The Magic of Family Photos {& 100 Free Cards from Minted!}

There’s absolutely nothing like seeing your husband,

Your children,

Your family, through someone else’s eyes.

Just once a year, I NEED this view.

I NEED to have our family photographed by someone who sees the world in pictures, the way that I see it in words.

Yes, NEED in italics and bold and uppercase letters.

Because our story is moving so very quickly.

All of a sudden, Chloe is reading and Brody is negotiating bedtimes and Kayli is such a tween.

And before we turn another page, I need us slowed down, zoomed in, captured, together.

This year, my sweet friend Jennifer Olson of Jennifer Liv Photography gifted us with her time and patience and whimsy and incredible eye.

You can find Jennifer Liv at her site and her facebook page, and if you’re anywhere near the Twin Cities, wow do I ever recommend that you contact her now!

I’m over the moon for every single picture she took, they’re all on my to-frame list.

And as for our holiday cards? They’re ready to go, too.

Last year, I fell in love with Minted for everything from my business cards to my everyday stationary to my holiday cards.

And this year, I’m following suit.

I’m in love with Minted’s gorgeous designs.

How I can change everything from the greeting to the color to the shape of my cards,

How even the backs of the cards are completely customizable.

And how I can design envelopes, labels, or pre-printed postcards {Which is what I’m leaning toward!}.

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m partnering with Minted to gift one of you 100 free flat cards {plus shipping!}!

To enter this giveaway:

  • Leave a comment below letting me know that you’re interested.
  • For an extra entry, share the giveaway via Facebook and leave a comment saying you did.
  • For an extra entry, share the giveaway via Twitter and leave a comment saying you did.
  • For even more entries, share the giveaway as many times as you’d like and leave separate comments each time.

The giveaway will close Wednesday, November 21st and the winner {picked via} will be announced by Thanksgiving.

Everyone, everywhere is eligible – so good luck!

So many congratulations to #27, Susan of Learned Happiness!

I can’t wait to see your cards, I know they’ll be stunning!

DISCLAIMER: I was gifted our family photos and cards in exchange for this post. All swoons, and sweet children, are my own.

Over at Aiming Low Miss Unlimited, I’m doling out friendship advice.

What would you add?  Come weigh in here

Memories Captured is open right now! Please join Alison and I! The details are here.

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  1. Great giveaway! Not looking forward to creating cards this year at all for some reason – this would make it better!

  2. I shared on FB.

  3. I was amazed at our first family photo-session this year, and even more so when I look at how much we’ve changed in the 6 months since they were taken. My how quickly it all goes by without us mostly ever noticing.

  4. So beautiful. xoxo

  5. I twittered. xo

  6. aw. isn’t it truly amazing when you get to see yourself as someone else sees you? i often find myself telling my clients-friends :: friends-clients … that the camera can always find love. always. and capturing your children as you see them? makes my heart burst. thanks for trusting me.

  7. Tweeted and Facebooked! Love the look of these cards!

  8. Aren’t you all just stunning?? Love. xo

  9. (not entering the contest) JUST have to say that you and your Husb look like you’re both about 20 in these pics! Gorgeous family!

  10. What awesome family pics and love all those options. I desperately need new cards. Just another thing on the to do list.

  11. I love this! I want this! Last year, hubby and I decided we weren’t doing cards. And then the cards started coming in! And I was all: This will not do. I did a cruddy rush job and no one got their cards until Groundhog’s Day. You heard me: February!

    So help me do this right this year. It isn’t easy finding a great Hanukkah card.

    Off to share on Facebook! And Twitter.

  12. Oh Galit, I am interested. Oh yes! Count me in. You all are so beautiful! Love this giveaway!

  13. Shared on Twitter.

  14. Shared on Facebook.

  15. I also tweeted :)

  16. I love Jennifer and you and all of these pictures! And Minted. What a great package! 😉

    Now excuse me, I need to contact Jennifer…

  17. I really love how you pointed out the photographer’s view of your family. It’s unbelievably true and the shots she was able to get are simply priceless.

    I’d love to win the giveaway!

