Together Quiet

Kayli is reading Harry Potter.

She’s fully immersed in wizards and wands and spells. I watch her get lost in wonder with only one or two Responsible Mama Twinges – Is it too dark? Is she too young?

I’m that mom letting her kid read that book and I’m not even all that worried about it. (So there.)

At nap time we lay shoulder-to-shoulder, our breaths align, our page-turns the only interruption to our Together Quiet.

Each of our fingers wrap tightly around the spines of hard cover books, wishing that maybe just once, we could touch the magic on the inside.

I’m (re)reading one book ahead, so I can keep up with her lost. It tugs at me that I won’t always be able to do so.

“Kay?” I slow rustle, turning towards her. She mirrors my quiet noise and we face each other.

Almost-closed curtains wrap us in, a single stream of sunshine peeks through.

It’s whisper weather in here.

So I do.

I whisper to my girl about days before babies and homework and after school activities when Jason and I used to get lost in this same way.

Late into the night we’d sprawl and curl and splay onto this same yellow couch, reading Harry Potter out loud.

She opens her eyes and purses her lips in a way that surely means, “Mo-om!”

And just like that we’re on the flip side of, “putting her down for a nap so I can rest” to spending our naptime together, giggling about books and boys.

I breathe in her chocolate eyes and apple shampoo and the big book resting on her chest beneath clasped fingertips.

“Do you want to read together with me?” she asks. And of course, I do. We tilt our heads close, and get lost within this new together.

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  1. This gave me goosebumps, Galit! What a precious, intimate moment between mother and daughter you two have shared. I live for those moments!

    I love to read, and I so hope that one day I’d get to do the same with my daughter. From the looks of it, though, she’s more of the outdoors and sporty type, and couldn’t sit still long enough to finish reading anything beyond a few pages. But we’ll never know, right? 😉

  2. Oh, so sweet. So so sweet.

  3. Lovely post. It makes me excited for the years to come with my little ones. How fun to be able to share books and giggle and gossip together!

  4. Oh, I just love Kayli and I just melt when reading about your relationship. It’s so sweet. I think you are building the foundation for many, many years of reading and stealing whispered moments together. May it always be so.

  5. Galit! This is me and my daughter! And was my husband and I too! I just adore how you wrote this, and glow at the fact that we aren’t so different. XOXOXOXO.

  6. So sweet. I’ve been meaning to blog about Harry as we’ve become obsessed as of late. I told Eloise she had to hold off until third grade – even when all of her friends were reading it in 1st and 2nd…so this was her year. And of course now Esther, my 1st grader is almost through all of them. lol Shows you what I know.

  7. What a beautiful, quiet moment for mother and daughter. Love this.

  8. Loved this. I can’t wait for the day when my boys are old enough to spend this kind of reading Together Quiet with me.

  9. I love that you shared this together and will, from now on. Beautiful. xo

  10. Love! Reading has a special place in my heart, especially when it’s with kids.

  11. My nine year old just finished the last of the series. She is the youngest and was feeling so left out. She loved every single word. My eldest only just started reading the books at this age, and had to wait for each book to be published. It seems like such a long time ago. Loved this post. Makes me want to go snuggle with all of my girls right this minute.

  12. “We tilt our heads close, and get lost within this new together.” I so, so love that. Just entering this “new together” with my oldest as well, and I so hope we end up on the couch reading together.

  13. What a beautiful moment you shared! I am so glad that reading together continues into the big girl years and I look forward to doing this with my daughter too!

  14. Love that. My youngest just started reading Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingles Wilder. She’s so young , I thought I’d be reading at least half of it to her. Butt no, she’s reading most of it to me. Love that time together. My boy is reading Harry Potter and lovin’ it. :>

  15. Such sweet moments! I love being able to bond with my son over books. He read HP last year and now he’s reading The Hunger Games aloud to his younger brother. I love standing outside the door and listening to them do that.

  16. I have been waiting for one of mine to be A Reader, but do far no luck. My middle one will read, but so far none of my faves. I am now pinning my hopes on my baby!

    Beautiful memory with your daughter.

  17. My daughter is 10. This new together? I love it!

    Last year she read the Harry Potter series. I’ve read them too and I worried parts would be too dark for her. Some parts were at first, but she loved every word of those books.

  18. Reading has always been a shared passion with hubs and I. Our toddler loves to read as well, and will sit by himself and jabber at his books. I look forward to introducing him to Harry Potter and so many other books that I’ve left dog eared in the past.

