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Parents can help their kids be safe online & avoid cyberbullies with Kindness Wins by Galit Breen. This book covers 10 habits to teach kids to be kind online. 

Kindness Wins by Galit Breen

“An indispensable 21st-century manual of manners written for 21st-century parents and their children. With compassion, humor, insight, and practical wisdom born of firsthand experience, Galit Breen makes a compelling case for online decency. What would happen if parents and kids everywhere could read these 10 simple rules of conduct, learn them by heart, and live by them each and every time they log in? The world would change dramatically–and for the good of us all.”

IF KINDNESS WINS, ACCOUNTABILITY RULES. The need for this mantra is never clearer than when scrolling through posts and comments left online.

Approximately four out of ten kids (42 percent) have experienced cyberbullying. When we were young, our bullies weren’t usually strangers. They were the kids who passed mean notes about us in class, the ones who didn’t let us sit at their table during lunch, and the ones who tripped us in the hallway or embarrassed us in gym class. CYBERBULLYING ISN’T ALL THAT DIFFERENT FROM THE BULLYING OF OUR YOUTH AND NIGHTMARES. But with social media, our bullies have nonstop access to us–and our kids. In fact, we’re often “friends” with our bullies online.

When freelance writer Galit Breen’s kids hinted that they’d like to post, tweet, and share photos on Instagram, Breen took a LOOK AT SOCIAL MEDIA AS A MOM AND AS A TEACHER and quickly realized that there’s a ridiculous amount of kindness terrain to teach and explain to kids –and some adults– before letting them loose online. So she took to her pen and wrote a how-to book for parents who are tackling this issue with their kids.

Kindness Wins covers TEN HABITS TO DIRECTLY TEACH KIDS AS THEY’RE LEARNING HOW TO BE KIND ONLINE. Each section is written in Breen’s trademark parent-to-parent-over-coffee style and concludes with resources for further reading, discussion starters, and bulleted takeaways. She concludes the book with two contracts –one to share with peers and one to share with kids. Just like we needed to teach our children how to walk, swim, and throw a ball, we need to teach them how to maneuver kindly online. This book will help you do just that.

“Galit Breen has written a unique, timely, and beneficial guide to bringing digital kindness to our lives and the lives of our children. Through engaging real-life examples and encouraging prose, Galit offers ten practical guidelines that will promote healthy, intentional, and considerate habits that could help you or a loved one avoid pain and problems in both the real and online world. Galit lovingly reminds us that what we say matters–and a screen does not change that. Kindness Wins shows us that we have the ability to build or break … hurt or help … add or diminish with the click of a button. The choice is ours.”

Rachel Macy Stafford, New York Times bestselling author of Hands Free Mama

“An absolute must read for anyone raising a child in this unfamiliar (and slightly terrifying) age of social media. I’m a better parent having read it.”

–Jill Smokler, New York Times bestselling author of Confessions of a Scary Mommy

“Part guidebook, part conversation, Kindness Wins powerfully captures the essence and importance of helping our kids be kind online.”

“It’s not just about cyberbullying, it’s about how we treat each other. Galit Breen is not only a brilliant author, she is someone who felt the pain of cyber-bullets and rose above to make a difference for others. Changing the conversation offline will help your children have healthier experiences online. This is why Kindness Wins is a must read for all parents who have kids who use social media.”

“Engaging and accessible, Kindness Wins is a straightforward and nonjudgemental launching pad to help you and your children discuss how best to navigate the murky social media waters.” 

“Thought-provoking, inspiring, and simple to grasp, Kindness Wins is an invaluable parenting tool filled with extremely effective ways to teach our kids how to be kind online. Simply put, when kindness wins, we all do.”

–Sheila McCraith, Author of Yell Less, Love More

Writing this book has turned out to be my way to TAKE LEMONS (people calling me fat in the Huffington Post comment section) and to MAKE LEMONADE (writing a guide to teach our kids how to be kind online). I believe with every fiber of my being that KINDNESS WINS. This book guides the conversations we need to have with our kids and with each other to ensure that it does.


