The 17 Day Diet

The 17 day diet is a short term sprint that leads to life changing, long term habits. This is a 17 day diet review with a focus on the 17 day diet phase 1.

18 days ago I asked my Facebook friends if I should do the 17 Day Diet.

The resounding answer was No! 

Eat right.

Make good choices.


To those friends, I say-

Thank you.

Thank you for assuming that I have the wherewithall to skip second servings.

That I can stop myself from snacking late at night.

That I can control my portion sizes.

But I can’t.

And do I daresay that very much of our population can’t either?

So 17 days ago I started the 17 Day Diet, Phase 1 Accelerate.

Since then…

I’ve lost 10 pounds. {Eeek!}

I’ve exercised everyday in 17 minute increments.

I’ve learned that fruit is a carb. And to only have 2 servings a day. Before 2:00.

Making a 17 day countdown chain. {Love them.}

I’ve learned to pair lean protein with lots of veggies for lunch and dinner.

I’ve learned to stop eating when I’m full.

I’ve learned the merits of drinking green tea, water, and coffee. And that is all.

You would love them too. But you can’t have them. Or my chain.

I’ve fulfilled 3 requests for waffles, 2 for pancakes, 2 for banana bread, 1 for garlic bread, 1 for grilled cheese, 1 for a trip to “Old McDonalds” {Don’t judge.} and 532 for mac-n-cheese {I said don’t judge.}. I didn’t partake in any of them.

I’ve learned that just eating like my husband and children do- I was failing.

I told my husband that I loved him a little less because of takeout pizza. And ice cream. {But I didn’t mean it. Not really.}

I didn’t extra-snack once.

“Closing the kitchen” at night. Because it would be humbling to remove a chain. That your children made. To get a snack. Right?

And today?

Today I’m excited to start Phase 2, Activate.

This phase is an every-other-day plan.

On even days I’ll eat like I did in Phase 1. Lean proteins, cleansing vegetables, two low sugar fruits, two probiotic servings, a lemony wake up drink, lots of water, and lots of green tea.

And odd days? Odd days are like a party. Accelerate foods plus red meat and two lean starches, thankyouverymuch.

The 17 Day Diet was written by Dr. Mike Moreno. It’s set up for fast results sans plateaus; hence the 17 day cycles. You repeat cycles 1-3 until you reach your goal weight. And then you start cycle 4 which is a lifetime of good habits.

I’m over the moon for this diet because of how much I’m learning and changing.

Finding the right diet is like finding your soul mate. The fit has to be right, yes. But so does the timing. This one’s right for me right now.

And I’m so proud! Ten pounds down, baby! {Again: Eeek!}

I’m not brave enough for a body shot {yet}. But this? I can do.

For the record

I learned about The 17 Day Diet from Sunday of Extreme Parenthood.

When I reached out on Twitter to see what people knew about the 17 Day Diet, an amazing group of women decided to join me under the hashtag #muffintopbegone. Ahem. Thank you ladies. -Love and Oreos-

And last, here’s the information about the book. Which I love. And adore. And pore over. And is all that I needed to buy {Besides healthy groceries.}.

My chain is put back together and I’m ready for Phase 2 -Steak and potatoes for you- And for me too!

For your free copy of my 3 Super Simple 17 Day Recipe Hacks (Hint- They require zero extra ingredients!) and to never miss a single new item, event, or announcement, click here.

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  1. Galit, 10 pounds baby!!!! YAY!! That is amazing. I’m so happy for you and thrilled for you to start Phase 2.

    I was totally gung ho. For 2 days. I can’t be considered to be on the diet anymore (it stopped at day 5). I’ve broken rules, haven’t exercised and lost no weight, unsurprisingly. I have however, made better food choices, thought more about what I eat, when I eat it. I realized I can’t do diets, I just don’t have it in me. So I’ll just have to head into forming lifelong good habits.

    Good luck with Phase 2, can’t wait to hear how you do!

    PS: The chain is a brilliant idea!

  2. That’s awesome!!! I need structure, too. I keep hearing success stories on this diet, one of these days I’ll actually start!

  3. That is simply amazing! And I’m proud that you did it!

    I on the other hand failed. Although… I have started making better choices in what I eat and have cut back on diet coke!

