The 17 Day Diet Cycle 2


The 17 day diet is made up of 4 phases or cycles. This is a 17 day diet review including a cycle 2 menu, focusing on 17 day diet cycle 2 results. Hint: They rock.

17 day diet cycle 2 rules

Brody looks up. His impossible brown eyes melt me. He places the purple link in my hand. It’s worn from little fingers putting the paper chain together and taking it apart- twice.

“All done Mama?” He asks. And I’m happy to report that yes. Yes, I am all done with Cycle 2 Activate of The 17 Day Diet.

And guess what? I lost eight pounds for a grand total of eighteen pounds lost in just about one month. Eighteen! Excited and proud doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel!

Pizza the night before vacation = A happy low-carbing-not-by-choice family.

For the last 17 days I continued the habits that I learned in Cycle 1- they’re ingrained now. I also learned so much more.

Like did you know that a just-what-you-need-and-not-an-ounce more serving of oatmeal is half of what the box recommends?

And that a serving of potato should fit into the palm of your hand? I didn’t either, but I do now.

I’m loving my loose jeans, new dress size, and sweet compliments from loved ones. But what I’m learning is what makes me feel in control of food and my body. And that’s the rub with this diet.

My favorite side dish- red and yellow tomatoes with green and purple basil. I’m all about color people.

The basic premise of this cycle was alternating lower calorie with higher calorie days in order to activate the “skinny gene” and lose body fat.

Much of the foods were the same from Cycle 1 Accelerate, but on odd days I ate a wider range of lean proteins including red meat. Pork and shellfish were also choices.

The other big addition was two servings of natural, slow burning carbohydrates such as oats, whole grains, and brown rice. Once I even ate a sweet potato.

Our menu plan this week. Yum. Just yum.

I went away twice this cycle- to BlogHer 11 and to The Cabin. The book, otherwise known as the best investment I’ve made this year or possibly ever, didn’t leave me to my own devices for my time away.

I weighed myself before and after each trip. After I got home I went back to Cycle 1 until I lost what I gained and then picked up where I left off. This only took a few days each time.

My last thought about Cycle 2 before I dive into Cycle 3 where magical items such as low fat cheese, pudding, and ice cream are on the menu, is that I’m a big believer in the wake up drink.

Don’t get me wrong, hot lemon water will make me pucker everyday for the rest of my life, but it stimulates digestive juices and so works.

So that’s the scoop friends. Eighteen pounds down and I’m so not telling you {Yet!} how many more to go! Pucker up, Cycle 3 Achieve here I come!

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17 day diet cycle 2 recipes

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  1. First, yay you!!

    Second, I am drooling over the tomatoes. Can you put balsamic vinegar on them? That’s pretty much my favorite summer combination.

  2. YAY!!! That’s such an impressive accomplishment – well done!

  3. Yay you!!

    You are so determined and organized and I can tell this is really working for you.

    And I love being in your cheering section!

  4. You’re doing great!

  5. Congratulations on the 18 pounds, that is fabulous!! Can’t wait to see the end of Cycle 3 :)

  6. Galit,

    So excited for and proud of you! You are doing really well and I love how you SOUND—-happy. Keep up the good work, girlfriend!


  7. Congrats! That is an amazing achievement!!

  8. Galit, I love that you’ve made this positive change in your life for you AND your family. And don’t you just FEEL better in so many ways? It’s amazing. Keep it up girl. Congrats on your hard work already!! xoxo

    p.s. You inspire me to get back on the horse, so to speak… 😉

  9. You are so freakin awesome I cannot tell you how happy I am for you lady friend.

  10. Yay!!! That’s so amazing. Well. done!!

  11. That is awesome Galit! Congratulations!

  12. Way to go, Galit! I know what you mean about feeling good and in control – that’s such a massive benefit.

    And those tomatoes look so, so yummy! I’ve never heard of purple basil.

  13. congratulations Galit.
    I thought you looked great before, but it’s how YOU feel that’s important.

  14. Congratulations, I can so relate to the feeling of being in control. Go girl, feel good about yourself! :-)

  15. Fantastic! Hooray for you! This is pretty much how I eat side being diagnosed with type I diabetes as an adult ( I know, weird), and I can vouch for how well it maintains your weight. I used to be around a size 10, now I’m a 4. It’s a lot of work, but our health is worth it!

  16. Yay! Congrast to you! I am working my butt off to get these last 10 lbs or so off. It does feel so good when you are in control of what you are eating and your body.

  17. You’re doing awesome, Galit! So so proud of you!

  18. Congratulations on 18 pounds. It’s crazy to see the serving sizes of foods compared to what should actually be eaten.

  19. So impressive Galit! This seems like the hardest thing in the world. I’m glad your family is so supportive! I can’t seem to kick start myself, any tips?

    • Thank you T!

      And yes, I know exactly what you mean! I was drawn to this one because the science behind it makes sense to me and I do well with tight guidelines.

      Keep reading until you have buy in. One thing I know for sure is that once you believe in a plan? You”ll so kick its ass! XO

  20. Oh wow CONGRATS! That’s awesome and I will dig in to your blog more to read about the program. I too am trying to lose weight and so far had only dropped 11 pounds in a little over a month. Kudos to you!

  21. Good for you! Keep it up! Nothing helps keep you motivated more than great results like these!

  22. That’s incredible Galit!

  23. Congrats on your weight loss!

  24. Wow! You’ve down extremely well to lose 18 lbs. SO proud of you! Congratulations.

  25. Congratulation, Galit – I love the photo and (as always, anyway) you look beautiful. You have inspired me completely and I am going to look into this – and try it too.