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“The right time to teach online kindness is while it’s still tipping in our favor.” —The Dallas Morning News

“Breen is among a growing number of bloggers, “body positive” activists and celebrities, from Jennifer Lawrence to Amy Schumer, who are likewise saying “enough” to fat shaming.” —San Jose Mercury News

“Kindness Wins is an up-to-date, user-friendly, amazing resource for learning more about this very important topic—I highly recommend it to parents navigating these murky waters.”Role Reboot

Breen refused to let this break her.” —Sun Times

“Today’s smartphone is a bridge to lots of things right and lots of things wrong with our society and it’s our job to help our children understand the power that little plastic box can yield.” —SheKnows

“Kindness Wins is a fun-filled guidebook ripe with beautifully heartwarming writing and relatable examples.” —Mamalode Magazine

“Her marriage essay brought out the fat-shaming trolls; she answered with a book on kindness.” —Chicago Tribune

“Breen’s background in human development and education makes her book project a natural fit.” —Davis Enterprise

“We must prepare our kids for the experience of being online and help them become good digital citizens.” The Star Tribune

“Each of these books goes beyond the realm of childhood and parenthood; they speak to our human-being-hood.” —Katrina Kenison

Galit Breen is a writer who works to combat body-shaming and create safe conversation spaces on the Internet.” —Jewesses With Attitude

“Though the age of social media influence is new, uncharted territory for many parents, it shouldn’t be something they are fundamentally opposed to out of fear.” —My Pixie Blog

“I highly recommend that every parent pick up a copy of Kindness Wins, it makes the idea of tackling the subjects of internet propriety much less daunting, and hopefully helps build the relationship with your kids that if they ever have problems online, they can always come to you about them.” —FoodRetro

“I present to you my new bible: Kindness Wins by Galit Breen.” —Multilingual Mama

“Our kids need the opportunities social media can provide at their—literal–fingertips, but they also need a solid understanding of the underbelly of social media–how loud, permanent, and far-reaching mistakes on the Internet can be. Enter: Kindness Wins, a social media playbook for our kids to follow.” —US Daily Review

“Described as part parenting manual and part conversation, the reviews on the book have been impressive and have definitely encouraged me to check it out.” —Star Tribune

“Galit Breen has published a goodwill manifesto for the digital age.” —Pioneer Press

“According to Breen, the best way to help our kids learn to spread kindness online is to give them opportunities to practice. Not only do they need to see what’s happening with kids their age online, they need to discuss it.” —

“Honestly, it’s a book from which we ALL could benefit.” —Jennifer Belden

“This take on how to carry over the tone of kindness when so many children can hide behind online anonymity is a breath of fresh air.” —Massive Sway

“In my opinion, no community needs this book more than the parenting community. And not just because we have to teach our kids how to navigate the internet more graciously, but because we need to teach ourselves how to.” —Fearless Formula Feeder

“Communication in any circumstance is hard. Kindness Wins is a welcome and indispensable reminder of how to do it to the best of our abilities.” —Tween Us

“Filled with compassion, wisdom, lessons learned, and an eye to the good that social media can bring into our lives, Kindness Wins is a refreshing manual – no more warnings or caveats or horror stories. Instead we have encouragement and a confidante who is lighting the path ahead for you – so that you can light it ahead for your children as you teach them to travel online.” —Good Day, Regular People

“Dear Reader, If you’re a parent, grandparent, babysitter, caregiver, teacher, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend of friends with children, you will want to read this book. Breen has an engaging writing style. I really appreciate her honesty in sharing her own experiences and her own mistakes. Kindness Wins will definitely influence how I engage in social media from this point on.” —1WriteWay

“Cyberbullying is ugly and has long-term detrimental effects … But it was only when I went against my instincts and turned everything outward and took to my pen a second time to call out my cyberbullies that my lemons began turning into lemonade.” —Be A Kids Hero

“The truth is we’ve been teaching our kids how to be kind for a long time. Now we just need to transfer these well-worn lesson to online kindness.” —Ripple Kindness

“I’d highly recommend you check out Kindness Wins. Rather than painting a picture of “doom and gloom” as it pertains to our kids and social, she advocates for it, and advises how to use social with kindness.” —Breadwinning Mama

Food for thought: Parents can read through Kindness Wins to check our behavior, too. After all, shouldn’t we hold ourselves to the same high standards for which we hope our children strive?” —Angela Amman

“But I have to be honest. Even as a blogger, I realised how social media “illiterate” I was when I read about everything kids are doing online these days.” —A Lady In France

“Kindness Wins is not only informative, but it also acts as a hands-on workbook for parents with real tips and examples we can apply to our conversations now.” —Boonie Jean Feldkamp

“Galit realizes that while cyberbullying may be spread via technology, the technology itself is not the problem.” —Joseph M. Yeager, MBA

“Galit Breen offers tips for what to talk to your kids about and with her “Kindness Wins Contract,” you and your kids can clearly see the boundaries and expectations for online behavior. The Soccer Moms recommended!” —The Soccer Moms

“Breen asserts that just as we formed a tribe to help each other through potty training, kindergarten and team sports, so must we also have each other’s back as we navigate these uncharted waters with our kids. It’s so great that she has ours.” —Tips From Town

