VlogTalk: Annoying Toys



VlogTalk is hosted by Jessica from My Time As Mom,

Elena from Mommy is in Time Out!, and Kate from Mommy Monologues.

Before I had kids I gave noisy toys as presents.

{I am so, so very sorry about that.}

Today, I know exactly how annoying they are.ย And that’s what I’m vlogging about today.

Annoying toys, that is.

And as for this weekend? This weekend was perfection.

Friends and popsicles, water and patio eating. Pure bliss!

Also? A little more insight into Chloe.

Mommy & Me Monday is hosted by Krystyn from Really, Are You Serious?

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  1. Any toy that makes noise is usually out for me too! I’d like to find the CEO of Fisher Price and ask what he was thinking! (And I say ‘he” because a mom would never make annoying toys like that!)

  2. AMEN!! I agree – the ones that make noise, especially the ones that have two or three “songs” or phrases… that you hear over and over and overandoverandoverandover – DRIVE.ME.NUTS.

    Goose doesn’t have a “computer” yet – I almost got her one for Christmas, but decided against it… I think someone must have been looking out for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    great vlog :)

  3. The family that surfs together, stays together. Or something like that. xo

  4. We have that same computer here at our house and it absolutely drives me nuts! I laughed so hard when I saw yours:) Hilarious.

  5. We have the mini computers as well. Too bad they’re not as quiet as ours! This version of the mini-computer always reminds me of how a speak-n-say was probably annoying to our parents. Great pic from your weekend….love eating outside.

  6. All the batteries in my toys “broke”. Darndest thing…

  7. I have been lucky that my kids don’t notice or lose interest when I remove batteries from things…

  8. talking toys can get into my nerves sometimes..i can’t concentrate on what i do once i hear the repeated dialogues of my kids’ talking toys..i’d rather hear my kids blab and ask about anything..visiting for MMM :)

  9. Have you watched my vlog Galit? The toy I showed, is far more annoying than the computers :)

    I love the irony bit tee hee! Love seeing you as always! xoxo

  10. Amen sister!

    I find it hilarious that their most annoying toy is a computer.

  11. I LOVe it, all of you sitting there together!! My kids have laptop toys too, but they aren’t into them quite yet…

  12. Ooh, I hear you! Ever since we got a Tickle Me Elmo for Christmas one year, toys that make noise both scare and annoy me.

    Although, the irony of them on their laptops panning over to you? Too, too funny!

  13. Noisy toys drive me crazy! And my younger brother always gives my boys those. I can’t wait until he has kids.

  14. I’m one of those who give noisy toys as presents, or say, “That’s so cute!” when my nieces play with their noisy toys. I guess I’m going to be hating them once I have kids?

  15. Love it. They just want to be like mommy on her sweet computer, right?! Can’t blame them for that. Glad I just got my neighbor’s baby a crazy noisy toy. Better them than me! Hopefully my daughter doesn’t decide she wants it…

  16. lol That’s pretty funny, er, I mean annoying!

    Noisy toys only drive me nuts when Lboy wants to play with them right before bed time!

  17. Okay, that’s hilarious! Like mother, like kids, huh? ;-P xo

  18. We let the batteries die and then hide the toy away for a while.

    I love the shot of all of you on the computer. Gives me an idea… :)

  19. Very cute! Love how you put that together!

  20. Gah! I hate noisy toys. Someone gave my three year old a lawn mower that not only makes the most godawful noise, but it blows bubbles too. My. Worst. Nightmare.

  21. Toys with noise would drive me crazy too. I’m at that stage where everything squeaks.

  22. As soon as the camera showed your kids with their “laptops” and then over to you, it was hysterical!! Great vlog!

  23. I sometimes take out the batteries and tell my little guy that the batteries died! Cute vlog.

  24. Love those little computers…
    So cute.
    My daughter always wants to tap on mine when I’m typing, I need to get her one.

  25. Very funny. I love your kitchen and your sheepish glance at the camera from your computer. Looking forward to more.

  26. I agree noisy toys are annoying! PLUS they magically go on by themselves in the middle of the night, creepy!

  27. I can’t stand the toys that make sounds! We have a jumperoo that makes sounds and sometimes we forget to turn it off when my LO goes to bed. It only makes sounds when he jumps, so when the cats jump on it it scares the daylights out of me!

  28. I hate anything with batteries. Usually because they last about thirty minutes, and then I’m the one that’s gotta go buy new ones and then get out the screwdriver and replace them. Don’t toy manufacturers know about AC power? why can’t they just plug their play phones into the wall? Keeps’em tethered, too!

    Safety? psh.

  29. Amen!

    So the noisy toys moral of the day: Noisy toys are bad! Buy them as gifts and karma will bite you later!

    I love that y’all were all at the table together on your computers.

  30. Oh my gosh, Galit! You’re hilarious. It’s so funny. I hate noisy toys, too. The irony part was so adorable. Your face was awesome. You have such a magical laugh!

  31. Annoying but slightly educational, no?
    The part about monkey see, monkey do is SO true. For everything. We forget they learn all their best and worst behaviors from us.
    I am reminded of this lately since I’m just the most “vocal” driver out there ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Oops, did he just repeat “Sh!t”??

  32. OMG. I hate the toys with batteries…. but I was DYING when you said, “Amen” and then showed ALL of you with your computers! Seriously… that is too stinkin’ funny!

  33. Look at all that yummy colorful food!

    (And, you know what..you can always pay them back..it’s usually the ones without kids that get the noisy toys. Tell them just wait!)