unplugging this weekend?

6 Great dates for moms and sons

Keeping the kids busy over spring break

Rainbow fruit kabobs for St. Patrick’s Day

Spring snack mix recipe

Classic Passover cake recipe

Samoas ice cream cake recipe

Kid-friendly Passover ideas

Tagalongs brownie recipe

Thin Mints cupcake recipe

Reading time — for you!

Best recipes for the Super Bowl

A hot chocolate bar

Cupid’s clusters recipe

Acts of kindness ideas

DIY balloon bouquet (with love notes)

A cookie decorating party for Valentine’s Day

Tween gift idea: Homemade lip gloss

Must-read books for school-age girls

Filled to the brim with happiness


The 10 Funniest Parenting Tweets, Possibly Ever

8 Books You Should Have On Your Nightstand Right Now

5 Moms Who Understand Who Should Really Be Wearing A Halloween Costume This Year

10 Things You Have So Wrong About Teens

12 Women Who Absolutely Define Sexy

8 Pictures That Show Who A Girl’s Best Friend Really Is

7 Things You Should Say To Your Guy Every Day

These Are The Compliments That Women Really Want to Hear

10 Pieces of Advice You Can’t Afford to Ignore

7 Surprising Ways Friendships Change After Baby

You’ll Never Guess What These Moms Really Want From Schools

5 Genius Organization Tips to Keep You Sane This School Year

These 10 Pictures Show Why Summer Is So All-Caps AWESOME

26 Amazing Gift Ideas That Empower Girls

These 6 Summer Date Nights Will Make You Swoon

These 15 Pictures Show What Motherhood is Really Like

What SAHMs, WAHMs, and WOHMs Want to Tell Each Other

Every Woman Needs a Theme Song. What’s Yours?

This Is What You Want People to Say About You When You’re 80-Years-Old

Moms’ Summer Bucket Lists… for Themselves

So This is Marriage

Pack Your Beach bag (With These Books!)

Why Fatherhood Matters

Hear Us ROAR: Women (Re)Define Success

What I Would Tell My 20-Year-Old Self

4 Magazines All Moms Should Read

Checking in with the #365FeministSelfie Project

Women Share Mom Memories That Matter

Listen to Your Mother: Giving Motherhood a Stage

Dear Daughters: Life Lessons for Our Girls

Raising Good Men: Lessons for Our Sons

5 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Moms

5 Great Apps for Busy Moms

There’s Only 1 Thing People Remember About You. Yes, 1.

How the Internet Made Me a Better Person

4 Clever Activities That Make Your Friendships Better

You Can Make the World Better by Doing This One Thing

Why {Almost} 40 is Fabulous

Must-Read Books About the Food We Eat

Best Feel-Like-a-Kid-Again Date Ideas

5 Types of Yoga: Find the Right Class for You

The Secret to Finding Balance

8 Secrets About Book Lovers

I Took a Pole Dancing Class (Once)

5 Women We Look Up To – And Think You Should, Too

4 Perfect New Year’s Resolutions for Moms

The Give Effect: A Resolution to Set With Your Kids This Year

3 Fun Things to Do With Your Holiday Cards

Love the One You’re With: The Case for Unplugging

Getting Our Girls Out of the Box: About Feminist Parenting

5 Instant Mood Boosters

We Choose to Be Grateful

5 Surefire Ways to Know You’re an Introvert

The 3 Kinds of Friends Every Woman Has

5 SMART Steps to Reaching All of Your Goals

Women, Food, and Body Image

Stop Teen Medicine Abuse

Remember Vision Boards? Here’s Why You Should Still Make One

Call for Done Lists!

The Secret All Successful Women Share

Ready for Air by Kate Hopper

Flip It: Turning Negatives into Positives

10 Things Every Mom Can Learn From Yoga

10 Simple Memory Keeping Ideas… Just for Moms!

What Running a 10k Feels Like

6 Books All Women Must Read

An Experience of a Lifetime: Greece with People to People

5 Secrets to Great Sex

About Being a Work at Home Mom

Leaning In, Hard

The Gifts of (Extra)Ordinary Days

Owning Your Guilty Pleasures

Self Confidence Tip: Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

Women Make the World Go Round

5 Keys to a Happy Marriage

In My Own Skin: Bathing Suits and Body Image

Five Letters

Top Dog: Owning My Competitive Nature

Summer Bucket List: 30 Simple Ideas Just for Moms

Don’t Let Best Be the Enemy of Good

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

A Gift that All Moms Deserve

Do You Make Your Kids Apologize?