“I’ve always appreciated her writing, mainly because everything she writes seems to come from the heart.” —Musings on Motherhood & Life

“When her kids asked if they could be online, she decided something needed to be done, to help change the digital world her children would be going into.” —Dude Mom

“The teenage years are tough enough as it is and mixing social media with kids who aren’t prepared for the kind of cruelty that can come with it could be a recipe for unhappiness. If you haven’t set ground rules for social media, please do. Today.” —Momma on the Rocks

“Leave it to Galit to take something bad and flip it on its head, using it to make the world a better place, to leave a mark of kindness.” —Heather Huffman

“What I found most inspiring and encouraging about this book was not so much what Galit Breen advises, but how she does.”–Yvonne Spence

“I think this can and should be taught. Since Galit is a former teacher and works daily with social media, she has the perfect background to write a book of this nature and guide the how-to portion of the book.” —No Holding Back

“Galit Breen’s take on social media and your kids is different than what I have seen from other mom’s, which is interesting because she herself was the victim of cyber bullying about her weight. Her view is that social media is actually a positive thing when used appropriately and with kindness … What we need to do is teach our kids how to act appropriately on social media – how to be kind.” —Practical Mommy

“Even for those of us who use social media every day and even for those of us who work in this space, we are still learning what to teach our kids about it. They can use the same social media platforms we do but look at them and interact with them and view them in totally different ways than we ever would.” —Things I Can’t Say

“Raising adolescents is complicated, and this book helps parents navigate these tricky but very necessary conversations. It also brings us all together for a common goal: Kindness. Who in this world can argue with that? Are you still here? Go out and get a copy of Kindness Wins!” —Practical Parenting

“This book is so timely because – while there’s more awareness of this problem now than ever before – I still think that parents struggle with how to implement the guidelines and behaviors that they want their kids to adhere to when on-line.” —Donuts, Dresses, And Dirt

“It’s pretty scary knowing that the yuck of social media can touch my kids at any moment. It’s a mean world out there. Luckily, it’s filled with good people! … If you’re a parent, know a parent, or ever plan on being a parent you need this book.” —The Mommy Mess

“Galit wisely reminds us throughout her book that we as parents need to model kindness and to not shy away from the difficulty discussions of what is right or wrong when it comes to social media. Covering everything from what to post (or not), to how to act when others are mean (step in!), Galit guides us through the steps we can take to show kindness.”–Writing, Wishing

“I have a twelve-year-old boy who suddenly thinks he’s made of stuff that warrants his own Instagram account. I’m listening! … I can’t wait for my copy to arrive!” —GANE Possible

“Is it Necessary? Is it Helpful? It is Kind? Those three questions are the cornerstones to online (and life) kindness. If it’s not one of those, then don’t post it … don’t even say it.” —Rudey’s Room

“[The] ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes starts young and Galit’s book and its ten simple lessons is a great way to start the debate with your family, about the impressions they are giving when they are socialising online. If only we could all learn them by heart, the world I think would be a much nicer place all round.” —Woman On The Edge Of Reality

“Our family does talk candidly talk about online behavior. Kindness Wins is a great way to open that dialogue with your tween or new teen. Take it from me, the social media waters drop off into a murky abyss the moment your back is turned putting a pan of lasagna in the oven. South Main Muse

The reading is light, the topic is hard, and the practice is ongoing, but Kindness Wins provides life-serving tidbits that cross the online and real life boundaries to better serve every person in your life.” Wise Mommies

“Galit Breen has created a most necessary guide for parents to teach their children digital kindness. In a very practical and gentle manner, using real-life examples, and some great graphics, Kindness Wins can help parents to discuss healthy online behaviour with their children and teach them how to be polite, kind and considerate in the digital world.”Everyday Gyaan

“Galit Breen turns fat-shaming ordeal into catalyst for good.” Laura Zera

“I, for one, am SO worried about the issue of bullying and keeping my kids safe online.” Perfection Pending

“Galit believes that we need to teach our kids the same manners of kindness in the online world, just as we guide them through the same values in the real world. Brilliant, yes?” The Mom Cafe

“We are the generation who coined the term social media. We were also the first generation to experience cyberbullying.” 2 Moms:1 Mission

“This is a book that all parents and teachers should read and share with their kids. It is probably one of the most valuable books around.  It teaches lessons that not only kids but adults need to know as well.” The Musings of a Book Addict

“The real reason many kids are unkind online is because they haven’t been directly taught how to maneuver online kindly. And the real reason most parents aren’t doing this teaching is because they don’t realize they need to.” —Sue Scheff