Wishful Thinking

Minnesota Winters are long. And harsh.

My transplanted-from-California skin is thin. And whiny.

It’s too soon. I say when it snows in October.

I’m so cold. I shiver when I step outside in November.

I’ll never make it. I cry when my eyelashes freeze in December.

But sometime in January, when the snow is white and glittery and perfect, I soften.

Let’s go sledding, make snowmen, throw snowballs! I smile.

It’s so very cozy when the whole neighborhood is out shoveling together! I declare.

Snow is just pure…magic. I sigh.

Then, come February, the snow seems dreary again.

And in March? In March I start to feel desperate.

So this week, when we were faced with another case of the sniffles,

And yet another day at home,

I did dive into the usual Winter blues.

Let’s move! I reasonably requested.

But then, when I looked outside and saw that the sun was shining,

Things were melting,

And we so could have left our coats in the car,

Things began to look up.

And we went with wishful thinking,

Instead of moving.

We imagined that our toes were wiggling in sand,

Rather than in our kitchen.

And it was blissfully fun,

To ignore Winter for a day.

How could it not be?

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  1. That’s one of my favorite phrases “Wishful Thinking” I love your imagery. The humor is refreshing as well. The pictures just add that extra BAM! Your family is beautiful…you are Blessed . Great job!

  2. Feeling your pain over here in MI! I love the white, snowy winter days in front of the fire. The grimy snow banks, dirty slush, gray skies of March? Eh….. not so much!
    The power of denial can be a powerful thing. Use it for good…not evil…and your whold outlook is transformed! :) Good for you Galit.
    One thing I’ve learned after growing up in this state is be patient. As we all say…Don’t like the weather? Be patient…it will change in an hour!
    Waiting for my best friend, the repairman, to come fix my drier today. Thank God! Wet clothes AND dreary skies? Now that’s too much even for me!

  3. I know exactly how you feel about winter – I’ve been struggling this month with feeling as though it should already be spring and fighting the fact that it’s still quite cold outside!

  4. The winter blues are the worst!!

  5. I’m with you! I’m so over winter this year. I can’t wait – tomorrow it’s supposed to be 60. I may bust out the bathing suits & kiddie pool! 😉

  6. I feel guilty because I am in florida and it’s a beautiful day.

  7. I’m from California too so I know how you feel about the cold. I don’t know if I would survive the Minnesota winters. I live in Reno and the snow and cold we get is enough for me. The pictures are great, my favorite is the first one where they are looking outside. Spring will be here soon enough and then summer.

  8. Your word paintings are filled with wonder and delight. I live in SoCA and whimper over 50 degree temps.

  9. Wonderful pictures, my dear. I don’t know how you do it….It seems so very very hard, to get through these cold icy wintry days…..I’m glad the SUN has come out…Can Spring be far behind? Let’s hope not!

  10. I bet they loved it- so much fun!

    Hang in there- March is half-way over!

  11. Lovely as usual, Galit honey! I just love the style of your photographs, your words, and your aesthetic! So glad I know you!!!! XOXO

  12. I love how you marry words and pictures so effortlessly, Galit. And for those of us driven crazy by an extra-long winter, you just made it a whole lot warmer. Thank you!

  13. You’re from CA, too? What are we all doing out here?!? I love it, of course, but winter can get me blue… today was such a nice change and I have to admit – white Christmases really do me in (in a good way) I can’t help but gloat to those back home in the 70 degree weather. So it cuts both ways, doesn’t it?

  14. Oh it is almost over. Damn.

  15. This post was so fun, and heartwarming!! Oh, I know where you’re coming from about the long cold winters and wanting to move…I grew up in Colorado where the winters/and snow begins sometimes as early as September and lasts ’til March or April..sometimes May. Then, I married and raised my family in Colorado…always wanting to “move” to a warmer climate. Now, via retirement in Tucson where it’s dry and mild year ’round…only to move to the beach in Texas, I’m happy and content. LOLOLOLOL

    Wonderful photos, and wonderful writing!!

    Thanks for visiting with me yesterday!!! My Thursday Theme Song Link:
    Irish Eyes are Smilin’

    Have a great day

  16. I love this! Your words and the pictures together really made me feel what you were feeling….and so much snow you are getting this year! A very good friend of mine is a California transplant who moved to Eden Prairie about 15 years ago and I remember her transition as I stayed behind in the sun.

    What beautiful kiddos you have!

  17. I love those shots of the kids playing in the sink. Such great colors! And yay! Spring!

  18. Everything’s melting… Yay! Those grins could do it for sure.

  19. Today it is a beautiful day here. I hope it is nearly as nice there… or at least that it is soon. I am so tired of being inside!

  20. What great fun! And a wonderful way to get rid of the winter blues.

  21. I am a winter wimp too! But Minnesota – you are a brave, brave lady! I think anywhere you live (unless it’s Florida or maybe So.Cal), March is a bit suffocating. Hang in there!

  22. Spring here we come! Ready and waiting… *hugs* Galit

  23. I ignore winter pretty much all winter long. Alas, tomorrow is SPRING!!!

  24. Beautiful words, beautiful use of winter time. I hate the cold, but you coped, and I am impressed.
    I’m visiting today from RDC :)

  25. The pictures were wonderful and your words are always so..so RIGHT.

  26. Isn’t it funny how most of the winter I was wishing for colder weather and snow. Wanna trade places for a while Galit? 😉 Spring starts tomorrow – celebrate! And, I Love the photos too 😉

  27. I did the opposite. I went from snow to OMG IT IS HOT. I never thought I would miss snow but I do a little. lol

  28. Oh, I can soooooo relate to this! This has been the longest winter I can remember. When my phone rang last week and I saw it was the school nurse’s phone number, I answered by saying, “Oh no!”. Fortunately she has a great sense of humor–she has to. She’s spent A LOT of time with my kids this year!

  29. Such great photos of beautiful days. You are quite a Mommy and it shines through in your every post.

  30. Love the range in emotion here. I can relate, even though our winters aren’t so bad. Just grey. But spring is coming…I can feel it.

  31. I really enjoyed this, and the pictures are lovely!

    Visiting from TRDC.

  32. I love winter. But this year? I’m ready for spring! Of course after the hot humid summer, I’ll be ready for fall.
    I love seasons!

  33. Wonderful post, Galit. I know all about the winter blues… I’m so ready to kiss this long winter goodbye already. At the same time, I love the different seasons and don’t think I’d want to live anywhere that didn’t offer a healthy mix of sunshine, snow, leaves, and rain.

    Off to share this now :)

  34. This is great! What a way to tackle the winter blues – by wishful thinking. Such a neat idea. So much better than complaining about the cold. You express those changing feelings we have about winter as the months go on – so well. Oh, and your photos are lovely.

    Just visiting from TRDC but I’ve heard of you and your wonderful blog through others such as The Empress, Gigi and Cheryl at Mommypants. So glad I stopped by!

  35. Galit,

    I can’t say that I feel your pain cuz I am still in California, but it is raining today. I am not big on cold, we’re desert people. Chag sameach.

  36. beautifully written! I don’t have the skin for true winters. I feel your pain but am inspired by your creativity adn positive approach!