  19. I’m down the road a ways from you… and still, all three of us sit and read. In different permutations of two, or all three together. My girl was Kayli’s age as the HP books were published, and this brings back fond memories… thank you.

    PS. And when she flies the nest next fall? I will so miss these times.

  20. I hope that one day, my daughter and I will have simple, beautiful, quiet moments just like this. Thank you so much for sharing.

  21. What a special time to read Harry Potter together! I can’t wait for the days when my boys can read :)

  22. So sweet, love this – a great moment :)

  23. JamieAnne says:

    I read a lot of the books my kids want to read too. I love the connection through reading.

    This is too sweet.

  24. Maija @ Maija's Mommy Moments says:

    “whisper weather” <— OH MY. Your words are genius and make me strive to write better. To be better. Thank you.

  25. I whoeheartedly approve. Harry Potter is the best! So is this post! Incredibly intimate and sweet. I love the small moments that turn into magic.

  26. I love this moment. I can’t wait till my son’s old enough! Beautifully written!

  27. oh wow. i can’t wait. :)

  28. this tugs so hard at my heart… I don’t know when we got out of the habit of reading to each other, but just the other day I was lamenting this and trying to figure out how to do it.
    And that’s silly — there is no ‘how’ — it just needs to be done.

  29. Wonderful!!! What a great journey to share with her :)

  30. I love this. I can’t wait for my boy to read. I can see quiet moments like this in the near future.

  31. So lovely, Galit. I look forward to reading Harry Potter with my kids. I’m an addict. I actually wrote a paper in law school (yep, that law school) on the first four.

  32. I love the couch reading time with my girls too. Bean is reading The Little House on the Prairie series right now (a fave of mine from when I was her age) and Ash is reading The Book With No Name series. I get to pop in and out of their young minds and see how they picture things. It’s all so wonderful!

  33. That is so sweet. I hope one day I can share an activity with my daughter together. If not shopping, well, at least something like reading.

  34. Life As Wife says:

    I seriously cannot wait for mine and little man’s turn for “together quiet.” I read to him now constantly in hopes that that day will come. For now, I’ll settle for him dragging a book to me and climbing in my lap.

  35. So very sweet that you embrace her reading and encourage it. I love it.

  36. beautiful moment, adorable little girl

  37. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I’ve read them all, but neither of mine have. Maybe this summer it’s time.

  38. Wow how you can JustWrite
    It’s good and powerful and I love it.

  39. My son read all the Potters and then went darker. It is scary, these dark worlds they give to our innocent light-loving children. Just keep holding her hand for as long as she’ll let you. 😉

  40. Reading with my children is one of the chief joys of my life. I love to watch them engaging with the story.

  41. –I breathe in her chocolate eyes and apple shampoo and the big book resting on her chest beneath clasped fingertips.–

    What a beautiful beautiful image, Mama. Xx

  42. Beautiful. I love your way with words. The descriptions you give make me “see” what is happening.
    I am so pleased your daughter has a love of reading, it is something I hope I am passing on to mine.
    We read everyday.

  43. What a beautiful moment…and oh my…the role reversal! Love. xoxo

  44. I love this. The bond between a mother and a daughter is deep and true.

    I love this line: “It’s whisper weather in here.”

    I believe reading brings everyone closer together.

    I hope someday Lucas and I read a book together and have amazing in depth discussions about it. I have (up until this point) avoided the Harry Potter books, but I think those would be a great series to start with.

  45. So, so sweet. My heart is melting. I could totally picture this scene. Lucky you to have this time with your “baby”.

  46. I think our girls must be the same age. Reading didn’t come as naturally to my 2nd grader, so we started snuggling together to read and now it is our evening ritual. Of course, sometimes we have the other two pounding on the door so it isn’t always so tranquil but…. Loved this.

  47. Daughters are so special… I’m in that space with Sofi right now, too :) On the thin line between daughter-child and woman-friend. It’s a little scary, but exciting, too…

  48. So sweet, makes me wish I have a daughter one day.

  49. My oldest wasn’t as into reading as I would have liked her to be. Until Harry Potter. I let her start reading it at the beginning of fourth grade. She wanted to watch the movies, and I told her she had to read the books first. That was the rule. And she loved them so much. We read together sometimes, but other times she was so into the books that she had to steal chances to read throughout the day and get ahead of me. And I was so happy that she was excited that I certainly didn’t mind. And those books turned her into a reader. Now she’s constantly reading something and her reading grades have improved at school. She even joined a battle of the books competition team at school. And she and I shared the amazing mother daughter experience of going to see the last Harry Potter movie in the movie theater, at the midnight premiere, together. So I guess I’m saying I certainly don’t think your daughter’s not ready for Harry Potter :) In a really long-winded way. I’m just such a fan of letting them read what interests them.

