Walking Wishes

Brody!” She yells. Her voice edging and forming and sharpie-line bordering her big sister-ness.

Their small feet pound cement.

Two sets of sneakers hurrying home after a day filled with hurries and MustBeOnTimes and schedules and to do lists.

We’re walking together but separate, in the way that families do after a day that’s been a titch too busy.

Filled to the brim, ready for some empty.

Her straight edged voice washes over him, and he doesn’t stop.

Instead, he soft-foots onto the grass, stomping through, marking his little boy path.

She sighs her frustrations my way as her lips wrap around his name once more.

But when she spots the treasures he’s wrapped his small fingers around, she pauses.

In fact, for a single eyelash flutter, we all pause.

She follows him onto the grass, her Big Sister mission forgotten.

I stay back, push aside the pull of Hurry and the tug of Leading.

He hands her a set of wishing flowers. An irresistible bouquet of little boy goodness.

Her slender, pink tipped fingers firm around his pudgy, dirt-stained ones.

They lean in close, their noses touching, their eyelashes matching, and blow wishes each other’s way.

(I hope they always find a way to puzzle piece their wishes. Good things become better just like this.)

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  1. Oh so sweet. I love how little brother changed her perspective. :)

  2. Love this!!

  3. I love reading about moments like these…what a sweet story!

  4. Lynda M O says:

    Just beautifully illustrated; I can see their hands and feel their love.

  5. Oh friend. Beautiful.

  6. “Puzzle piece their wishes…” This is just beautiful. Thank goodness for Just Write!

  7. Your writing is so poignantly perfect. Thank you for this!

  8. lovely. i was reading this and thinking of my 10yo and my 3yo…the way she tries to help me out, to lead him on the right path, and then he veers off and leads her…her frustration always melts into laughter. such a good feeling.

  9. So beautiful. “ready for some empty” – I know that feeling all to well and you captured it perfectly. What a lovely moment to capture.

  10. Somehow, I envision the sneeze-fest that would have followed at our house. Sam loves “blowy flowers” and he goes around poofing them all the time. His sister got poofed the other day, and when she’d stopped choking she went out and found one and poofed his allergic butt right back. He was NOT happy to be on the receiving end! (But God it was funny)

  11. “Good things become better just like this.”

    Yes. Good things become the BEST this way. Exactly.

  12. oh the sweetness! I’ve learned to, once again, appreciate ‘wishing flowers’, thanks to my own children.
    Such a gift.

  13. Nothing melts my heart like a brother-sister closeness ;o)
    Beautiful words to describe a beautiful relationship

  14. Beautifully written, reallly. Wrap this moment around you like a shroud when they start to bicker :) My kids are past this age, but I have a few pictures that pull back memories like this one. Thanks for reminding me.

  15. only in the eyes of children can a weed become a wishing flower.
    i heart that so very much!

  16. I just love watching siblings interact. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I was an only growing up, but it’s lovely to watch the bond form.

  17. Aww, such a sweet story!

  18. Wonderfully worded and woven.

  19. Big sister, little brother makes for a little momma, big rebel… at least at my house it does. :)

  20. A sweet sweet tale! Thank goodness for little ones who make us stop and smell the roses…or blow the wishing flowers.

  21. Love this. So beautifully written. There’s nothing like a bouquet of wishing flowers to make you stop and pause.

  22. “push aside the pull of Hurry and the tug of Leading” ~ great phrase! LOVE this moment you’ve captured beautifully here!

  23. Oh, this is so beautiful. I held my breath at the end and pictured them standing together, each other all that mattered in the world in that moment. My very favorites moments of my life are when I observe my children like this together. xox

  24. Love, love, love when big sisters invest themselves in little brothers’ worlds, even if but for a moment.

  25. Blowing wishes each other’s way… Could we wish for more from siblings?

  26. Your moments are always so beautiful, and you have such a way of describing them. I adore this, and I hate dandelions! How’d you do that? :)

  27. Oh, I love a burst of Happy!
    Gorgeous piece, and your kids are darling.
    Great to find you through Five for Five.

  28. Beautiful, as always.

  29. “Puzzle piece their wishes…” I absolutely adore this.

    I also adore how these siblings find a way to come together–if only for a split second–after a whole day of bickering. When leaving his older brother today on the soccer field my middle boy said, “I love you, Jamis. Poopy-head.” It was so hilariously sweet.

    Lovely words.

  30. They go by example, Galit.

    You have taught them respect for each other as siblings and part of a family.

    What a lesson.

    Good work, dear woman.

  31. Such a sweet moment. I remember loving those when I was a kid, blowing the puffs into the air, and my kids do now, too.

  32. I love the bouquet! What a wonderful gift! I love that he paused to gather them for her.

  33. Dandelions are just plain magical, aren’t they?

    And those MustBeOnTimes? Oh, they how they get to me. Every time.

  34. Aw, so sweet!

  35. I love watching my 5 yr old with his 2 yr old sister. There are so many magic moments (when they aren’t arguing). It makes me want to cry!

  36. THOSE are the moments I am more than willing to be late for!

  37. SO beautiful. Such tender and precious moments. I can just see her standing there. The two of them stomping along. So sweet!

  38. I love how you described your days: “Filled to the brim, ready for some empty.”

    We’ve had too many of those lately and I’m looking forward to an afternoon of empty with a few wishing flowers on top. xo

  39. Sweet, sweet children you have. So happy you took a moment to stop and revel in this beautiful moment. I love these pictures.

    Also am reading your book and can’t tell you enough how much I’m enjoying it. Review TK soon; I’m almost finished. Your words always inspire me to reach higher and create more mindfully.

  40. I love how you capture these precious moments. So beautiful.

  41. I love this! Sometimes the littlest thing can make such a huge difference.

  42. Just gorgeous as always, Ms. Galit! I love how you capture every small moment. xox

  43. Oh my goodness! This is so sweet and precious and lovely. I could feel every bit of this.

  44. How can anyone resist the wishing flowers?

  45. I adore when you write about their sibling love…how your children have hearts BIG ENOUGH for one another. JUst love love love it.

    those pictures are melting my heart. xoxo

  46. Such sweet photos.

    Lucas and I have a HUGE thing for dandelions!! He spots them, I pick them and we both blow hoping with all our hearts our wishes come true. :)

    I hope yours do too!

  47. Oh, how sweet! Lovely little ones and lovely you.