  26. You are an inspiration. Go Galit!!

  27. Congrats on the 18 pounds. I am trying to lose a bit of weight right now. I have been using the My FitnessPal on my iphone. I am counting calories. So far it is working. Good luck on your journey.

  28. That’s amazing–good for you! Congrats on making such healthy changes — cheers!

  29. That is soooooooo awesome! Congrats! Glad you found something that you are excited about and totally works for you! Happy 3-day weekend!

  30. Congrats! That’s amazing!!!

    So you recommend the book then? Does it work for the lazy? I got to my ideal weight two years ago after working REALLY hard at it, but then got pregnant and shit hit the fan. I know I don’t have the energy to dedicate to it that I did two years ago.

    • Thank you Marta!

      YES- it’s fab for all! The grocery shopping felt tedious to me at first, but now everything on the diet is a staple. Once you have the book, there’s nothing to buy, measure, count. I love it!

      Keep me posted if you decide to try it!

      And for the record, you’re so not lazy, you’re BUSY!

  31. Wow! Nice job, Galit!! That’s a LOT of weight gone in just a month! You rock :)

  32. Hurray!!! This is truly fantastic Galit! I have to admit, I still have not fully immersed myself in the book yet–I need to. Your words may just be what I need to push myself!

  33. Rockin’ job! I’m soon going to start a journey toward my pre-pregnancy weight, inspired by a friend who’s lost over 100 pounds in the last year. I wasn’t ready until just ready, but I’m ready now! And all the more when I read about the joy of success, like here. 😀

  34. That rocks. YOU rock! You’re the second peep/tweep I’ve read about having great success with the 17 Day Diet. And the best part is how it is making you feel. GOOD. FOR. YOU!!!!!! :> :>

  35. Holy crap. I may need to do this. Sadly I think I may need to exercise in tandem with your plan, which I am to tired to do at this point, but really I need to file this away. I have three kids baby, I have…excess.

  36. Awesome work, Mama! I love the tomato picture… even though I hate tomatoes. ;D

  37. Congrats! But I have to know what “walking tacos” are!

    • Thank you!

      & Walking Tacos are genius really- taco fixings in a mini Doritos bag. We had them for a birthday party one year and they’ve been a fave since. My Doritos were salad. Same-same, right? :)

  38. Congratulations! Taking control of your health and diet is so important. I’m proud of you, mostly for the positive feeling I got from this. That you don’t feel a sacrifice.

    Secondly: purple basil? More info, please. What does it taste like? Where did you find it?? Those tomatoes look mmmm……

    • Thanks girl!

      And purple basil! I know, right? It came in our CSA box. The flavor is really similar to green basil- but oh so very pretty!

  39. Awesome Galit!
    The publishers of this book should have your blog links on their homepage. Your feedback screams “success story”, Move over Jennifer Hudson & weight watchers! Here come Galit!
    That tomato & basil looks divine, absolutely divine!
    Do you find that your kids are eating more diverse foods (i.e. VEGGIES) since you started?

    • Thanks so much Jackie!

      And yes! Our whole family is eating better. My kids have always been great with veggies but we’ve cut down on treats, carbs and eating out BIG TIME. Le sigh- so good!

  40. Congratulations on your weight loss! That’s awesome – you must feel great.

  41. Congratulations to you, Galit! What an achievement. I’m looking to do the same so I may need to explore what you’re doing. Being in control of what you eat, I hear, is one of the best feelings in the world.

    I agree, too, that tomato dish looks scrumptious!

  42. Impressive!! I can hear how proud you are in your voice. And you should be. There is nothing better than jeans that fit right. : )

  43. You rock, Galit! I love how empowered you sound. This is inspiring.

  44. You are so awesome! What a great accomplishment! I think I need to get the book. I need to get back on track. I had heard that potato portion thing before – somehow I never follow it. 😉

  45. Congratulations to you Galit! That is a huge accomplishment. I did a similar detox once and I remember the different phases and by the time I was able to eat as sweet potato I really, really appreciated how good it tasted. The tomatoes look divine too!

    My secret was to douse everything in fresh salsa – it tasted so good! And got me through some of the harder days.

    Kudos to you my friend!

  46. Congratulations Galit ! You look great :)

  47. Wow! Very impressive!!! You’ve actually motivated me to stop procrastinating about getting back on the wagon! 18 lbs in a month is amazing! Keep up the great job! You GOT this chica!!!!

  48. yay you!! this is so fabulous! i wish i had that sort of willpower. xo

  49. WOW, GALIT!!! Congratulations–that is SOOOO super awesome!!!! And you look fab :) *MUAH!!!*

  50. Good for you, Galit! All of you!!

    And those tomatoes… yum-o.

  51. Galit! I’m so proud of you! I’m so happy that you’ve stuck with it and seen such amazing results so far. I actually linked to this post in my own blog today, since I was talking about my own health and wellness and how you starting this diet inspired me to start treating myself better (but then I stopped). Thanks for once again being an inspiration for me to get back on track! :)

  52. OMG! I am in awe of you right now. Way to go Mama! I am in that whole dieting mode at the moment and feel like I am in HELL. I’ll have to check out your book because this counting calorie thing is going to be the death of me. No longer do I look at food as fun but as how many miles on the treadmill it is going to take me to get rid of it. Ugh. It’s been a little over a month and I have only last 5lbs. How depressing and I still have 15 more to go. Sigh. Congratulations!

  53. Wow, what an amazing accomplishment. Are you still abiding by the 17 day diet principles? Excited to hear about your progress!


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