What Do You Speak For?

I’ve been awake since before the sun made its way into my kitchen.

When the darkness outside mirrored the quiet inside, I centered myself between the scent of coffee and the tap of keys.

But now, these gifts are gone, replaced ever so quickly -but smoothly- by morning’s first light and my children’s first thoughts.

“Can we have pancakes?” One asks.

“Is this milk mine?” Another wonders.

“Morning, mom.” A third says. Her voice and eyes and hair, edged in tired.

I pull her close and breathe her in. During the day she is all peace signs and lip gloss and dangly earrings that glint between chocolate locks.

But in this moment, she is small, in the best possible way.

About a year ago, I stood in a room full of women.

My rarely worn heels pressed into stunning plush carpet in deep shades of brown and green and purple. Chandeliers and music and champagne flutes colored the space fancy.

Inside, I was curling into myself, feeling small in the NotBestPossibleWay.

A woman in this room full of bloggers noticed.

Her hand warm on my arm, her voice sweet in my ear, and her smile calming to me.

With the pull of connections and networking and business cards smudging in the background, she stole the moment to tell me -teach me- to use my voice for good.

Like she does.

I think about sweet Nicole from By Word of Mouth Musings‘s words often.

When I write, when I follow my spark, when I tell my story, I go back to – What do I speak for?

Because one way or another, that’s why we blog, isn’t it?

To leave our mark, an imprint of our hearts forever splayed. (Otherwise a notebook or a word file would do.)

I’m back in the kitchen with my children, grudgingly welcoming Monday over pancakes and milk and coffee.

The Lorax was really good.” Kayli is saying.

I smile into her words, her very own heart splayed before me. “What did you like best?” I ask, resisting the urge to sweep the hair out of her eyes.

“He was so small, and he did something so BIG.”


We all have small in our lives. Small moments woven tightly to tell our story – this is the best way.

But our blogs make our voices BIG, and give us the chance to speak for something. This is also the best way.

In honor of Mother’s Day and The Lorax and our Voices, and inspired by these stunning posts by Elaine and Jen, Nicole and I are asking – The Lorax speaks for the trees, what or who do you speak for?

Why do you blog? What can you not keep quiet about? What legacy do you hope to leave with your words and your voice and your heart?

Grab the badge and come link up with us May 6-13th. One randomly picked linker will win a lovely Mother’s Day gift.


It’s your story, tell it. We’re listening.

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  1. See what I mean with the eloquence and the heart …
    What an honor to join forces with you and go all Glindified.
    I heart you my friend. I do indeed!

  2. Just lovely Galit. This is a question that has been on my mind for a while. And the timing for this linky is perfect for my little topic. Thank you! xo

  3. Oh, so lovely! Can’t wait!

  4. Oh I love this!

  5. I loved this. So much so. I just saw the Lorax yesterday, and I love the idea of speaking for something. Of standing up for something. Sometimes feeling so small makes you feel like you’re voice is too quiet to be heard. That perhaps its better to be silently unheard than to speak and not be heard. I can’t wait for the linky.

  6. Oh I love this! I can’t wait to share mine and read the others.

  7. A very good question for all of us that spend our time online.

  8. Lovely post. Such a good reminder to speak for something and I love it (and need it). I love the pieces about being small in good and not so good ways.

    • Thank you, sweet you! That means a lot to me!

      (I’m so excited to hear what you have to say! #Prolific)

  9. Oh this is such a good point. I had never thought of blogging like this, but it is true. Writing from the heart really tells us a lot about one another.

    • So, so very true, you!

      I’m so excited to see what you write!

      (I’m also excited to see if what we come up with matches what others think of us!)

  10. What a wonderful experience! I’m so glad you didn’t go on feeling small! You have a big voice, and you do MUCH good with it.

  11. What a lovely, fabulous, and much needed link up. Terrific idea. You have such a lovely way with words! Can’t wait!

  12. oh you two, I confess, I saw this earlier this morning and didn’t comment right away because I was weeping…what a fantastic thing to do, what a wonderful way to start the SUMMER…for all of us behind these screens, to SPEAK for something.

    I am in awe and I love you both for SPEAKING for us, and making us use our voices. xoxo

    • Love you right back, my sweet-as-pie friend!

      And your voice? Is sweet, yes, but STRONG for sure!

      I absolutely cannot wait to read your heart next week!


  13. I love this idea. I ask this question all the time. I wonder if I can actually sit down and answer. Thanks for making me.

  14. What Poppy said.

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

    • Then same to you, my lovely wise friend – get to work!

      I can’t wait to read both of your thoughts, which I know (Yes, know.) will be amazing!

  15. You’re so special, and your family, your loves, all so lucky to have you. And we, we are the same. So lucky, as well. So glad to meet you through the blogging world, my friend!

    • Thank you, my friend!

      (I’m so very glad that we’ve connected, too and I absolutely can’t wait to read your thoughts on this!)

  16. So awesome! And funny too because today I featured a BList of bloggers who blog for good; for causes they are passionate about. There are many of us starting to fully understand the power of using our blogs for more than just free BBQ sauce, right?!

    • Yes, this.

      Exactly this.

      (Although BBQ sauce – yum! :))

      I’m so glad that you mentioned your important post – that’s two layers of giving back – at least!

      I’m so very excited to read your words on this!

  17. You have so many good things up your blogging sleeve. I love it. This is particularly important, methinks. Because truly, why are we here if not to connect for good?

