Who Else Wants To Raise Body Positive Girls

body positive movement

The body positive movement has brought much to my life. Most recently, body positivity framed a healthy body image talk with my daughter about clothing size. When it comes to body image, I’ve made a lot of mistakes in raising my girls. I diet. I look away from mirrors. I retake selfies. But this weekend, […]

The Inexplicable Wow Factor Of Having Friends Of All Ages


Female friendship can be tricky and sometimes mom friends are hard to find. But there’s a really great reason why we need adult friends and friends of all ages. Jason and I went out for a rare Monday night date. I was tired and resistant, he was sweet and patient. His college buddy was in town. […]

This Is What Happens When You Expect Wonderful


A positive attitude has crazily far reaching results. A simple paradigm shift using positive thinking tips can simplify the pursuit of happiness and help create–and notice–wonder. So what happens when you expect wonderful? You find it. Once you learn to live in a state of wow, everything is beautiful. —Shawn Fink, Abundant Mama Tweet I […]

62 Ways To Spread Kindness Like Wildfire


Acts of kindness are the simplest way to be the change you want to see in the world. Use these acts of kindness ideas to spread kindness to one person a day. 1. Give out compliments with wild abandon. 2. Tweet a few of those compliments out. 3. Make eye contact. 4. Smile. 5. Let […]

Imagine This


There’s smart science behind why fake it till you make it works so well. John Green’s Paper Towns explains the positive space between becoming and being. “If you don’t imagine, nothing ever happens at all.” –John Green, Paper Towns I just swiped to the very last page of John Green’s Paper Towns. I actually kept swiping, […]