Sweetness and Light

The night sky darkens this room. Dinner dishes clang, as do my Mothering Words.

Finish your milk. Push in your chair. Wash your hands.

I’m sighing my way through this night.

Jason and I maneuver our small kitchen. The dishes and the leftovers and the kids whirl around us.

“Babe? Does Kay have Brownies tonight?” He slides by my side, throwing away one thing, putting away another.

I cringe at the thought of the cold and the bundle and the just-past-moonlight whine.

“We don’t have to go” he says, resting one hand on my back.

I lean into his warmth, knowing that of course, we’ll go.

And we do.

We gather and zip and buckle- times three.

My mood is soothed with car music, backseat giggles, and more than just one, “I can’t wait!”

I walk into my friend’s home with my family puzzle-pieced to me.

A fire crackles in one room, hot chocolate sweetens another, and laughter fills a third.

Whatever rough edges remain, smooth away.

It’s the Winter Solstice.

Candles and bonfires, twinkle lights and hot chocolate, mittens and cookies paint this night Celebration.

We stand in a circle. Colorful boots polka dot the just fallen snow.

Each girl shares a Winter Love. Sledding. Hot chocolate. Snowmen. Fireplaces. They weave winter’s finest patterns.

The fire flickers, their eyes match.

Once each rosy cheek is raised, they wrap their still small fingers around their still lit candles and yell, “Welcome winter!

My girlfriends and I stand close, their knits warm my arms.

Shoulder-to-shoulder, we listen to our daughters’ friendship fill the backyard from snow to stars.

This night is all that is sweetness, and all that is light.

And in this New Year, my Mothering and Friend and Minnesotan Heart hopes for more of this. Exactly this.

Mama’s Losin’ It

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  1. beautiful pictures and writing

  2. Oh Galit, your children are so incredibly blessed to have all of this to look back on one day through your words at the very moments they were growing. You ALWAYS amaze me with your words and I ALWAYS come away feeling very warm in the heart after reading them. xo!

  3. You have the most ‘mothering’ heart!
    Yesterday I described your blog to non bloggy friends … a tribute of love, a virtual scrapbook of every special moment and the moments inbetween, her words just melt into your heart I told them … and its true … what a blessing for your children this magic you weave here xxx

  4. You are so lovely. Your family is so lucky to have you.

    One day I will like the cold because of my kids, right? Please?

  5. I know you’re making it sound warmer than it was… 😉 But I can see how you would feel that way. Love the love here.

  6. Sweet gorgeous you.
    I love your every word

  7. What precious girls. These posts would be such a joy for them to read when they are older.

  8. What fun. And, I have to say, your words had a nice calming effect on me. Beautifully written.

  9. You sure do make the cold and winter seem so much warmer. You have a beautiful way with words. xo

  10. You always make me feel like I want to be part of your family and your activities. Truly. Can I come visit?

  11. You have a great blog. It’s important to remember the little things in life that make it so special and meaningful and WORTH all the other stresses that come along with it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  12. I love moments like this. Cheers to many more in 2012! xo

  13. Your blog always makes me sigh. One of those oh, this is so lovely type sighs.

    Sometimes I feel like not making the effort to do something with my kids… but then I’ll do it anyway, and it is usually wonderful.

  14. This is so sweet. Really enjoy your blog post so sweet and your girls are adorable! Found you on twitter. Check out my blog sometime http://crazydayscrazynightsblog.blogspot.com/

  15. Such fun! I want for more of the same too!

  16. You have such a beautiful talent, Galit. “My family puzzle-pieced to me.” “Their eyes match:” Perfection.

  17. Wow, this was so beautifully written, and great pictures! Your girls are adorable :)

  18. Love love this! And yes, isnt that how it often goes- in the end it is worth it and sometimes truly wonderful. This was beautifully written.

  19. You have such a beautiful heart for your children. They are so lucky to have you! I can completely identify with that feeling of dread you mentioned in going out in the cold. It’s been about 12 degrees here for the last few days with a wind chill in the negatives…I don’t even like to go get the mail.

  20. Sounds like fun and memories in the making.

  21. You’ve warmed my heart with your words in this post, Galit! Those are the kinds of moments your children will remember for a lifetime. Maybe not the details, but the feelings that they felt as they celebrated each tradition with you and those they love. You are an amazing mother, and your children are so lucky to have you!

  22. So, I must say this is my first time stopping by your blog. Loved your post! What I loved even more? Reading your short little bio at the top right of your page, noticing that your description was in alphabetical order, and then reading “in alphabetical order because that’s how I roll….” Seriously made me laugh out loud.

    Glad I stopped by from MK’s!

    Jackie @

  23. Wow oh wow oh WOW! Your words just drip off the screen with sweetness like honey!

  24. So much fun with your family and friends, here’s to more fun times in 2012.

  25. You are an inspiration. My husband grew up and went to college in Minnesota. We have visited in January and July. Being raised in Florida, I was struck by how everyone really does celebrate winter and cold weather activities. Outside no less. This was a wonderful example of that.

  26. So well written. I felt like I was in the kitchen with you! You would have had to drag me to the car for the trip to Brownies. . .but being a part of your family puzzle as you entered sounds quite appealing. Thanks for being inspiring.

  27. “we listen to our daughters’ friendship fill the backyard from snow to stars” One more line of your words that I will carry with me always. When you put words to moments it’s like magic happens.

  28. This version of brownies sounds so much less…guerilla than it was when I was in a troop. I never had fun like this! I’m very jealous of your sweet little girl. (But I’ll get over it.)

  29. What a beautifully captured family evening. I love the intimate details you share that make me feel like I’m there. Your words are like perfect brushstrokes on a artist’s masterpiece.