    Love you.

    • Love you right back, my soul sister.

      And yes, so very much yes to connecting for goodness.

      (thank you.)


  18. I’m landing back in the blogosphere after being sick for two weeks and finding the most amazing blogs. So many things I have read to have made me smile, laugh, cry and yours just made me do all three! I’m going to my first blog conference in May (SITS bloggy bootcamp in Philly) and I am so very nervous. I’m excited but I am so nervous. I am who I am on my blog but I am a lot more shy in real life. I can only dream of having a moment like you did with Nicole.
    Can’t wait to be a part of this link up! xo, Kristen

    • Welcome back, sweet you!

      (I’m so excited for your first blog conference! You? Are so going to rock it! Also? I’m so very sure that you (and I) aren’t the only nervous ones out there!)

      I can’t wait to read your words about this!


  19. I can’t wait to read what people write!

    And I’m a little nervous about BlogHer, just a little.

    • I can’t wait to read what *you* write!

      (Everyone’s nervous, I promise. And you’ll be great. That too, I promise.)


  20. Love this. I blog for healing, it didn’t start out that way but that is what it has turned into. Thank goodness.

    • I love that, Jess.

      (I also think that in your blogging and healing and word-smithing, you offer the gift of healing within community for so many. I’m so wowed by you.)

  21. I just love this. As you know, I never ever stop speaking (which might or might not be a good thing)…so clearly this is my kind of linky :)

    Can’t wait to join.


    • It’s a good thing, you.

      A GREAT thing. :)

      I can’t wait to read your heart!

      (It’ll be stunning, that much I know!)


  22. Every single one of your blog posts oozes the goodness. Your very nature does, so I can see how this is a perfect fit.

  23. Basically, I agree with each comment before me. I love this idea, I am excited to read what people wrote, and now I have to figure out how to put what I speak for into words. That is, if I even really know…

    • Thank you, so much.

      We’re so very excited, too!

      (I also think there’s a lot to be said for not knowing and searching. So I can’t wait to read what YOU write!)

  24. you gave me chills with this!
    I am a firm believer is speaking up and speaking out; for using our voices and our words for good.
    For advocating.
    Thank you for hosting such a wonderful link and for encouranging others to speak out!

    • I so know that you are, my friend! I so admire that in you!

      I can’t wait to read your voice -loud and clear and strong and inspiring- the way it was meant to be!

  25. eloquent and brilliant!
    what a fabulous idea – love it.

    I don’t want to say too much…just going to re-read the post and let your words wash over me.

  26. Love this idea!

  27. An imprint of our hearts. That’s exactly it. I’m looking forward to linking up!

  28. You always convey things in the most heartfelt and beautiful way. So thankful for those moments you write of that come together to make up our stories. Thank you for sharing yours with all of us.

  29. I’m so looking forward to reading what is written.
    {And I hope to have something to contribute! Time is not my friend these days..}

    • We’re so looking forward to it, too!

      (And I hope time eases up on you! I’d so love to read *your* voice!)

      :: fingers crossed ::

  30. This is stunning, Galit. Stunning and thought provoking. Just what I needed to read right now.

  31. We saw this movie, and talked about it extensively with our kids. This post is beautiful, and I cannot wait to join in. xo

    • Thank you, my sweet friend.

      We did the exact same thing – so very thought provoking and wonderful, yes?

      (And I’m so very excited to read your thoughts on this!)

  32. When I need to ground myself and remind myself why I blog and what I love about it, I think of you and a few other stunning women and I think, “I know them because of this.” Then, I have the feeling I need to keep writing and connecting.

    • That was lovely and generous and kind – thank you.

      (And the gratefulness and grounding-ness and friendship? Is exactly what I feel for you. That, and pure adoration! :))


  33. I just love this idea and you and co. for coming up with it! My thinking cap is on and my heart is wide open. :)

    • I would expect nothing less from you, my sweet friend!

      I’m so very excited to read your heart-full words!

  34. aw jeez, this is incredible. and makes me think, because I blog to share words and mainly to be my sarcastic silly self. legacy? hmmm. not sure I write for that, but maybe some pieces.

    you? you and so many others write SO well, I’m happy I’m allowed to read.

    • Oh you are a good one, aren’t you?

      I think that the sharing and the sarcasm and the sillies *are* a legacy. So there.

      I can’t wait to read your pieces on this!

      (Does that sound dirty? :))

  35. beautiful words and such a fantastic idea.

  36. So well said!! I am a big believer in using our voices, especially for good. Gorgeous, Galit.

    (I think I might have to do this.)

    • Oh you, I *definitely* think that you do.

      Your voice is strong and steady and lovely – it needs to be heard! :)

  37. I love this and truly this question couldn’t be better timing. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I do stand for when it comes to blogging. Can’t wait to really pick apart this question & linkup.

  38. I am so excited about this!!! Love the idea and can’t wait to get started!

  39. Just stopping by from…everywhere. This is a challenging thought. One I need to think. With my coffee and quiet, before the sun.

    • Coffee and quiet before the sun is my absolute fave!

      I’ll see you there, sister, and can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  40. Excited! I just put it in my calendar to link up on Wednesday! Now I’ve got some deciding to do . . .

    • I absolutely cannot wait to read your words, sweet friend.

      I know (with every fiber of my being) that you get this.


  41. I can’t find where I am supposed to link up…

  42. You have a lovely talent with words Galit. Something small can really make a big difference. Beautiful insight.


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