Wisps of Hair

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“I’m done.” I look into Jason’s eyes. “She’s all yours.” He looks into mine.

“What happened?” He asks, slipping one hand into the pocket of faded jeans and the other through dark strands.

“She was out of control tonight. So wild. Not listening. I’m going to take a shower.”

My footsteps rough against my ears.

My mouth sets; I’m not ready to smooth these edges yet.


I wrap myself in water and steam and cotton and fleece. And then, I come back.

The beige carpet gives against my bare toes. I step into the family room, lean against the wall, rely on its coolness.


Their heads nestle, chocolate mixed with caramel.

Her pudgy fingers, wrapped in little girl, rest on his knees. Her chestnut locks, wrapped in big girl, are swept in a newfound ponytail.

It reveals her.

Jawline set, eyes focused, fuschia tinted lips tight.

“Do you want to tell Mommy what we’re doing?” Jason’s voice fills the space between us.

I step closer, settle onto the carpet. She steps in, settles against me.

Her pink tights glisten by moonlight, her sheer skirt does the same.

Eyes wide and cheeks rosy, she starts, “I didn’t know how to do shuffle steps. They’re so hard!”

“But we looked it up, right? Do you want to show Mommy?” Jason asks.

She nods, grazes her fingertips against mine, and steps forward.

Shoulders back, hands on hips, ponytail swinging.

She insisted on “Dancer Hair” tonight. I brushed and pulled and wrapped that hair. And now I truly see her in it- mostly angles and cheekbones laced with only a wisp of little girl.

Her feet move quickly, tapping each smooth step.

She’s center-stage, Dancer Hair and all.

Write On Edge: Red-Writing-Hood Red Writing Hood is a writing meme. This week’s prompt was to write a piece about hair, using it as a vehicle to tell something about you or your character. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

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  1. BalancingMama (Julie) says:

    Awwwww! Sweetness.

  2. This was so adorable! I remember when we whacked off all of my oldest son’s gorgeous blond curls–had to be done…people kept thinking he was a girl, and since he was already four we started worrying it was going to give him a complex!

    One minute he’s sitting there, my little baby. The next, he turns around with his new buzz-cut and he’s a little boy. That’s when I found out why mamas cry when their kid’s hair is cut!

  3. Sigh, beautifully written as always Galit.

  4. Galit-I love this line-

    “Their heads nestle, chocolate mixed with caramel.”

    One of many things I’ve learned from reading what you write is the power of beautifully descriptive writing. And that line proves it.

    And the insistence on having “Dancer Hair”-an essential part of the transformation from little girl, to the star of her own performance. It is so sweet:)

  5. Often I read your posts twice, as I did this one. I enjoy double-dosing on your creative, descriptive words!
    I’m curious why you titled this post “Wisps of Hair” instead of “Dancer Hair” ?

    • Ooh- you so caught me. I was holding onto the “little girl” wisps rather than the “Dancer Hair” that seems too very big, too very fast.

      {Hat tip for the close look!}

      Thanks so much, girl!

  6. ~~My mouth sets; I’m not ready to smooth these edges yet.~~

    Lovely –Lovely.

  7. Oh these girls, I have one who pushes me to this point to and then brings me right back with her sweetness. Beautiful Galit.

  8. What strikes me most in this writing is what a great daddy, to sit with her and figure out the dance step! Lovely!

  9. How very sweet. This could be Abbey and me, day after day, to be honest. (Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration.) She takes her frustrations out on me, and there are moments that makes me dig my heels in, when what I need to do is gather her in my arms.

  10. You’re going to have your hands full with this one :-)

  11. I just LOVE her dancer hair. That’s such a pretty picture.

  12. Beautiful family moment, you’re a master of descriptive writing! :)

  13. Dance hair is such a grown up moment (and hard to put up – at least with my daughter’s fine, uncooperative hair!)

    After you walk away, tight edges and rough, I love this line “beige carpet gives against my bare toes” because it shows the softening and smoothing you experienced after that small break.

  14. Sweet, descriptive and beautiful as always.

  15. Oh, this is bittersweet, Galit! I could totally relate to the feelings evoked here–those that stirred from watching your little girl grew up before your very eyes! And hair… yes, the hair! Just recently, my daughter Miss Chatterbox refused to have her hair done in a certain way, because she preferred it in a simple ponytail (and therefore looked more grown-up). Oh how my mommy heart breaks :))

    As always, you weaved your words so beautifully: “mostly angles and cheekbones laced with only a wisp of little girl.” *sigh* Our babies are growing up too fast, aren’t they? :))

  16. Sometimes girls can be so difficult and stubborn and then next minute they’re so sweet and helpful. It’s enough to have you in a tail spin!
    I feel your frustration… I have 3 girls of my own.