  50. What timing! My 7yo just finished the series last night. She started with my husband about a year ago, back when he still had to read aloud to her then, around Book 3, she started reading herself and in the last few months she BLEW through the final books. The other night, about 133 pages shy of the end, she told me Harry Potter was like magic in that it made you want to keep reading. I guess there are other parents out there who might counsel against our 7yo’s reading the books, but I never really stopped to worry about them. Not when she was so joyous about the story, so absolutely consumed. I watched her fidgeting in the chair last night as she made it toward the end, a gigantic smile on her face. What kind of mother would I be to try to stop that?!

  51. Oh, also, Esme dressed as Hermione this past Halloween which pretty much made me swoon!

  52. I’ve read this post probably 3 or 4 times now (both for IPPP and Just Write linkups) and each time I am envious of how blessed you are to be able to share that time with your daughter – just reading. Sharing in something you love.

  53. I am that mom who is scared of letting my kids read Harry Potter but wants to let them read it when they are ready. I guess I am just not sure how I will handle the darker side of the story. We shall see! Sophia is 5 and was reading basic words and then quit. It is so hard for me because I cannot wait to share these moments but she prefers to pretend to read my large novels and imagine her own worlds. In her own time, I know, she will learn.

    I love how you share this new quiet time with your daughter and your words make me even more excited to get there!

  54. You are so good at sharing your momma moments so beautifully. I for one would be stoked if my kiddo wants to read HP. I love the series and reading it together would be awesome.

  55. Love, Love, LOVE this! I cannot wait for the day I can read with my son instead of just to him.

  56. How wonderful to snuggle up and read a book together! It is one of the joys of being a mom.

  57. Anti-Supermom says:

    I love this new sort of together. It almost makes them getting older acceptable… almost 😉

  58. What a great idea. I need to start doing that with my little girl. Together Quiet Time. It’s brilliant!

  59. Lovely and beautiful, Galit. We are also up to our ears in wizardry and witches and magic! After Harry Potter it was the Narnia Chronicles. It’s a new level of relating when you can talk words, lyricism, and fantastic imaginary worlds with your child.

  60. Ok, seriously? You’re writing kind of kills me. It’s just so beautiful. You and Deb (San Diego Momma) have this knack for making me re-think using the words ‘like’ ‘ummm’ and ‘whatevs’ in my own posts. But then I do because we all need to be different, right?

    Also, my son read the series for the first time in 2nd grade and loved it. As the series went on, he did let me know he preferred not to read right before bed. :) I figure if they’re mature enough to read and understand such literature they’re mature enough to properly ingest it, right?

    I’m guessing she’s 2nd grade-ish, too?

  61. Beautiful togetherness.

  62. I have so been mourning that we are done having babies.
    This post makes me excited for the next thing!
    Thank you!
    I want to be that mom!
    And you are THAT mom.

  63. So amazing, Galit. Really, really special. I love that little girl. I think she’s an old soul, no?

  64. This is beautiful! We haven’t started reading Harry Potter yet, but it’s on our list. So sweet that you’re reading with her.

  65. Ahhhh… I needed that lovely, peaceful post.
    I am sad that we lost all the Harry Potter books I was saving in a garage flood. ALL OF THEM.
    I am surely going to purchase before my oldest can read… I’m hoping we can put our heads together in quiet too. :)

  66. Oh sweet. Reading right now with my daughter is doing French homework or struggling through English reading. Not yet fun. I’m waiting for the day when she can read through Little House or Anne of Green Gables.

  67. You know what’s funny? When I think of parenting and parenthood, I almost immediately conjure up images of snuggling up and sharing words together. Maybe because reading was ingrained in us at such a young age and my brother and I always looked forward to that time, or the many “word of the day” lessons we had at the dinner table… but reading is such a wonderful activity to share with your sweet ones. Love this post so much, Galit. What a wonderful, precious memory.

  68. Perfect, Galit. My oldest is reading Harry Potter too, and we’re having a movie marathon this Sunday. After he finishes the book he’s on, he passes it to me to read.
    Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one with pictures of the kids standing in the snowy yard with only light shirts on…this weather is crazy!