This Is What Happens When You Expect Wonderful

A positive attitude has crazily far reaching results. A simple paradigm shift using positive thinking tips can simplify the pursuit of happiness and help create–and notice–wonder.

So what happens when you expect wonderful?

You find it.

Once you learn to live in a state of wow, everything is beautiful.

—Shawn Fink, Abundant Mama

I grew up watching The Breakfast Club. The coming of age angst, the power of stories, the need to be noticed, had all been speaking to my heart for a very long time. Three decades, apparently, as this year was the thirtieth anniversary of Judd Nelson’s iconic fist pump.


“I love this shirt,” I said pulling it over my head. The message, the memories, the fist bump. How could I not love it?

“You love the conversations around the shirt,” my husband quipped. He was right.

Earlier this year I got the Breakfast Club shirt, of course I did, and every time I wear it someone, almost always a stranger, says something about it. My favorite someone-saying-something moment was at one of my daughter’s volleyball tournaments.

A tween from another team walked up to me–by herself, while I was standing with my husband and my daughter’s coaches, brilliantly brave–and said, “I really like your shirt.”

This happened the morning of my husband’s quip so as she spun away from us, her perfectly braided hair whipping behind her, we instantly made eye contact because she was sweet and wonderful, and also because we both needed to somehow say, “I told you so.”

We were both right–I wore the shirt expecting fun conversations and my wishes, my expectations, came true.

Because of moments just like this, one of my favorite quotes is,

“Expect something wonderful to happen every day.” 

When we live in this way, I think we both create and notice moments.


Conversations over cute t-shirts are something to notice.

So is meeting my husband’s eyes with 13 years of marriage threading the look between us.

Our kids deleting the spaces the school year creates just two weeks into summer.

Brody’s great hit at baseball.

How loudly Chloe cheered for him.

Our puppy cuddling with Kayli when she was feeling under the weather.

All three kids immersed in a  book.

The first peony of the season.

A perfectly made gin and tonic.


I recently finished reading Savoring Slow by Shawn Fink of Abundant Mama. It’s a beautiful, practical book filled with habits to create in order to better embrace our lives as they are, and to not just find glitter, but to expect it.

I was really struck by Habit #11: Wake Up, as in:

“Live awake, live noticing, live glitter, live with wow.” 

This is what I strive for and believe can be a habit to learn and practice, fall away from and come back to.

I want this for myself, and for my children.

Early on in my teaching, a mentor told me that kids live up to our expectations. I kept this with me through a decade of teaching and, now, for more than a decade of parenting.I think my mentor’s and Shawn’s words work hand in hand.


I want my children to see glitter in this world, and to know that I see glitter when I look at them.

Everyone deserves to have at least one person who sees their glitter. 

So I place it in my hello after we’ve been apart.

In my good night after good days, and bad.

In my attempted answers to Can you help me? Do you want to play? and Can I try?

In the look on my face when they succeed.

When they try something new.

When they fail.

When they get back up.

While some days, some moments, are better than others, when I expect wonderful, use glittering eyes, create conscious views, live in a state of wow, what happens is that I either find all of the above, or I finally see it.

Awake, indeed.


Great Resources For Rewriting Our Expectations:

savoring slow coverI was inspired to write this post because of Shawn Fink’s brand new, “The Abundant Mama’s Guide to Savoring Slow.” Friends, this is a must-have resource to help us all create the habits we need to wake up and expect wonderful.

#kindnesswins shirts are selling so very fast, they go a ridiculously long way to help us expect kindness.

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  1. Gorgeous post. Thank you!

  2. I love this. That Roald Dahl quote (and the sentence that comes after) is one of my all-time favorites. xox

  3. Beautiful!

  4. Such wonderful reminders. I am definitely trying to make an effort to slow down, but I am a constant work in progress. I love reading things that help me to remember what’s important, and that it’s worth fighting the good fight to savor those little moments in life.