  30. I love this. I envy you this, in some ways. I just don’t have this here. Not yet. I have the connections, but none I’d link arms with and feel compelled to head over to in the still of night. I can’t truly explain it. It makes me happy and almost sad at the same time. But you – you I love. Can I be your neighbor? 😉

  31. Reading these words makes me look forward to Stella growing up and going to these types of activities!

  32. This is a lesson I have to be taught over and over.

    The effort required is worth it.

    The pushing aside of what it is we want to do is worth it.

    If we stay home, opportunities and memories are lost.

    I talk myself into doing things over and over….and over and over I see that it was the right choice.

    It is their life…their memories. Not that I want to be the one to stay home and put her tired feet up.

    It’s their turn…

    I will remember this post next time I want to just say no.

  33. I am so stealing these ideas for our Winter Solstice celebration next year!

  34. Aww very sweet and sounds like fun!

  35. That’s so sweet. I love that you all went together. Normally it is me and Big Girl rushing out the door to make it there in time.

  36. I always feel the same…the initial rush to stay home, to pull out the 4yr old whining voice “Do we hafta?”, and then we get going and I realize it’s all worth it. My most difficult times are the ones in which I choose to NOT go…and regret it.

  37. This is beautiful! I came here after you commented on my Mama Kat post, and I’m so glad I did! You have a wonderful way of sharing the emotion and feeling of the night :-)

  38. Simply lovely. Although, this Florida mom is getting chills just looking at the gorgeous photos. Brrrrr! Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!

  39. This made me smile b/c the thought you profess about leaving the warm house…thank you. That “real” inner conflict, the wanting the easy way out, not making that extra effort, that is there so often and it takes determination to rail against it. As a result you have something your girls will treasure and remember forever. There is nothing like friendship as a young girl. Having and maintaining them early teaches us how to be nicer to other women, how to treat other women (and men), how to treat ourselves and our mom and sisters, and how to cultivate lasting friendships.

  40. It sounds like a wonderful place to be! I am so glad you went!

  41. This journal you’re creating here of your life with your children is priceless!!!
    Thank you for sharing

  42. Hi , there – This is wonderful! I love the story that you tell so well. Thanks for stopping by my place today and leaving a comment!

  43. Anti-Supermom says:

    It’s amazing having an almost 8 year old and at the other end, this little toddler. What an amazing perspective you have. Beautiful.

  44. I could picture it perfectly, and I know you will experience more of it. Much more.

  45. What a fabulous night/memory. I clearly need to start welcoming winter.

  46. You paint the loveliest pictures with your words.

  47. This took me way back to my time in Brownies. <3
    What a beautifully written post.
    Welcome, Winter! And Happy New Year!

  48. I wish I could have been your daughter. :-) Everything in your house is always so cozy and magical.

  49. Yes!! I will gladly take more of the same (the good parts only, please).

    “…with my family puzzle-pieced to me.” such a perfect description. Perfect!

  50. Those cookies look so yummy!

  51. Beautifully written! Beautiful girls!

  52. So beautifully written. It makes me look forward to moments like these with my own family.

  53. Wonderful post! Although I’m happy it wasn’t that cold here today! I am not looking forward to serious winter.

  54. That is so cool! You have an amazing way with words.

  55. Love this image, my friend…so sweet.

  56. I think you need to bring the kids to Nevada to welcome winter for us too. It seems to have forgotten about us.

  57. I love winter! Moments like these are so heart-warming and defintely worth writing about. I just love that about blogging. You can totally capture a moment in time with beautiful photos and even more beautiful words. Yay winter!

  58. What a wonderful evening. I love your description. It makes me feel like I was standing there with you in that perfect moment!

  59. Lovely and beautiful, as always Galit. :-)

  60. So sweet, Galit. What a wonderful family you have, and what a great outlook! Stay warm!

  61. That’s beautiful! I wish I’d been able to maintain my childhood love of winter as I grew into an adult. It truly is a magical time, and, as your daughters remind me, there is so much to love about it.

  62. I wish I’d been able to hang onto my childhood love of winter as I grew into an adult. As your girls have reminded me, there is so much to love about the season. It really is a magical time :)

  63. This post warms my heart. I am so thrilled with all the exciting traditions you are passing on to your children. And celebrating the winter solstice? Divine. As Edna says: makes me look forward to sharing in moments like these myself someday :) XOXOX

    And all the best for a happy and healthy New Year, my sweet one.

  64. I am completely mezmorized by your words.
    You did the right thing.
    Sometimes we have to push ourselves through in order for our kids to experience things. We all get super tired at the end of the day…but look at how that night was totally worth it. Those smiles are what counts.

  65. This looks like such a perfect night! An winter themed party – what an awesome time. So glad you still went. :)

  66. Shanna Rowekamp says:

    Perfect. Just perfect.

  67. Can I ever tell you enough times how much I love how you write?

    I make these gross “Mmmmmm” sounds whenever I read your posts.

    True story.

  68. You do have a way with words… it sucks me right in. What a magical night!

  69. Now THAT is a Brownies meeting.


  70. This sounds like such a fun night for your girl scouts! (Even if it’s a little cold out . . . )

  71. Galit this is such a wonderful picture of an evening of celebration. Winter solstice is something that is on our list to celebrate next year. Another chance to celebrate light and love as an interfaith family. Here’s to more magical mights ahead!

  72. So lovely. Both your night and your ability to succumb to the family obligations after a difficult day and turn it into beauty. xo

  73. What a beautiful celebration! Happy New Year, friend!

  74. One word, Galit…perfect!!


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