Rockin’ the Baby!

Baby fingers,

Baby toes,

Baby cheeks.

Brody – September 2008 – Perfectly delicious.

As the lovely Shell of Things I Can’t Say says,

You know what happens after you rock the bump?

-You rock the baby!-

We’re sharing favorite baby photos! Doesn’t it just make you want to have another?!

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  1. Or not. Love you.

  2. Soooo sweet. I have to get my post together for the link-up, too!

  3. So sweet :)

  4. Awww those pics are so precious…they grow up so fast!


    yep sure does! or 2 or 3!!!

  6. There is something so scrumptious about newborns! What adorable pictures of Brody!

  7. Love these pictures. yes, I do want another. xo

  8. Ah! This brings tears to my eyes. So precious!

  9. Yes…it does make me want another!!!

  10. So precious. I miss the sweet little baby cheeks!

  11. Yes, it does :) So sweet! Love baby fingers and toes.

  12. Awwww, too sweet!! I want another so much! xo

  13. These are incredibly sweet!

  14. There is nothing more precious than newborn baby fingers and toes!!!

  15. I would rush right into the bedroom and create another one if it weren’t 100 degrees in here right now. Whew, saved by the every-rising mercury.

    But they sure are cute toes.

  16. What adorable pictures!

  17. Love the baby pics! Come see mine.

  18. Some of the best parts of a newborn baby. So sweet.

  19. Looking lovingly fragile. Beautiful pictures.

  20. Love the baby feet picture!! So precious!

  21. I loooove baby toes! So cute!

  22. Oh Galit, so precious! I definitely want another one! xo

  23. Oh so sweet! Makes me want another baby.

  24. He is such a sweetie! What precious pictures!

  25. so so precious.
    Makes me want to have another… sigh.

  26. Oooh, what a cute little peanut!

  27. Love pictures of baby toes! I always regret not taking some of mine when they were that little.

  28. Baby fingers and baby toes? Oh, so cute. I remember when my husband and I inspected our son’s toes for the first time and while we loved them we were also pretty sure we were going to break the pinky toe off; we’d never seen anything so tiny.

  29. Ah, I love baby fingers and baby toes!

  30. Keely Weiland says:

    You two make beautiful, lovely, kind, spirited, hilarious and WONDERFUL children. I could not be happier to know your family. XOXO

  31. oh those pictures just melted me on this very HOT day .
    Wow, where do all those days go…of tiny babies and sweet smelling heads, of holding them under their butt and playing with their toes. There is nothing better in life, is there?

    he was simply gorgeous, the gift of your son.

  32. So beautiful Galit.

  33. Tiny little fingers and toes! How adorable :)

  34. baby hands and feet make me melt. Great pics!

  35. I love these photos! Nothing better than little baby hands, tin baby feet, and chubby baby cheeks! Delicious indeed.

  36. Adorable. Totally adorable.

    I need to pull out the baby photos. I forget how TINY the girl was. Well, born at 9lbs 2oz, she wasn’t exactly TINY, but you know what I mean.

  37. There is nothing I love more than tiny baby feet! Your pictures are so sweet!! Anyone who doesn’t have baby fever will definitely have it after looking at these pictures!

  38. It does for a moment. Then I remember all the sleepless nights that come right after you cut off the baby tags.

  39. I love little baby toes! Absolutely precious little one!

  40. it really sort of does and mine is only 4 months old. But I miss that squishy, tiny newborn sweetness. So very precious.

  41. amazing photos :) sooo cute!

  42. Love the baby cheeks. Makes me want to have a few more!

  43. Oh I love these pictures so much. He is perfect.

  44. LOVE those cheeks…there’s nothing better :)

  45. I love baby feet. So tiny and perfect. Beautiful baby.

  46. Emmy Mom says:

    Oh so so sweet! Baby hands and feet are so cute!

  47. I do want another one! My husband had the same reaction yours did :) Very cute pictures.

  48. These are sooo sweet! I thought I looked awful at the hospital and didn’t even have a comb in my bag (how did I forget that?) so I didn’t get pics taken there. I kinda regret it. My favorite pics are of baby hands and baby feet. Such tiny, tiny, precious things!

    And yes, this makes you want to have another (I see a theme: rock the bump, rock the baby and then um, rock the…which leads you right back to rockin’ the bump! Genius! 😉 ).

  49. Love each and every one of those shots…magical. The top one is my absolute favorite.

  50. What great photos! Such a sweet baby

  51. soooooo precious.

  52. It totally makes me want to have another! Such sweet snapshots of such a cute little baby 😉

  53. Aww, I love when they are so smushy and adorable!

  54. Perfect in every way. These are my absolute favorite kind of pictures, our babies at their tiniest, most delicate, most innocent.
    I love these Galit. How very sweet.

  55. Ahh…my heart is melting. Galit, such sweetness.

    By the way, your Jason sounds like my Matt. And that would be “not” with a capital N-O-T!

    Love these…

  56. amazing photos – and i always want to have another one – i have baby fever all the time!

  57. What great pictures! So sweet!

  58. Love this prompt by Shell. Such cute photos!

  59. Those are perfect pictures! The baby sweetness is so addictive! Not quite enough to make me want more, just enough to make me enjoy being around them. 😉

  60. Super cute pics! Love the black and white. You could just reach out and squeeze those adorable cheeks!

  61. SO SWEET. I love black and white photography, and that’s one thing we didn’t do much of with the girls—but am going to make sure to do with baby # 3….

    georgeous, Galit!

  62. just brings it all back. so sweet.

  63. How sweet are those chubb cheeks? My youngest had big cheeks like that and I could eat them up. So adorable. My first born was born in August of 2008!