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Photo, gratefully, via Nicole Spangler Photography

I have news that I’m ridiculously excited to share with you!

It has to do with friendship and words — two of my most favorite things.

I’m beyond honored to have an essay published in an anthology about female friendship that’s out TODAY!


The HerStories PROJECT is a work of heart edited by Jessica Smock and Stephanie Spengler, with a forward written by Scary Mommy’s Jill Smokler, and straight-to-the-heart essays written by fifty of the most breath-taking women-writers. I’m so humbled to have my words side-by-side theirs.

About the book…

“The bonds of women’s friendship can be more intimate than marriage, and just as essential to emotional health. From the childhood friend who broke your heart to the college roommate who witnessed you at your highest and lowest, from the lost friendship that ended bitterly to the devoted companion who is still in your life, from the bond that was forged due to shared grief to the shaky connection born with new motherhood, all women have stories to tell about their friendships. The HerStories Project: Women Explore the Joy, Pain, and Power of Female Friendship is a collection of essays from over 50 women writers, encompassing tales of friendship from the sandbox to the inbox.”


Photo, gratefully, via Nicole Spangler Photography

When I read (and reread) these words. it’s the sandbox to the inbox line that gets me — every single time. Because it’s so stick-to-your-gut true, isn’t it? No matter how much we grow and change, it’s our girlfriends that braid their stories with ours and make our story complete.

Yesterday, I went to a my first STEP class in almost two decades. The teacher was fun and inspiring and kind of ridiculously fast moving and fast talking. (I could so relate to the latter.) Between anecdotes and directions, she kept saying, “Look at you! You’re starting December exactly how you want to!” I was so very struck by that line as well.

I had spent the night before cheering on a dear friend’s son in my first ever hockey game. We sat shoulder to shoulder, our words tumbling over each other’s, sharing what needed to be told about Thanksgiving and family and the stories in the nooks and crannies within. Our children sat in front of us giggling and chatting, heads nestled close, winter knits warming them over, friendship doing the same. And our husbands stood behind us. Stance wide, arms crossed, eyes on the game. Afterward, my girlfriends and I went shopping for our loves and to sip our drinks and to enjoy our snacks — and each other. I came home already warm to a fire in the fireplace, sleepover girls still giggling and plans to try out that STEP class and to write this announcement in the morning.

And I was struck — in the best possible way — that I truly had my feet planted exactly where I want to be. And that seems so appropriate as we step away from a weekend of Thanksgiving and tiptoe our way to December, a time filled to the brim with what we choose to place there.

And I choose all of the above — friendship and words and STEP classes, nights that warm, gratitude that fills, and people like you to share good news with.


Photo, gratefully, via Nicole Spangler Photography

Find out more about HerStories PROJECT on the blog, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and — of course — buy the book.

Thank you for being who I turn to with good news and for understanding the importance of first hockey games, stories told, friendship, and words.

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  1. You are one of the best friends out there. How apt that you’re in a book about friendship – congratulations!

  2. Congrats!!!

  3. I am so damn excited to read this book! And truly, truly couldn’t be any more proud of you!!! XO

  4. And HOL-YYYYYY SHIT. These pictures are simply breathtaking. They make me teary- much the way I imagine a 12 foot Christmas tree does for some people 😉

  5. What a beautiful post, Galit. We are so honored to have your essay featured (as the first one!) in our book. Thank you so much for sharing it with us, and for being such a great supporter of this project! Stunning photos!

  6. What a gorgeous post!! I love how you say that your feet are planted just where you want them to be. That is the best place to be!! Your pictures are just stunning, thank you so much for sharing them!!

  7. I’m so happy to meet you through this project, Galit. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t gotten past the introductory pages, but I will!

  8. What beautiful pictures! I am so honored to be published in this book alongside your incredible essay.

  9. You wrote so beautifully about the book ~ I love your line about starting December exactly where you want to be! So glad to have connected with you through the book ~ it seems there are a lot of MN writers in the book!

  10. I love these photos so much. SO MUCH!!!

  11. This post made me tear up to be honest. Female friendships are hard but I’ll admit that through blogging I feel like I’ve made so many new ones (even if I’ve never met some of these people IRL).

    I love the ideas behind this book and perhaps I now have an idea of what to get my oldest friend for the holidays!

  12. The pictures are SO amazing! And of course so excited to be co-contributors!

  13. Oh I love this Galit. And those photos!! I do love the idea behind this book and love that you have contributed to this book AND that you’re feet are firmly planted right where they are meant to be. Female friendships are unlike no other. Congrats my friend!

  14. This is such a lovely post, Galit, and embodies friendship so well. I felt like being there… I can’t wait to read your essay and am honoured to share a stage with you. And on a completely or perhaps just a somewhat unrelated note – the photos are so sweet!

  15. Another great thing about being a part of this book is meeting new women writers. I’m so honored to have my words nestled in there along yours!
    The scene you describe at the game, talking to your friend, watching her son play, brought a smile to my face…described a familiar scene between me and my closest friend.
    P.S. And I LOVE the look of your blog.

  16. I love this post about the simple, joyful, warm and cozy days of life. Great pictures of your family, so sweet!

  17. I agree with all these women–it’s so lovely to meet new women writers and share this wonderful experience. I love the way you put words together…

  18. so proud to be published with you, one of my writer idols!! This is a beautiful introduction and if I wasn’t a contributor already, I would be all about getting the book after reading this post.

  19. What a great gift idea for all my girlfriends. :)

  20. I was eating chocolate ice cream as I started this post and I enjoyed it so much I actually stopped eating to finish your words. Your happiness came through the computer. I agree, you are starting December off very well.

  21. To have your feet firmly planted where you want them to be. Perfection. I have the same feeling, but never had words for it.
    It sounds like a marvelous evening of friendship for your entire family. Those nights are the best.
    You have found yourself a talented photographer to capture your beautiful family. Gorgeous.

    Have a lovely day!

  22. I can’t think of one person who is a better fit for a book like this.
    Friendships are so amazing and magical…and I can’t wait to read your story.

    Plus these new pictures are incredible. INCREDIBLE.
    Such a beautiful family.


    Can you hear me cheering at my computer desk? Because I am.
    From my heart to yours. Congratulations!

  24. Congrats my dear friend. xoxo

  25. I’m so happy and honored to have my words alongside yours! Beautifully put, and I’m itching to read yours, now!!!!

  26. I am SO excited to get this book- I can only imagine the beauty and inspiration and truth that lies behind each precious story of all the amazing authors that contributed to it.

    Congratulations Galit!! Your pictures are breathtaking… I could just stare at the joy in them for hours. Breathtaking… XOXOXO

  27. Oh my goodness, these photos are stunning! And yes, the sandbox-to-inbox line is so incredibly, impossibly true, isn’t it?

  28. What lovely words (no wonder why words are one of your favorite things). And I kind of want your life after reading this. 😉 So nice to connect over this book – look forward to many more publications from you (maybe together!).

  29. Purchased. What a find! I can’t wait to read it.


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