  17. This was beautifully written. I love playing with my little girl’s hair, but lately she’s been insisting on fixing her hair on her own. It’s fun to watch her grow and become more independent and confident, but it reminds me that one day he won’t need me to help her with her hair at all.

  18. I don’t need to tell you it’s gorgeous, it is…but you know that. What I love most about this and the way you write it your don’t apologize for feeling like a mom sometimes…one that is overtired, stressed, fed up..and yet in every one of those moments, you don’t miss those moments…you embrace even the frustrated ones and makethem beautiful.

    You make me feel less alone as a mother, like someone out there “gets it”.

    she looks simply gorgeous in her Dancer’s hair (and I can see the wisps around her face, the pieces that fall out of the perfect coif tha make a hairstyle likethat, the ones that have to “just happen” for the look to be just right. )

    I just adored this, for all it’s perfection in it’s imperfection xo

  19. Wow :) … I love the description – it just pulled me in …such a sweet moment :)

  20. Such a beautiful description…my favorite line “Their heads nestle, chocolate mixed with caramel.”
    Also, I’m so glad I’m not the only one with moments like these.

  21. I love how again and again you’re able to show the sides of yourself when you are obstinate, or unsure, or exasperated. So often we can’t share those parts of ourselves. I love that you were able to take some time for yourself to get grounded again, and I love the outcome of the story.

  22. The sweetest of moments. Love your writing Galit!

  23. I have so many of these days; one minute you think you may claw your own skin in frustration, the next your heart is full from their beauty, their perfection. Sigh. Such a beautiful piece. As always.

  24. so girly and sweet. dancer’s hair I love it.
    The girls sure can be terrors when they are ready!

  25. A very sweet moment. Love it.

  26. Amazing how a shower and a hair twistee can give you a whole new perspective. I loved this prompt and I did it, too. 😉

  27. This is a lovely post. I appreciate how you have to disconnect in order to see things in a different light.

  28. Such a beautiful girl, such a raw, honest moment.

  29. “Her pudgy fingers, wrapped in little girl, rest on his knees. Her chestnut locks, wrapped in big girl, are swept in a newfound ponytail.”

    This is beautiful. Really beautiful. Your writing both humbles me inspires me.

  30. Amazing how our children can cause us complete exhaustion and then the next minute be reminding us of the sheer awe that is them.

    I have two little dancers at my house. One who is eight and dances competitively. She wears bejewelled costumes and full show make-up and while it’s an incredible amount of work, time and expense to get her on stage I can barely exhale the second she starts to dance. I am in awe.

    My second little dancer is two and tries desperately to copy her big sister’s moves. I am in awe when she forces herself into over-sized costumes that have been re-purposed to the dress-up bin and perfectly copies her big sister’s movements.

    Our children are amazing beings. Sometimes I am amazed at how exhausted they make me and others I am in awe of their pure amazingness.

    Perfect the Dancer’s Hair… just a hunch…

  31. This was just darling. I don’t have a daughter, but if I did, I could totally see ME heading off to a shower to gather my thoughts.

    “Do you want to tell Mommy what we’re doing?” Jason’s voice fills the space between us.
    I step closer, settle onto the carpet. She steps in, settles against me.

    Oh how beautiful! Daddy helped his little girl…and she showed Mommy, not just her “dance moves”, but also her “Dancer Hair”, that Daddy helped her with!

  32. I very much identified with the “not ready to smooth these edges yet” sentiment. Sometimes, mama just needs a minute. Sweet post, Galit!

  33. Very strong portrayal of a domestic situation which involves a child. I enjoyed the descrptive details, honesty in the mom’s feelings, as well as how easily the child’s innocence wins her back in the end. I also like how assertive the little girl is about her feelings. Some of those dance moves really are difficult! Very nice job!

  34. that edge, i know it well, i have one who brings me to the brink often … ever read my Wrath of God post 😉
    but your writing, your words … and you always bring in food …

  35. I look forward to these moments, you know?

    And the way your express them? Makes the wanting all the greater.

    Loved – as always. xxx

  36. I have had so many of those “I’m done, please rescue me moments”, but I always come back with a fuller heart, just like you did.


  37. Galit! This is gorgeous.
    Love how you took us to that moment and described your night perfectly.
    So much love.

  38. So sweet and gorgeous!

    Your little one sounds absolutely precious.

  39. So sweet and wonderful they can be especially after a difficult day. Thank goodness for Daddies!

  40. I wanted dancer’s hair before I ever even hit the stage :) This is exquisite, Galit. Each time you write, I learn so much about your famiyl in such a unique and beautiful way.

    I love your relationship with your hubby and how he knows just when to step in,