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When Booktrope Publishing agreed to represent Kindness Wins, I knew they were a small publishing company who was willing to take a chance on me and that was on the cusp of something TRULY WONDERFUL in the publishing business.

What I quickly learned is that Booktrope focuses on building a CREATIVE TEAM who is vested in each and every book they publish. They have an active database of cover designers, editors, proofreaders, book managers, and authors who CHOOSE EACH OTHER and the projects they want to work on. They treat the BUSINESS OF SELLING BOOKS as just that–a business. So they flex and stretch and change as needed to create fabulous books that readers want to read and that readers have easy access to.

I wasn’t the only one noticing what a smart and savvy publishing company Booktrope is. Booktrope has recently been named a Y COMBINATOR (YC) backed company. You can read more about what this means for Booktrope, and for the face of publishing, in this article on Tech Crunch, this one on Forbes, and in this one on the nitty gritty of what happens at YC school.

But what this means for you, and for me, is this: Booktrope is growing quickly. As a part of that expansion, and in order to best promote and market specific book genres, they’ve created specialty IMPRINTS by genre.


I’m beyond thrilled to announce that I’m JOINING THE BOOKTROPE PUBLISHING TEAM as MANAGING DIRECTOR of two new Imprints, UPrush BOOKS, non-fiction stories of motherhood and parenting, and UPdrift PRINTS, chapter books for grade and middle school kids.


“Non-fiction books about parenting and motherhood that show that we don’t have to think the same way to shine under the same sun.” 

An uprush is the flow of water that occurs when a wave breaks. Booktrope’s UPrush books are filled with unique perspectives, experiences, and sometimes advice. They’re how-tos that lift and personal stories that reflect how what makes us unique and different also has the power to bring us closer together. An uprush leaves room for all of us and our opinions, too. UPrush books—and authors—focus less on what readers think and more on making them think. It’s your story, tell it. I’m listening. Memoire, creative non-fiction, advice, how-tos, and anthologies all welcome.

When you have a completed manuscript, you will submit it to Booktrope directly and indicate that you are interested in being published under UPrush books.




“Chapter books that go against the grain, characters who make a difference.” 

An updrift is the direction opposite of the predominant movement along a shoreline. Booktrope’s UPdrift prints are chapter books geared toward grade and middle school kids that have the potential to work well as a series. They’re filled with stellar writing, an interesting plot, a problem to solve, and a likable character who is and who thinks outside of the box to solve that problem. The best books combine story with message. Talk to me, Goose, what’s your message?

When you have a completed manuscript, you will submit it to Booktrope directly and indicate that you are interested in being published under UPdrift prints.



UPrush and UPdrift authors are TALENTED STORYTELLERS who LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA and embrace the goodness that can be found within it. What they don’t know, they’re willing to learn. Blogging, Facebook, and Twitter presence is a must.

UPrush and UPdrift are open for submissions right now.



  1. oh Galit!!! How exciting and what a wonderful thing to be a part of! How lucky they are to have you, your voice, your spirit and passion. I’m excited to hear more about this wonderful new adventure for you and what sounds like a wonderful publisher!

    • Oh Carrie, you are such an amazing example of how we should all be lifting each other up! Thank you for this note, and for being my friend! xo

  2. This is just so AWESOME Galit!!! THEY are the lucky ones, for having YOU on board their team. I’m THRILLED for you!! And I love knowing I have this resource for when *ahem* I ever write a book! :)

  3. Galit. When someone with a heart like yours wins, everyone wins. I love this news and am so thrilled for you!!! xoxo

  4. Holy CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a wonderful match made in heaven!!! xo I may have something to send you once all the Listen to Your Mother madness is over. 😉

  5. Jumping for joy! You are perfect for this! Congratulations!

  6. wonderful news! congratulations! What a great year it is turning out to be for you.

  7. Mazel tov! So much excitement! What incredible news. I’m so very thrilled for you. Sending love and continued congrats and blessings your way. XO

  8. Love this and am absolutely thrilled for you Galit!

  9. Congratulations Galit! Wishing you continued success on your book and on this new exciting publishing endeavor! You go girl!

  10. This is so exciting! Congrats Galit!

  11. Beyond thrilled for you, Galit. And thrilled for me, too, because YOU KNOW I have something to send your way. A meeting of the best of all worlds for me , right here.

    SO PROUD OF YOU!! Congratulations!

  12. CONGRATS)))!!! So happy for you! Bravo! Brava! Manificoooo!

    Yes, I have a book. Don’t we all!?

    xxx Kiss from Duluth.

  13. CONGRATULATIONS on your job!!

    Will be in touch soon with ideas…

  14. Congratulations, Galit! Great news! I can’t help but wonder if you had input into the name UpRush: “An uprush is the flow of water that occurs when a wave breaks” sounds a lot like These Little Waves. . . Thanks for the invitation to surf this big wave with you!

  15. What amazing news – first, congrats on your book! I really cannot wait to read it. It seems like it is the perfect time for me to do so as my children are not really online in a big way yet. But I know they will be and I want to be prepared! Second, congrats on your new position. It sounds VERY exciting.

    I am almost finished with my manuscript for my book and had planned on the self-publishing route. But I will look into this, for sure as it sounds like it might be a fit!

  16. Congratulations! This is so exciting:)!!!! BTW, I believe my editor at Chick Lit Plus is also on the Booktroupe Team. Samantha Janning? In addition to Chick Lit Plus, she’s an author (her pen name is Samantha March).

  17. Hi Galit,

    Good day to you.

    I happened to come across this portal this morning. I am from India and I generally on topics around parenting and children. I wanted to know if uprush also accepts manuscripts from Indians.

    Do let me know.

    Thank you.



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