The Scary Mommy Book Review & Giveaway!

Thank you all so very much for entering and confessing! I love your words.

I’m thrilled to announce that the winners are Carmen and Rivki!

Everyone else, Confessions of a Scary Mommy is officially available today!

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I saw a new mother the other day.

Her hair was loosened around her face, she had spit up on her shirt, and her baby, the one with one sock on and one sock off on an unnaturally cold spring day, was screaming through the store.

When we passed, I had three choices.

Judge, judge, and judge some more.

Look straight ahead and keep walking because ohmygoodness, annoying.

Or, look her in the eye, smile, and make sure she knew that she wasn’t alone. We’ve all been there.

Motherhood is hard.

And we women tend to make it harder by competing with each other and only sharing the lovely swoon-worthy moments.

The ones that warm our hearts and make us look at our husbands with eyes that can only mean one thing: I need another baby.

But what about blow outs up the back and through the hair?

Scream fests in the car? Tantrums in the store? Food flung in our faces?

Sleepless nights? Days that we JustCan’tDoIt? And the poop? Why doesn’t anyone tell us about the poop?

Well, Jill Smokler does.

Jill Smokler, Author of Confessions of a Scary Mommy

She’s the author of the wildly popular blog Scary Mommy and the only parenting book that we should all be reading, Confessions of a Scary Mommy: An Honest and Irreverent Look at Motherhood – The Good, The Bad, and The Scary.

I had the opportunity to read an advanced copy of the book because Jill is kind and genuine, transparent and true. And that’s what shines through every single page of this fabulous read.

I curled up and read it in one day.

I found myself nodding in agreement, crying with laughter, and waking Jason up to read parts to him. Doesn’t everyone do that to their husbands? No? Just me?

With every fiber of my being, I want you to read this book, and then pass it on to everyone you know.

Because imagine motherhood where we all take ourselves less seriously, laugh at our mistakes, and most importantly, stand shoulder to shoulder and tell each other all about it.

Just look at how this mothering gig could (and should) be!

You can:

Read the first two chapters here.

Preorder the book here.

Or try to win a copy right here!

Leave a comment with a Motherhood Confession for one entry, tweet for another, and Facebook share for a third.

Leave a separate comment for each entry, and do these as many times as you’d like. I want you to have this book.

I’ll randomly choose TWO winners via on April 3rd.

So, it’s confession time! I’ll start. I took the kids to Starbucks this morning in our pajamas (no bra!) because we were (gasp!) out of coffee.

See? Starbucks. It’s what’s for breakfast.

What’s your motherhood confession? (And good luck!)

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  1. Hee!! Braless coffee stop!

    My confession: I left my toddler in his poopy diaper for 10 minutes because I wanted to finish my tea while it was hot, before I changed him. Ahem.

  2. I read the first 2 chapters of this and am dying to read the rest. It’s really just so perfect.

    My confession: I delay brushing my kid’s teeth in the morning because I just don’t want to put up with the fussing.

  3. Tweeted :)

  4. Kimberly B. says:

    Soooooo want to read this book!
    My confession is : my 4yo hasn’t napped for 2 years unless she has been really sick. So afternoons after very restless nights, when I am barely able to just drag my feet, I will put on a 30minute cartoon, snuggle her in my lap so I can close my eyes.

  5. Facebook shared :)

  6. LOVE! I have so many of these moments. More times than I care to share, I take a page out of Bill Cosby’s book and I’ll let my kids eat chocolate cake for breakfast. I figure its no worse than Cocoa Crispies- and if I don’t let them eat it, then I can’t very well have it for breakfast either!

  7. Shared on Facebook!

  8. This book looks really good!

    Confession: Its me and my husband that are not ready to get rid of the bottle. My son would be fine without it. He does 9-11 hours without it at daycare, and gets it in the car on the way home!

  9. Uhm, what isn’t my confession? Like right now? My child is playing upstairs in her room, half dressed, and has not yet eaten anything today because she wouldn’t come downstairs with me. And I? Am online surfing through great blogs with hopes of enjoying these moments before she DOES come down and ask me for 900 things. 😉

  10. I had no idea I was supposed to leave a trace of a leprechaun in my home on St Patty’s Day. My kids were crestfallen that the leprechaun didn’t visit our house because apparently he went to EVERYONE ELSE’s house (of their classmates). Oops. Guess the Easter Bunny better bring the goods this year!

  11. I want to read it. Love your confession. Mine? Oh, which one to choose….

    My kids don’t brush their teeth daily. They do it if I happen to remember to remind them. There I said it.

  12. shared on FB :)

  13. Jen Rodriguez says:

    My confession: My 9 month old is still sleeping in her swing most of the time, because…well because she sleeps really well in it and we like sleep 😉

  14. Confession: I load my daughters in the car at least 15 minutes before departure so I can have a few minutes alone to gather what we might need AND my thoughts!

