Sticky Sweet

“I think, I’m going to send you guys outside.” I say, running my fingers through my hair, craving my quiet, my coffee.”

“Before breakfast?” They ask, their eyes light in the fun and the whimsy and the mischief that they share.

My two littlest hearts are big and golden and absolutely sliced with flair.

And I do, I send them outside in the cold and the white and the vastness that only appears below many, many inches of snow.

Just as the door closes behind them -their giggles and energy and moment-relishing escaping outside, trying to fill the space between snow covered ground and just wakening sky- Kayli comes downstairs.

Her eyes and hair and voice still edged in sleep. (My favorite.)

Skirting my book, my coffee, the fire, her coca eyes land outside. “Sledding?” She asks, more than awake.

I nod, she goes.

Jason and I sit in the quiet of two. His baritone seamlessly dancing with my alto. This is unusual.

One cup of coffee later, they come back in a burst of cold and noise, and this too is seamless.

They peel away their snow dusted layers, shed their “outside voices” (mostly), and we settle back into what this week has been.

Meals by the fire, books by the pile, games by the mess, movies and treats by the way-too-manys.

Moments of together and alone, busy and still, just five and more than, all smudged in the sweetest and stickiest of coatings. (Also my favorite.)

I’m over at Moonfrye today sharing a Sticky Sweet moment from this week – one filled to the brim with three generations, the littlest of hands, and ninja cookies.

I promise they’re connected, and that I can’t wait to see you there.

Thank you, sweet friends for sharing the stickiest and the sweetest with me this year.

Happy New Year to you and yours! xo

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