Story Bleed

 I’m so excited to host a fun link up –Memories Captured

with Alison of Mama Wants This and Canvas Press!

Check out the details here!

“What did you say, Mama?” His voice lilts into the dishcloth gripped so very tightly in his still tiny fingers. Its softness nestles his delicious cheek.

“Mama’s writing is on Story Bleed today.” I answer.

“You’re bleeding, Mama?” He asks, melting my heart with each word. That’s three melts, in case you’re wondering.

He squeezes my hand. His skin is just the right amount of warm and soft and little boy. “I’ll help you.” He says.

The current count is six melts, for the record.

“No, it’s a good thing, babe. I’m so very proud.” I say, running my fingers through his “big boy spikes.”

“Okay, then- kisses for you.” He smiles into my heart.

So kisses it is.

I have a heart-wide-open post featured on Story Bleed today and I would so love for you to read it.

Remember- there are kisses on the line. See you there!

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