  15. Just FB shared.

  16. I have been known to let my 4yo watch two hours of tv, straight.

  17. LOVE it!!! Wish this had come out just after I had my first, since I am sure I needed a dose of all this!!! At this point, it just sounds like it would be nice to add some humor to the CRAZINESS of our house with 3 kids… 1st grade (boy), K (boy) and a pre school daughter who seems intent on giving Houdinin a run for his money… Did you write it just for me? hee hee…

  18. (and shared on FB) :)

  19. I play “fetch” with my 15 month old foster son with a roll of toilet paper while I’m trying to use the toilet just so he won’t try to climb in my lap.

    Thankfully, he’s good at retrieving.

  20. I used to work part time in social media so when I was checking my iPhone when the kids were playing, I was actually working. I lost that job, but sometimes if something really interesting is happening on the internets (like I am posting pictures to Instagram?) I still tell my son “hang on just a second, sweetie, Mommy is working!”. And I guess I am, since I’m a blogger, but still…

  21. After a long night of whimpers and crying, sometimes I drop him off at daycare and come home to nap.

  22. I loved this book so much. I am anti-parenting-books and I think it rocks. you did a great job with this.

  23. I haven’t read my copy yet. I’ve been saving it for my flight on Sunday.

    Confession: I cried after my baby rode the bus for the first time this morning.

  24. I’m really looking forward to reading this book. It always makes me feel better on the JustCan’tDoIt days.

    Mommy confession today: I’ve been in my pjs all day, because my heart condition has reared its ugly head, but I managed to get my children fed and dressed. I’m jealous of my children for looking cuter than I do. (I’m only half kidding.)

  25. says:

    People assume we got a new puppy because I really like dogs and am missing having once since Lucy died last fall. That’s only partially true. Really, the dog cleans the crumbs under the table much better and more frequently than I do.

  26. Love this! Love that you gave that oh so important smile to the new mom…

    Confession: I once left a full basket of groceries in the produce aisle when my three year started projectile vomiting all over the apples…I didn’t go back to that store for quite some time…

  27. So excited to read this book!

    Confession: I sometimes shut myself in the bathroom and read a magazine article just to get 5 minutes of time to myself :)

  28. Our 3 year old gets up routinely around 630am.
    On a Sunday morning when she woke up our 1 year old was still sleeping
    So I took her downstairs, put a movie on for her and gave her a cup of milk. I layed down again thinking my 1 yr old would be up any minute and was hoping to close my eyes for 5-10 more mins.
    I woke up 2 hrs later!!! My 1 yr old was still sleeping and Mydaughter had been alone downstairs for 2 hrs!! She was just so happy to be watching tv that she didn’t want to ruin it by waking me up.

  29. Fb shared with pleasure!

  30. Yes, I’ve said yes to Drew’s request for goldfish for breakfast some days when I wasn’t up for the fight. I figure not great but better than m&m’s…. Although he’s young maybe one day I’ll be confessing to that too. :)

  31. confession…I buy my kid hot cocoa from Starbucks every time we go (and I’m usually not wearing a bra) because it’s easier than listening to her scream.

  32. Absolutely loved the preview- you rock! :)

  33. Oh. My. Gosh… I can have a chance everytime I confess? – Because I’m a bad mom. Let’s see.. just today – I left Alexander in a poopy diaper for WAY TOO LONG because we were eating dinner. And I wanted my food hot for a second. I also sent Addison to play school with a low grade fever (brought down with tylenol) because I couldn’t stand Andrew’s screaming if they stayed home or her screaming if he got to go and she didn’t. And… I didn’t tell anyone at play school that she had a small fever. **told you** Probably I should get a manual instead of the book. :)

  34. No bra. Love it!

  35. shared on facebook!

  36. I’m so excited to read this book!

    Confession: I’m totally spoiling my daughter right now with too many snacks because I’m afraid she won’t eat enough of the gluten free meals.

  37. This book looks awesome,
    Confession if I’m tired I make my 4 yr snuggle with me so we can take a nap , I convince het she’s tired !

  38. I fed my 5 year ramen noodles for breakfast one day this week. Obviously it is the breakfast of champions for kindergartners.

  39. We took our then three month old daughter to meet my husband’s grandmother and great aunt. We spent the night along the way with his sister. In the morning, we got up, dressed the baby, and took some pictures with her propped up in a chair.

    She. Was. So. Cute.

    But while we stood there snapping, we heard this ripping sound, and all of us looked at each other laughing like “did the BABY just make that sound?”

    Oh yes. Oh yes she did. The poop was all the way up her back, the agonizingly chosen little outfit was destroyed, oh, and my sister in law’s chair would NEVER EVER ben the same.

    And instead of getting upset and judgmental, my sister in law told the following hilarious story. My other sister in law’s youngest, who was by then eight or ten or something, was a newborn when their Dad got remarried. All the kids wanted to be supportive and present. My husband was the best man, and my sister in law brought her brand new baby to the ceremony. The baby was fussy the entire time, and just about the time the wedding party got to the front of the church, my sister in law felt the creamy warm and hideous sensation on her arms that could only mean one thing. She wound up missing the bulk of the ceremony with her baby in the church sink. So my baby’s chair antics were all just part of the normal course of events.