  18. Gorgeous pictures … we finally had some taken for the first time in years last month and I am so glad we did – just adore them. xoxo

  19. I love them all but I just LOVE that first one of you and Jason. I need to remember that pose.

    And you KNOW I agree about the family photos every year. Definitely a needed view. xo
    And I adore Minted! :)

  20. Absolutely awesome family pictures and if I lived closer I’d be calling right now!

    I’ve heard of Mint but I’ve never really looked into them. I just might now that I’ve seen the amazing things that you’ve shown here! It looks fun to play with!

  21. your whole family is just gorgeous, those pictures are priceless and precious…I teared up just looking at them.

    it’s YOUR smile that brings your family into focus, I can feel the LOVE and it’s so sweet and amazing my friend.


  22. I am definitely interested! Add me to the giveaway 😉 Regardless though, I want to remember the Minted site for this years Christmas cards. Beautiful cards. (And beautiful family photos!)

  23. I tweeted (and pinned it! to remember to check out minted) :)

  24. What stunning pictures. I agree – seeing your family (and yourself) through the eyes of a photographer is a special treat. Worth documenting yearly.

    What a wonderful giveaway. I would love to be the big winner! =)

  25. Shared on Facebook. =)

  26. And I tweeted, of course. @learndhappiness

  27. I love these pics! Exactly what I think of when I think of you and your family – beautiful, real and in love.

  28. Those are really awesome pictures! Minted looks like a great business!

  29. Awesome giveaway. And now I feel like I need to have our family pix taken. I need to look at them, the way you do!

  30. Oh what glorious pictures of your precious family!!! So lovely… :)

  31. I can’t take my eyes off your beautiful family!

  32. Oh my goodness I love the way you tell this story and these pictures? Breathtaking. Truly. Love this.
    Also? I love the minted giveaway idea. Just in time for the holidays!

  33. Shared on Elated Exhaustion’s Facebook page!

  34. Tweeted!

  35. Such amazing family photos and I can see why you would fall in love with Minted. I REALLY REALLY want to win this. We haven’t done cards the last two years due to finances and commuter marriage. It’s hard to do family pictures when your husband lives 1200+ miles away.

  36. Such beautiful pictures of you and your gorgeous family!! However, this is reminding me that I have to get a moving on my holiday cards!! I’d love to be entered into your giveaway.

  37. Tweeted!

  38. Your smile lights up any picture you are in. Such joy that you get from just being with your family. And your family, absolutely gorgeous!

  39. Those family shots are so great. And you and hubby look so young! Love your hair down long like that.

    Of course, I am interested in being included in your give-away. That would be fantastic!

  40. I’m working on cards right now and not loving anything I see. But Minted looks great! What a fun giveaway!

  41. So….I put it on facebook. As I hit click I asked myself why I was encouraging others to get over here and make the likelihood of me winning less! lol Well, somebody is going to get lucky. Even if it isn’t me, this is a great give-away.

  42. Tweeted!

  43. Shared on my FB!

  44. Your photos are truly fantastic, Galit! We also do family photos during the holidays. Great idea about the website! I will definitely check it out.

  45. Wendy Swerdlow Pederson says:

    My husband & I are having our holiday pictures done Wednesday morning with one of our chinchillas! This is such perfect timing.

  46. Wendy Swerdlow Pederson says:

    Just shared this contest on Facebook!

  47. What a great idea! I’d love these!

  48. Win or not, this is the route I am going with our cards! I had no idea that you could do all of this. That picture of Brody with his arms crossed is killing me!!
    How fortunate you are to have all of these beautiful pictures!

  49. I shared this on my Facebook page…because it is awesome!

  50. I would LOVE to win this–I love Minted and all their great designs!

  51. Gorgeous pictures! I so badly want to have family photos taken.

  52. I absolutely love your pictures and I would love to win Minted cards!

  53. Gorgeous photos Galit!! Wow they are growing up!

  54. Christmas!!!! AAccck. Yes, I’m interested.

  55. I love your photos….they turned out SO well! And the card “It’s a Wonderful Life” is the one I picked out for our Christmas cards. I love their designs.
    And, I LOVE your description of why you need your family photos taken.