How decorating with red and purple can boost your prosperity

Experts weigh in: 15 Things that would tidy up this bedroom

Abstract art by Pablo Picasso that anyone can afford

10 Perfect pictures of dogs wearing sunglasses

How to help your unemployed college graduate land a job

Why copper is the metallic finish you don’t want to miss

This old home got a new chance at life

It’s amazing how this dog helped a man with Alzheimer’s

Ridiculously funny cat fails even dog lovers will laugh at

The case for play dates

How to be a great team mom

These dogs are ready to hit the beach hard

Soldiers reuniting with their dogs

Martha Stewart’s medicine cabinet is not as today as you might think

3 Ways head hunters offer job seekers as edge

10 Most epic crafts of all time

The cutest mixed dog breeds on the planet

5 Powerful reunions between dogs and their owners

Is this mind-reading gadget for dogs legit?

Celebrate Mardi Gras with Skinny cocktails

8 Cute dog toys from the quirkiest shops on Etsy

6 tech tips for saving energy and money

3 Ways to boost your self-confidence for public speaking

Flea market vs. estate sale: Which has the best vintage finds?

6 Hands-free products that play with your pet

5 Flawless space-saving tips from the designers at Cezign

Rising health care costs: It’s a pet problem, too

Luxury loungers for your pet

How to host the ultimate Super Bowl party

10 Home accessories that hide things from bandits

12 Secret hiding places to keep household treasures

How to celebrate the holidays in an interfaith home

12 Places to hang stockings if you don’t have a fireplace

Host a vodka latke party

25 Great Hanukkah finds on Etsy

5 Christmas cocktails made in 5 minutes or less

How to become financially fit in 5 easy steps

The best life advice we could find on YouTube

Before & after: 15 Fireplace surrounds made over

Help, my water pipes are frozen… What do I do?

They’re going green: How 5 companies are pitching in

Manners for the digital age

Book smart or street smart: Which are you?

10 Foods that are dangerous for dogs, and 5 that aren’t

The doggy debate: Should you feed your pet raw meat?


Le 14 verità essenziali nel far crescere una tweenager

14 Essential Truths About Raising a Tween Girl

14,000 Ways To Be Nice To Someone When They’re Sad

The One Thing I Want to Tell My Kids Before They Start School

How Our Dog Went From Lost to Found in Three Hours by the Power of Social Media and Sheer Human Kindness

12 Secrets Happily Married Women Know

These Are the People Who Stop at Lemonade Stands

11 New Parenting ‘Lasts’ That Will Make You Cry

5 Kinds of School Friends All Moms Should Have

7 Writing Lessons Straight From Jennifer Weiner’s Mouth

6 Dinge, die introvertierte Frauen richtig machen

6 Things Introverted Women Do Right

7 (Unintentional) Lessons I Learned From My Mom

So This is Marriage

What This Jew Thinks About Celebrating Christmas

The Secret to Raising Happy Kids

So What Do Jews Do on Yet Another Day Off?

The Blessings of a Lemonade Stand

Should We Teach Our Girls to Fight Back?

What to Expect From a Marriage

The Sadness in Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project

This is Childhood: Four

Global Travel: Teaching Americans to Think Outside of Themselves

Tolerance is a Bad Word

Maternal Mental Health: When Breast Isn’t Best

mamalodeGlitter and Glue: Book Review 

Sisters, Then and Now

It’s Not About the Broccoli: Book Review

Where I’m From

Golden Breaks

The Good Mother Myth: A Book Review


Inch by Inch

Hands Free Mama: A Book Review

Open Doors


The Honest Toddler: A Book Review

Raising Strong Girls

Loosen, But Don’t Let Go

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio: A Review

By Heart

Welcome Home


Fresh Fruit

Finding Our Rhythm



Dancing Shoes

Sunrise, Sunset

Ladies Who Lunch


First Day of School

How To Make Rock Candy

Q-Tip Painting: A Fine Motor Gem

Cupcakes That Taste Like Summer

How to Create Salt Art

How to Make Puffy Paint

Nature’s Gift: An Art Project

Home Again: How to Paint With Overflowing Milk

4th of July Pretzel Sparklers

Sweet Threads: How To Make Fresh Fruit Popsicles

Stretching Into Pretty: Learn How To Create Painted Rocks

Footprints: How To Make A Photo Gift

Landings & Takeoffs: How To Paint With Bubbles

How To Make Bird’s Nest Clusters

Golden Moments: How To Paint With Dandelions

Shades of Childhood: How To Paint With Golf Balls

Let Her Shine: How To Paint Rainbow Nails

Childhood In Hand: How To Make Chalk Balls

No Other Way




Passover Pieces

Clear Views


Soft Landings

Full To Empty

Held Up

Falling In Love, All Over Again

Born To Fill

Falling On The Ice

The Music In Our Home

Tiny Pieces

Sticky Sweet

The Habit Of Being Together

By Moonlight

Siblings At Sunrise

Joining The Moonfrye Team