    I have never loved my in-laws so much. (And I like them an awfully lot in the first place. They’re some awesome people.)

  40. Confession: My husband and I wanted to “get busy” so we bought our LEGO maniac a 1,000 piece set for kids ages 10 and up. He was 5 and 1/2. We figured he’d be busy for hours. Thirty minutes later, he was banging on our door asking us to come down and see what he’d made. That he was done. “Do are we. Almost…”

    If you can believe it, the little bugger built an entire fortress. We learned our lesson: shorter foreplay and LEGO sets with more complicated designs.

    I will tweet you now. And put you on my FB fan page which is RASJacobson’s “Lessons From Teachers & Twits” – I wish I had written this book. 😉

  41. Tweeted. 😉

  42. And posted the content here! On my Fan page! 😉 Hopefully a lot of people will share it. What am I talking about? Hopefully no one will share it and I will WIN it! Either way, this book is going on my “must read” list. No matter what. 😉

  43. Hey, come on, even if you walk right past, or give her the knowing look, you have the prerogotive to judge, and continue judging.

    That’s our god-given right. Or something like that.

    Or maybe I’m just too judging . . . heck, even if I judge, I still reach out. Because, yeah, this parenting stuff is hard.

    (I love Scary Mommy — just wanted to say “hi” — I’ve been doing far too much reading without commenting lately)

  44. Life As Wife says:

    Wait I didn’t know you saw me at the store the other day, Galit!?

    My confession: I often pretend I have to use the batroom just to make the husband watch the kid and get a few moments of quiet.

  45. Life As Wife says:


  46. Leighann says:

    Oh what a wonderful prize to win!!

    My confession? I fed my daughter yogurt and potatoe chips for lunch today because it’s all she would eat and I’m just glad she’s eating something.

  47. Leighann says:


  48. Ooo, it’s hard to pick just one confession. But I’ll go with last night. I gave my three-year-old a juice box for dinner. Just a juice box. He claimed to not want anything else, and I didn’t want to fight that battle. Again. Besides, nutritionists look at food consumption over a 3-5 day period, right? Right??????

  49. Tweeted it.

  50. shared on FB

  51. Shared it on FB

  52. Love reading all these confessions! Makes me feel better that we are all in the same boat!

    My confession: I put on the TV for my toddler in the morning if she gets up too early, take her into my bed and catch 20 more minutes of sleep!

  53. Nobody every says, “I want a teen” – it’s always, “I want a baby.” LOL – Can’t wait to get a look at Jill’s book! Thanks for the review – and the smile at the struggling mom – we have ALL been there!

  54. This sounds wonderful! I hate to admit that JDaniel doesn’t always want to do the crafts I blog about.He will start them and I have to finish them myself.

  55. I’m not entering but I can’t believe you read that in just one day! I’m shocked! Your braless coffee run reminded me of how I would wear a hoodie pulled way over my head and face to take the kids to school sometimes.

  56. I am not a mom, so I’m not sure I’m allowed to enter, but this book sounds wonderful—I love that part about you waking up your husband. I do that occasionally when I need to share something with mine. :) And I love your note about how hard it is to not judge other mothers and to share the tough struggles and confessions of motherhood. I hope to be a mother someday in the soon-ish future and this is inspiring to me. :)

  57. Great post as usual, Galit! I know you smiled at the mom because that’s who you are. My confession: Most days, one of my three kids has escaped without getting their teeth brushed. :-)

  58. You did read my post on The Day I abandoned my Child – right?
    and btw, the back blow outs, ack, you could just stick your finger down the back of her collar and be done for 😉

  59. I have so many. One of which I confessed on my blog today in my interview w/Jill. But, since I have some to spare, hmmmm. Oh! Here’s one. I used to let my toddler sleep in the car. Like put it in the garage, roll the windows down, leave him strapped in his car seat. Because waking him up to do the to bed transfer was just to horrifying to bear. And we both really, REALLY needed that nap every day. And also. When he had really bad allergies, I got so happy inside when the doctor said I could give him Benadryl every day. So, so happy!

  60. My current motherhood confession is that I secretly hope that I can continue nap time at my house for um… a LONG, LONG time. It really isn’t that much about the kids anymore. It is me that needs the break. I still make my 6 year old have quiet reading time on her bed and my 4 year old I still have nap regularly. I need those few moments to either close my eyes and breathe, read, or organize my thoughts!

  61. Confession: We told our preschooler his carpet still had “chemicals” on it from when mommy did a heavy duty carpet clean. He can’t get out of bed a million times at night because it will “burn his feet”.

    Mommy cleaned that awful stuff up about a three weeks ago.

  62. Confession: I start the shower and then just sit for a few minutes and read before I get in. I know…a terrible waste of water. But sometimes I need a break and it’s the only way I can get one.

  63. Mentioned it on FB. I discouraged them from entering to improve my chances. That still counts, right??

  64. Oh, and I tweeted too.