  56. We weren’t good about this until last year, but getting professional photographs done was something I was so thankful for! You put it just right! And who wouldn’t want to win free cards??!! :) Great, great post! –Lisa

  57. Would love this!!! It would make sending out cards a lot more fun!! One less thing to think about money wise.



  58. Shared on FB :)

  59. those are simply GORGEOUS. wow. what a spectacularly beautiful family you have!!!!!

  60. Love your pictures! I am certain your holiday cards will be phenomenal.

  61. Galit, these family pictures are incredible! And the cards are amazing too…I have ever even checked them out, but now I will!

  62. Shared on Twitter, my dear!

  63. Ooh, I would love to get our holiday cards from Minted this year!

  64. Tweeted! (Did I mention that I SO want to win these cards?!)

  65. Love Minted! We just got married 9/28/12 and I love all the newlywed holiday cards!!

  66. I’m so jealous of your pictures…but oh, how I love this happy family!


  67. Love the pictures! I am definitely interested in amazing cards!

  68. Tweeted!

  69. Those are gorgeous pictures and makes for perfect cards! :)

  70. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful family. (And Jen is amazing!!)

  71. I love family photo sessions. That’s a wonderful investment of time. Sweet memories and precious moments that will never ever come back, but can be kept in the form of photos.

  72. Hi Galit,

    Haven’t been by in a while and wanted to say hi. Those pictures are beautiful.

  73. I just knew I was going to be in for some really great family photos. She did such a great job with you guys – so beautiful, the whole family!

  74. *sigh* What a beautiful family, Galit.
    I’m with you. I think it’s important to be captured because the time truly does fly.

  75. Anti-Supermom says:

    You and your family are so beautiful. I wish I had the finances to afford yearly professional photos, but those people who attempt to capture all of my family of five often end up with some hilarious pictures… which are completely worth capturing.

  76. Tweeted again!

  77. I usually get our cards from Shutter fly, but since you wrote this post I have been checking out minted and the cards are GORGEOUS!! I love that you can put in your photo and see it in multiple cards. And I would really love to win this because my goodness sending Christmas cards to big families get expensive. :)

  78. Tweeted again! Love this giveaway!

  79. Would love to win this giveaway!

  80. Love your blog and love this giveway! Thanks, Jen

  81. Tweeted one more time.

  82. Would so love to win this!

  83. I know I have looked at your lovely photos and they are beautiful, but not sure if I entered or not. Anyway, your pictures are beautiful and I tweeted so that gives me an extra entry anyway :)

  84. What a beautiful way to look at family photos. :) We just got some done – cards would be lovely.

  85. We just took our own holiday photos — AND I AM IN THEM — and I need a holiday card now. Having a viral blog post has made me absolutely zero dollars at this point, and free cards from Minted would be a huge thrill and a huge financial relief. Will share on FB and Tweet! Thanks, Galit!

  86. Tweeted!

  87. Beautiful! I need that once a year, too!
    Would love to win the cards!

  88. Shared on FB personal page.

  89. Aaaaaaand shared on FB professional page. 😉

  90. Amy Polcyn says:

    My first time to this blog, via my friend Allison Slater Tate. Totally agree with what you say about once a year seeing the family through someone else’s eyes. A friend I reconnected with from high school does photography and has done our pics the last few years and it’s been wonderful. After an especially awful year, we have a lot to celebrate with this years pictures. Free cards would make it even better! Thanks for running the contest!

  91. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    We love minted & would love to win some cards! BTW, your family is beautiful!

  92. Melissa N. says:

    I’m definitely interested! It may be the motivation I need to do cards this year!

  93. And I’ve shared it on Facebook!

  94. Oh I am in baby!

  95. I love the pic with you guys kissing and the kids goofing off at your feet!!

  96. Pick us! Jen Olson recommended me!

  97. I. Am. Interested! But I have to say that it would be a challenge to find a family photo. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and capture one.

  98. Oh, I love the designs at Minted. I love this giveaway :)

  99. Your photos are awesome!!


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