Readers share their most golden moments of kindness

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The more we pay attention to the news around us, the easier it is to think that our world is all hard. But in reality, people are good. Here are twelve of them.

this world is so hard

Purposeful kindness is what makes the world go round. I realized this (again) when I hit a low and my friends showed me so very much grace and kindness in their simple responses—texts, coffee, hugs, advice.

It is in low times that kindness seems the most obvious and simple to give, but kindness is equally golden on a regular day, in passing, and done without an ask. Realizing this, I shared with you purposeful acts of kindness ideas that I have collected to make leading with kindness a simpler habit for me to adopt.

Then I asked for yours, and, wow, did you ever deliver.

Here are some of the acts of kindness that you shared with me this month.

These 12 people will restore your faith in humanity.

Soooo tonight I bought too much wine, I thought the “carafe” was like 2 glasses of wine, but it was HUGE. So I offered half to the table next to me.

Nicole Rangel

I’m going to do a last-minute babysit for my goddaughter tomorrow night so that my friend (her mum) can go and see her brother in concert while he’s unexpectedly in town.

Lizzi Rogers

I just started a new job and after a week was a bit unclear on my training and some processes. I sat with a grad asst who walked me thru one process and a lightbulb clicked. She did such a great job that I wrote an email to my manager praising her skill in training me. My manager passed it on to the other managers and the head honcho of our office who read it today at our full staff meeting.

Carla Molina

I saw a new baby shoe in the parking lot this morning, then I noticed the harried mom trying to wrangle a small child & infant out of the car then into the building – infant was missing a shoe! I put the shoe on the windshield of their car.

—Caroline Koerner

Recently I saw someone standing at a bus stop in the rain, I drove around the block, rolled down my window and gave him my umbrella.

Alice Seuffert

I was at the drive through at In ‘n’ Out Burger, and asked if I could pay the bill for the car behind me. I have no idea who they were or how they reacted when they found out I had done it. I just paid, got my food, and drove off.

Susan Barnes

Cookies for the mailman, left in the mailbox.


My mom has been a little down lately so I am taking her to the movies tomorrow, just her and I. As a mother of two myself I know how important and meaningful our bond is and I hope she realizes how much she is loved!

—Jessica O.

The woman in front of me in line at Starbucks had ordered her drink and then realized that she didn’t have her wallet. One of those purse-switching mishaps that gets us all. So I bought her coffee for her. Which felt big to her and, frankly, big to me because I am pretty shy in public and don’t really like to talk to strangers!


We left cookies on the doorstep of our neighbor who is a recent widower.


Me and my 4 year old have recently gathered some of his thomas the train engines, DVDs and puzzles to gift another 4 year old as that is all he wished for. We didn’t know this boy but heard his brave story of battling cancer in his brain and his family was drowning in hospital costs and emotionally couldn’t provide for his birthday , so the community pulled together for him all in different ways to give him a train extravaganza. Sadly he died less than a month later but it brings me a sense of pride to know that my son was willing to share and part with his FAVORITE toys.

—Latasha Mobiglia

I didn’t think of it as a kindness, but when the volunteer coordinator for the Santa house got confused on times she had sent us, I gave her a call and sorted things out. At the end of the conversation she thanked me for calling rather than emailing and said “thanks for being on my side.” Her comments made me wonder if she hadn’t been shown much kindness lately, and reminded me that kindness can be as simple and easy as treating other people with respect.


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  1. Making the therapeutic value of music more accessible through the practice of Audience Inclusion since 1995.

    I’d like to see more music instructors, whether private or in our schools, teach their children to bring music to access-limited audiences year-round, instead of only at the year-end Holiday season. I bring contemporary music year-round, and rarely encounter young people with their choirs or school music classes, except at Christmas-time. On the one hand this is kind, but on the other it results in what I refer to as “49 weeks of silence”.

    Bet regards.