    Congratulations and let’s see some before and after pics!!!

  4. AWESOME Galit!!! good for you girl! 10pounds WOOT! I’ve eaten a LOT better while trying to partake in the 17 Day Diet with you than in longer than I can remember, although I’ve definitely had cheats. Daily. even one 24hour FAIL period, and this past weekend was not a good one… I’ve never dieted in my life (didn’t really need to, and still don’t) but I have a horrible eating habit, so I’m definitely sticking around for Phase 2 – hopefully with less cheating (especially as we’ll be allowed red meat and POTATOES!! YESSSSS!) and better eating habits in the long run. Thanks so much for including me in the #muffintopbegone plan and emails. I’m so appreciative!! I’ve felt better than I have in a while, more energy, less headaches and migraines – I like the feeling, and I want it to continue. You are a 17 Day Diet ROCKSTAR. keep it up.

    PS – I love the pics. and the chain. and yes, I wouldn’t be able to remove the chain to get a snack either! :) XO

  5. You are a ROCKSTAR!!! So happy for you. I’ve gotten the book and started with some components of it. Need to be a better rule follower :) xoxo

  6. You go girl! I am so proud of you! I feel like I ‘ve tried just about every diet in the world but I’ve never heard of this one. I am currently counting points on WW.I’ve done this before and it has been the one that works the best for ME. I like having the freedom to eat what I want as long it is portion controlled.Once I start restricting foods, I either go overboard (eating disorder history) or I quit because it gets to be too much for me. You are doing amazing. Keep us posted.We can do this lady! XO

  7. I briefly saw some of the twitter buzz, but I am of the healthy eating thought process.

    But guess what? I am not making good choices, and this doesn’t seem as difficult as I originally thought.

    (Plus, I would get to keep my coffee. Cannot.

    Anyway, enough about me :) Yay! you my friend! 10 pounds is amazing!!

  8. 10 lbs, Galit! Yes!! That’s fantastic! I love our Twitter/email group! #muffintopbegone, indeed! :) Support really IS key, and I’ve gotten so much of it from you all. XOXO

    As of yesterday morning I’ve lost 8.8 lbs! Woo hoo! I’m trying to push through my typical Week 3 “I hate this, I’m over it” syndrome, which always manages to mess me up. I did stress eat last night but am back on track this morning. Let’s keep it up, lady! :)

  9. My father in law had something about this diet at the beach a few weeks ago. I don’t think he made it through the intial 17 days, but it sounds like an effective eating plan.

    PS. I don’t know that I would love my husband less for pizza and ice cream, but I would certainly LIKE him a whole lot less.

  10. I love the chain, keeping you from going in the kitchen! That’s so awesome, and that the kids made it, that’s great too!

    You’re doing great Galit. This plan reminds me of South Beach, which I’ve been doing off and on for over a year. And don’t you feel SO MUCH better? In many ways… Congrats!!

  11. WAHOO! 10 lbs.! Great Job! I am have to try this one out. I need something. The chain is a great idea too, and so cute :)

  12. 10 pounds is amazing!! Congratulations!! I might have to do this post baby!

  13. The chain is a brilliant idea! And great job on the 10lbs – yay!!

  14. “I’ve fulfilled 3 requests for waffles, 2 for pancakes, 2 for banana bread, 1 for garlic bread, and 1 for grilled cheese. I didn’t partake in any of them.”

    Wow! You are a force to reckoned with–that takes some serious will power. Go girl!

  15. Good for you, Galit! I was doing so well before our vacation and now I can’t seem to get back on track. I think I may start this diet because I need a jump start to get back on the bandwagon. We’ve been home 2 days and I’m still indulging in tons of junk! I’m so happy this is working out for you! Keep it up. :)

  16. 10 pounds is AMAZING! Congratulations ,and WAY TO GO. I might have to check this thing out. :)

  17. That’s awesome! Yay for you!! You exercise for 17 minutes a day? Can you do more if you want?

  18. 10 pounds- that is awesome! Every time I think I can give up carbs for even a short time- my hubs makes something unbelievably yummy & the idea goes out the window. I need willpower

  19. Congrats! This is fantastic! I love our group and truly feel energized by better food choices. Thanks for including me :)

  20. Congratulations on your weight loss! That’s wonderful that you found something that works for you :-)

  21. Wow, way to go! It’s amazing how much better you feel as well as look when you’re eating healthy!

  22. Okay. I know it’s about the health and everything.
    And setting good examples. And achieving goals. Yes.
    All that.

