Rainbow Pancakes

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Rainbow pancakes are for Monday mornings.

They’re our soft landing into the week; completely un-skippable except for those Mondays that I wake up too late or too crabby or too behind to remember just how important soft landings are.

But today, Sunday, we want to share our landing with Daddy.

So the kids sit at the counter, the flour and the sugar and the salt piled high in front of their rosy cheeks.

They play with the tiny bottles of food coloring in their palms. The brightest of reds and blues and yellows peek through their tiny fingers.

Jason eyes us as I separate the batter into three ceramic bowls.

“I can’t believe how much trouble you’re going to just to make pancakes!” He laughs.

I squint into the comment.

I note the tip of his face and the lilt of his voice, the raise of his cheeks and the crinkle of his eyes, and I know that he means this in the sweet-loving-this is so very different than my breakfasts– way.

This routine that the four of us share and know and have memorized by the most intricate of heartstrings- is new to him.

And inside those breathings of my heart, I feel something. Something that makes me tip my own head and lift my own chin and wrinkle my own nose.

It reminds me of the first time that he asked me where a serving bowl was in our kitchen.

I suppose it’s how he would feel if I asked where the lawn mower gas is. Which for the record, I’ve never ever wondered about.

He and I are woven, braided, twisted. But there’s parts of our story that don’t curve around each other.

Some life lines run parallel. And that’s okay, I remind myself, that’s okay.

We smile with our eyes and our cheeks and our lips.

We pour strong coffee and serve artificial pancakes. This Sunday morning is off to a woven-braided-twisted start.

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  1. Never ever change these traditions you share with your family, Galit. I know your hubby is totally joking when he says that. He appreciates the rainbow pancakes just as much as the kiddies do; I just know it :)

  2. My goodness, Galit! Even your writing about making rainbow pancakes brings tears to my eyes! Your words are always so beautiful!
    One more thing…I am a dope! How have I never thought to add food coloring to pancakes?! I have added everything else under the sun!

  3. I look at it as filling in the gaps …
    Woven, braided, knitting together, filling in the space between as you come together making a pattern, making it whole and making it complete!

  4. Rainbow pancakes sound like a fun way to start the day. Sometimes that is exactly what we need.

  5. This post is so beautiful. You are a great Mom. A very, very great Mom! I am glad I read this tonight. I am going to try to wake up early tomorrow to do something special like this for my son : )

    I saw on Jill’s post that you are going to give to a family in need and I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love people that make a difference : )

  6. I love it. Woven, braided, twisted but with some parallel lines. Beautiful wording. Lovely imagery.

  7. That is a super ambitious breakfast for Monday. I am so impressed.

  8. What a wonderful tradition for Monday mornings. I might have to borrow this idea from you…starting NEXT Monday since I’m still typing away on the computer 😉

    Beautiful post, Galit.

  9. Oh my God. This? This is love. And this is everybody’s story in one way or another.

  10. This was so right! So right.

    I often find myself annoyed when Bren doesn’t ‘know’ stuff and then realise that’s because he’s never there when that particular stuff happens.

    Yes! This. Lovely. xx

  11. That sounds like a great way to start your day! There are things in our house and our marriage here that don’t always wrap around each other. I think that sometimes that makes us better and even stronger in our relationship.

  12. As someone who has made pancakes almost every day for 2 years because it is the only thing my 36 lb 7 year old will eat, I can’t believe I didn’t think to ever make rainbow pancakes before. Though definitely on a weekend – on Mondays I tend to eat my young :)

  13. “Woven-braided-twisted” – what a wonderful, descriptive phrase for parallel paths husbands and wives walk in our lives together.

    Rainbow pancakes – how fun!

  14. Your words blend stories together luxuriously for your readers; many thanks for sharing your skill. And your pancake recipe for successful brekkies.

  15. “A soft landing” what a perfect way to put it. It is funny to watch our husbands try to weave their way into what we do during the week isn’t it? Sort of like seeing ourselves from the outside looking in.

