The secret to having more me time

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of LINDOR truffles and SheKnows Experts Among Us. All thoughts, opinions, and kid cuteness caught on camera are my own.

three kids

Everywhere I look, there’s something to revel in.

My husband’s smile, my daughter’s piano strains, my son’s giggles.

My puppy’s wrinkles, a sunrise, fresh cut grass.

kids sitting

Life is so sweet, so full, and so promising, but we can only taste so much of it.

And sometimes I worry that while I’m immersed in my busy, I’m missing out on what I value most.

I know I’m not alone in this.

kids being silly

We’re all in this together juggling our loves and our work and our selves.

And when the busy starts to become too big and too overwhelming to manage, that last one is what we tend to set aside first.

But I’ve figured out the secret to creating more me time.

It’s simple and sweet and comes from advice I was gifted on my wedding day.

And 11 years later I can confidently say that it’s simplicity, is what makes it so do-able.


The secret to having more me time is this:Say yes more often than no.

Yes to working out, yes to a new book, yes to a play date at the park.

Yes to a cocktail, yes to a dance, yes to an irresistibly smooth LINDOR truffle.

kids getting chocolate

Sometimes we have to turn our backs on what we really want and that’s okay, of course it is.

But more often than not? We should dive into yes.

Because when we do, we’ll find the nooks and crannies of our days filled with the very best that life has to offer – like these smiles, these hand holds, and these irresistibly smooth new Lindt LINDOR caramel truffles.


To find out more about the NEW LINDOR Caramel, find LINDOR on their website, Facebook, or SheKnows Splurges & Beauty Indulgences.

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  1. I’ll say yes to chocolate any time!

  2. Lindor Chocolates are my favourite. I’m a little hesitant about caramel in general, but Lindor may change my mind :) My favourites so far are the white chocolate ones….
    (Also – love the concept of saying “yes” more often!)

    • My oldest is a big white chocolate fan, too!

      But, girlfriend? This caramel is *different*! Trust me on this one and report back what you think after you try it! I’d share, but mine are all gone! Ahem. :)

      And yes to yes, for sure! We deserve that for ourselves, don’t we?

      Thanks for the note, friend, so very much!

  3. I love Lindor chocolates so much! They seriously make me so darn happy.

  4. LINDOR …yum and caramel just in time for Fall~

  5. I am working at saying yes more often. With kids, it’s hard and full of compromise, but so important.

    I have never had a Lindor chocolate, but this post makes me want to try them.

    • I love how you worded that — it is about compromising and juggling and all of the things we mothers do — but yes, so, so very important!

      And *yes* to Lindor! You’re going to love it, I promise!

  6. I have no problem saying yes to things I want like chocolate, wine or another dance. But working out? That’s a pass every time!

    • Hee! Love the honesty, sister! I suppose your yes there is to what you *really* want!

      (Love seeing your smile here! Thank you for it! :))


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