    But also, my girl, your face looks skinny!
    Sorry. I had to say it.

    And what a beautiful smile, sister.
    Love to see you so happy…

  23. Okay, I completely failed at joining in with you during phase 1. I was going through a lot the last two weeks and I just didn’t have it in me. I have started making better choices though and I’m much more cautious of what I eat and when I eat it. I’m hoping that since I’m over this hump I’ll be able to do it too!

    And 10 pounds?? You’re awesomesauce!

  24. Way to go on the first 10 pounds! Good luck on phase 2.

  25. Wow, that’s great! I have never heard of this diet…. I have always been a fan of eating healthier smaller portions and a little good old fashioned exercise! You look great! Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to hear how phase II goes.

  26. You GO girl. Ten lbs? Amazing. The kid-made chain is brilliant. And you have amazing will power to fix all those snacks and not eat them. Get your skinny on.

  27. Oh wow! Good for you! Congratulations. And it sounds like you are doing it in a healthy way and pace.

  28. GALIT!!! You look amazing!!! Congrats!

    I had no idea you were doing this too! Sunday also hooked me up on this plan…and I have to say, I have been bad and not stuck to it completely…other than the exercise part for each day. I love my wine and ice cream…and my cheese… :) I have kept to the no fruit after 2 and I have to say, that I like that.

    The biggest turn off for me was the hot lemon water in the morning.

    I am going to do this BY THE BOOK after BlogHer!!! Let’s see if I can shed my 15 pounds!! :)

  29. Galit, you’re gorgeous no matter what! But congratulations on the weight loss!

  30. How exciting! Good for you! I have had some summer splurging going on, and now it is time for back to work. Need to fit in those work pants again. Ugh!

  31. Congratulations on your 10 pounds! Every time I make my husband and daughter something I cannot eat a little piece of me just dies. SEriously. It drives me NUTS! So I feel for you and I can relate and in any case you look fabulous!

  32. UHM, EXCUSE ME, MOMMA… but you look FANTASTIC!!!! And congrats on 10 lbs–that is SO AWESOME!!! It’s so great to find a diet that fits just for you… and if this one is working, then go at it. And be proud of your accomplishments so far–I am so proud of you! XOXO

  33. Way to go Galit!! Hooray! It takes so much willpower to do a diet like this. You rock, lady!! Look at all you are doing, all you are achieving, all the risks you are taking. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  34. I’m not generally a fan of diets of any kind, but if you’re feeling good and feel like you’re making better choices that’s great! I need to get back to eating better and exercising, which I’m generally good about except when I get sick. And for a few weeks afterwards. Ahem.

  35. Wow! Congrats on your 10 pounds!! I bet it’s even more now, because I’m a little behind on blog reading 😉 Can’t wait for more updates!

  36. Hi Galit, thanks for sharing your personal experience regarding the 17 day diet. I read through your post and have one question regarding this diet. You said that you started the diet 17 days ago and is going to start the second phase. From the name of the diet I thought that it last for 17 days, why are you still in the second phase?

  37. I know this is an old post…but wasn’t around for a few months so missed it! Soooo….a very belated congrats on the 10 pounds. Wherever you are on the journey today…losing 10 is an accomplishment!

    And…..I too would not remove the chain. I would however have no problem crawling UNDER it to reach the peanut butter cups on the other side. Just sayin’…..


  38. I doing this. Thank you.

  39. Ilvshells says:

    Hi, I just found this, and its great. I need some people to talk to, and help. I started a week ago, and have lost around 5 pounds, I think that’s pretty ok. My problem is what to have at night. I have been doing the greekyogurt, sugar free ja, and trivia. It’s delicious, but doesntgivemethatfull feeli g for snacking at night. Any suggestions?


  40. 10 lbs in 17 days is amazing!! You go girl! What was your overall weightloss?


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