  16. What a sweet ritual you have!

  17. you say so much even with simple thoughts, the most ordinary things become “life” to you and then you share it with us. It’s truly one of the things I love most about you, to offer me a peek into your life and a new view, a new perspective, a place that lets me know that even in our differences that we are all the same underneath.

    Gosh I loved this, in it’s simplicity and for all the lessons it taught me today. xo

  18. Rainbow pancakes! What a fun tradition! There are moments like that in our household, but sometimes I appreciate them. That I have my special moments with my son and that my husband shares special moments with our son that are only theirs.

  19. Perfect. That’s how a family should be, Galit. And I’m not surprised that it’s yours. These kinds of moments… are ones that your children will remember long after we’re gone. Those tender moments that only loving couples shared… keep them coming and alive…

    Such a sweet and heart-warming post, my dear friend.

  20. Beautiful. xo

  21. Can I live with you?

  22. I love rainbow pancakes! We do a rainbow cake for some birthdays and my kids LOVE it.

  23. Such a nice reminder that it IS okay if all the parts don’t match perfectly or curve around each other. Sometimes I get bent out of shape when the Hubs doesn’t know what I know or do things the same way I would. Thank you for this lovely post!

    And I’m going to have to tuck this rainbow pancakes idea away for a rainy day!

  24. I <3 that there's a magic to your Monday mornings . . . and I chuckle at your husband trying to see "practical" through the magic . . . it just works :-)

  25. Love this! My husband and I are much the same way :)

  26. This was the coziest post I’ve read in along time! My husband has to travel a lot so could really feel your beautiful contrast of “woven, braided, twisted” and “life lines that run parellel”.
    For us…our woven braided twisted parts keep us linked when we have to live our days apart physically.
    Thanks my friend…you spoke my heart today. xoxo

  27. Woven, braided, twisted- sounds like challah to me. Love the imagery and the smells that come from that line.

  28. woven, braided, twisted… I might add sometimes half-baked… but still intertwined. I love this image, thank you!

  29. It’s official. I want to come live at your house and be a part of your family. I mean that in the most non-creepy-internet-stranger-way possible. :)

  30. Beautiful words for my afternoon. Thank you for sharing!

  31. Love those pancakes.

  32. It’s a beautiful testimony to a marriage. And to your family as a whole. What a fun idea! We may have to try this ourselves. :)

  33. A beautiful thing to share. A breakfast, a life, your words.

  34. This is perfect. I can just picture it…and also taste those yummy pancakes :) I love the idea of a soft landing into the week. I think my Mondays need more of that.

  35. Wow I can hardly get out the door on Monday mornings after making ’em microwaved sausages and quick-cooking oatmeal, but rainbow pancakes?! You have raised the bar. My standards will skyrocket now! (-:
    What a great Monday idea. (_:

  36. Sigh. Your words are such a joy to read. Such a little thing as a simple Monday tradition is turned into it’s own being almost, the way you write about it.

  37. Only a super awesome mom such as yourself would make rainbow pancakes. It never crossed my mind!

  38. Mmmm. Delicious. And I’m not just talking about the rainbow pancakes.

  39. How fun! And topped with whipped cream would be even better! What a fun way to start your Monday morning!

  40. adorable! the pancakes and the picture of your sweet family.

  41. Love how you craft family rituals with care. And adore that rainbow pancakes make for soft landings….wonderful! :>

  42. What a great way to start out the week! I look forward to having traditions like that with my son. He’s only 7 months old right now, so too early for pancakes, but never to early to start thinking about traditions!

  43. I love the thought of lives being entwined together – and parallel at the same time. It’s okay to be parallel. That’s awesome. Great pancakes. We like to get crazy with the food coloring too but never have tried pancakes.

  44. Know why i love you?
    Because you describe life, and love so perfectly.

  45. I love this! So much! I love this view of a marriage and a family. Neat is the word that comes to mind, although it seems inadequate.

  46. A fun way to start the day is sometimes exactly what the doctor ordered. I love pancake day and the colors just make them that much more special.


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