One Word: Build {Memories Captured Linky}


Last year, my one word, was focus.

I centered my choices and my ways and my being around focusing on what’s important, who I want to be, how I want to be thought of and how I want to make others feel.

When I looked at my goals -WeightHealthExerciseWritingBloggingCareeringParentingMotheringFriendingWifing- I saw that what I really needed to do was refocus on Me.

So I stopped worrying about food and calories and weight, and I started focusing on being Healthy.

I stopped wondering about blogging and writing and publishing and freelancing, and started focusing on being Professional.

And it worked.

Now here I am a year later, heartburstingly happy and proud of this last year, and cautiously tiptoeing into this next one.

It’s hard to let go of the Good that’s been, and step into the New.”

That’s what I said to Jason. And after some thought and some football and a few cups of coffee, his response was this.

“You can’t keep doing what you did to get Here, if now you want to go There.”

Ah yes, There.

2013 is going to be my Building year.

In 2012, I let go of the habits and the ways and the thoughts that weren’t working for me, and I got Here. {And ohmygoodness, I love Here. It’s comfortable now. It fits.}

But in 2013, I’m taking my firmly planted feet from Here to There and taking everything up a notch.

Pushing myself harder, risking bigger, free falling more.

Letting go, diving in and going for it, with you.

Happy 2013 friends, I’m over the moon to go There, with you.


Alison and I are so very happy to kick off this year with you!

We have exciting news coming for Memories Captured in February, but until then? Wow, does January ever look lovely!

This month we’re partnering with movingStories!

movingStories makes movies and mixed-media art using film, photography, songwriting, collage, fabric and more. Their philosophy is that Every human being has a story, which makes them a perfect fit with you and me, who gather via blogging to tell our stories.

One lucky linker will receive a Basic StoryPillow™ (front and back collage) with one side pocket valued at $250!

Our linky will be open January 14th at midnight to January 18th at 9:PM, the badge is in my sidebar, and you can find out more about Memories Capturedhere.

With that, let the linking and the swooning begin!


  • At The Huffington Post, I wrote Maternal Mental Health: When Breastfeeding Isn’t Best“Someone’s hungry,” she said, opening the door slightly. The hallway light, fluorescent at best, slanted in, revealing her shock of curly hair, her midnight blue scrubs, her strong arms wrapped around my third baby…

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  1. I need the reminder, more often than I wish, that what brought me Here won’t take me There. So, so true. Also a little unnerving, no? I’m so looking forward to watching what you build, and to learning from it. xox

  2. Galit, you are nothing short of amazing and an absolute inspiration.
    Excited to link up with you again for memories captured (I may or may not have already published my blog because I could not wait ;))

    Congratulations on all your accomplishments (loved your breastfeeding piece in the HuffPost) – I know you are just getting started.

  3. I love your word and that 2013 is your building year. And that photo? It captures so much love and joy. I loved reading your words and how you were able to focus and let go and how you need to use a different approach in order to get to the next phase – to get there. Needed to hear that. I can’t wait to see where this year will take you.

  4. I am privileged to be right here with you as you Build.
    Love you. xo

  5. This make so much sense. But it’s so hard not to get stuck “here” when you’ve been comfortable “here” for so long. I love your inspiring words and can’t wait to follow you on whatever journey you take!

  6. I’m kind of in “build” mode, too, but my word is “progress”. The thing is? I felt guilty for making it, like I should just be thankful for where I am. Why does that happen? I re-evaluated and feel better now :)

  7. You have such an ease with words, I should’ve known you would find the perfect one to represent your year yet again. Ifeel very lucky to have landed on your blog way back when so that I can watch you transform with the words you choose/have chosen. I ccan’t wait to see you build in 2013! xo

    As always, thank you so much for hosting this link. xo

  8. OH I love the photos.
    I also love that your husband gave the suggestion to keep going with what you love from last year.
    You don’t have to necessarily change what you love… just “build” on it.

  9. What an amazing journey you have been on!!! I love reading your words and am excited to see you build your “there” this year!!! :)

  10. Oh, I love that word. It’s so you. And I think you’ll continue going higher with it. So proud of all you’ve done!

  11. You are one cool chick – can’t wait to see what you build. And what a great family photo!

  12. What a great word and one so few of us would ever think of. It is so true that we can’t get THERE unless we are willing to move from HERE. Here’s to a year of moving forward and building!

  13. What a great word, what a really great word. I love the entire approach and thought process here. And I love Jason’s statement, which is I think what just about the entire world needs to remember at one point or another. If you want things around you to change, why keep doing the things that got you here? Very wise. I’m looking forward to seeing what you build this year!

  14. Love that word. “Build.” It’s an exciting word that is full of possibilities. It makes me think of structure and design; you are designing the future, the ‘there’ you envision. I can’t wait to see it!

  15. I LOVE all of this for you, Galit. I’m so glad you’re finding your place with your writing and amazing talent and letting your inner and outer beauty shine. I know even more good things are in store for you. Big Smiles from me and love all around! xoxo

  16. Jason sounds like a very wise man.

  17. I love this. What a great word. I wish you much luck this year and beyond. Oh, and I am so excited to spend some time looking around your neck of the bloggy woods, and to participating with you in This Is Childhood in the coming weeks :)

  18. It’s so exciting to watch you doing HUGE things, Galit! This IS your building year!

    And ohmygoodness. That picture! Perfection.

  19. Beautiful pictures and words, Galit! And congratulations on the AllParenting gig – sounds awesome!

  20. LOVE that picture!!! I am so very inspired by what you accomplished in 2012. May I even have a share of that spirit to do the same in 2013.

    I tried to leave a long comment on your Huffpost article but I don’t feel comfortable letting it access my twitter account (and signing in that way) and I must have forgotten my HuffPost password. Anyway, I wanted to show you support there and it didn’t work, but I did read, and it was a great article.

  21. Stunning, beautiful, inspiring. Grateful to know you.

  22. LOVE this and am so proud of you for all of your many accomplishments now, and as you continue to move forward. There is exactly where you should be. :) xoxo

  23. Such a wonderful post~ I feel inspired just reading it! Thanks for sharing your insights on getting from Here to There, just what I needed to hear at this point in time. :) Beautiful picture too! Wishing you all the very best this year, I can’t wait to see how it unfolds for you!

  24. Perfect word for you, Galit. I can’t wait to see the skyscraper you WILL build.

    P.S. I think I need a word 😉


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