My Life in Numbers {Memories Captured Linky!}

As a new mother, I measured my days with ease.

How many diapers I changed, feedings I managed, hours I slept.

This was how I kept track of what I did, who I was, what I felt.

As one day slipped into another, and I traded in full laps and sleepless nights for toddlers by my side and small, pudgy fingers laced with my own, I still measured.

How many words were spoken, songs sang, sippy cups spilled, and hours between the coveted quiet of bedtime and the unmistakable race of tiny feet at sunup.

I could list each of these by rote, ticking them off one by one on my unpolished fingertips.

Today, without that new mothering fog, without the list of checkmark-able items to go by, I wonder how to do this kind of counting, this kind of measuring.

There are so many mirrors to look within.

How many miles we’ve traveled, children we’ve had, moments we’ve shared, tears we’ve shed.

Dollars, loves, heartbreaks, pounds, memories.

Successes, failures, friendships, truths, stories.

Inspired by my friend Greta of GFunkified who posted her life in numbers, and invited others to do the same, this idea keeps slipping into my HeartMind.

What are my numbers?

How do I measure my happy, my content, my wants?

What are yours?

36, my years.

18, my years since high school.

7, the number of countries I’ve been to.

1, the number of countries I still really want to visit.

3, the number of cups of coffee, scoops of ice cream, and slices of pizza I’d like to have at any given time.

30, the number of minutes I exercise.

2000, the number of words I write.

5, the number of hours I sleep.

4, the number of children I wanted.

2, the number of children Jason wanted.

3, the number of children we ended up having. (Plus 1 puppy = 4! I win!)

2, my perfect “group.”

3, the number of 5ks I’ve done.

5, the number of SleepBreaths I can hear right now.

So so many, the number of “Life in Number” posts I could read.

My important numbers. Any guesses what they are?


Alison and I over the moon that Memories Captured is here again! And wow, do we ever have a sweet prize this month!

We’re joining forces with Andrea Steed of Signs by Andrea who’s offering one lucky linker a Custom Family Rules download and a Special Dates download. (Can you stand what a perfect fit this one is with Life in Numbers? Love!)

I have both of these in my home and y’all? They’re heart warming and lovely, eye-catching and stunning. They’re everything you’d want in wall art of your own, so link up and (hopefully!) make these yours!

You can find Andrea’s work at her site, on Facebook, and of course, on pinterest

Our linky will be open December 10th-14th, the badge is in my sidebar, and you can find out more about Memories Captured here.

With that, let the linking and the swooning begin!


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  1. I love your numbers, my sweet friend! xo

  2. Beautiful and something for me to think about…

  3. The number of sleep breaths. Oh, just so sweet and so very peaceful. Thanks for the peek!

  4. So what is the 1 country????????

  5. I love reading all of your numbers.

    And I REALLY love the snow in your pictures. Snow. I love it so much. We don’t get enough (read that: any) snow in Florida. Thank you for sharing yours.

  6. I love your numbers! It’s amazing how much we “count” in our lives, and how important those amounts are. I hope you’ll link up with the others!

  7. I can definitely relate to that new mom counting. I remember writing down the diapers and naps and hours slept because I couldn’t remember from one day to the next. I love your snowy pictures!

  8. So lovely, as always. Beautiful pics – was it the snow you got from this weekend?

  9. I don’t even know if I could take a stab in the dark at those numbers. 10 is the number of years that you and Jason have been married?
    And that snow…my girlies would love to come for a visit!

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous. All of it. You.
    Congratulations to you on ‘Moonfrye’!! Oh my goodness! So exciting.

  11. I love, love, love your life in numbers. So many of your numbers ring true for me. The kids, the dog, the group number – all the same here. Ice cream, pizza, and coffee? Yes, yes, and yes! I do worry that you may need some more hours of sleep though.
    Lovely post!

  12. What country to visit is still on your want list? I am curious! Your writing is so fluid, you transform numbers into high art! And I am glad you got your “4!” xo

  13. Perfection. And now I must know IMMEDIATELY what one country you still want to visit??

  14. Love it. The words. The numbers. The kids building a snowman. All of it.

  15. I.Love.This!!! xoxo

  16. This is a beautiful list of numbers! I like that you wanted four and your husband wanted two kids because that’s the same way it is for me and my husband. I like your compromise and your win (with the puppy!). :) Numbers are another way to count how grateful we are for so many things.

  17. My numbers:

    1 husband
    4 foreign countries
    3 zip lines
    Too many states to count
    0 children
    2 college degrees
    616 Twitter followers
    3 blogs
    1 imperfect, fabulous, sometimes frustrating, always meaningful life

    Thanks for making us think. :-)

  18. I just LOVE this! I think I might need to do one of my own “Life in Numbers” lists. Only five hours of sleep?!? Girl, you are a machine!

  19. I love the idea of this post! I think you need to up your sleep a little bit from 5 – you must be one tired lady! 😉

    So jealous of all that snow as well – wish some would hit MI!

  20. I love your description of counting songs and sippy cups along with all of the new mom counting. We do count it all, don’t we? Beautiful!

  21. So, so gorgeous, and it is very true, I used to be able to commit my life to number much more than I can now. Now the days just sort of flow into each other and there is no counting down to new things, which makes me perfectly happy.

  22. Lovely numbers my friend. Your adorable kids make even snow look fun :)

  23. That snowman completely rocks. I will not show this to my children because they will be SO jealous!! ha!

    I love your interpretation of this and how you wrote this post. Those are some pretty important numbers, my friend. Glad you shared them with us.

  24. Love your numbers. I so wanted to do this Linky with Greta, but didn’t get a chance. My oldest child will turn 13 in a week and a half so unfortunately my numbers are starting to go the other way – how many years until her driver’s license, how many years until college, how many hours we will actually get to spend together this weekend.

    Love snow pictures, but hat the actual snow!

  25. Do you count “visited the airport” countries? I’ve always wondered – I never did, but I have a friend who insists that they count. Heck, I barely count a visit to the Dominican Republic in my list of countries, just because I went to an all-inclusive resort there, and that never really seemed like I was “there.” So, US, Canada, Mexico, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Hungary, Greece, Austria, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Poland — soon, I’ll add India to the list. I need to visit Israel, and Australia, and the Netherlands, and Ireland . . . and the Bailiwick of Jersey, just because SOMEONE in that country keeps visiting my blog.

    I’d give my kingdom for 3 slices of pizza and/or 3 cups of coffee right now. But, well, I don’t really have a kingdom, so I guess I shouldn’t offer it….

  26. Oh Gosh, so much snow! We’ve only had a few inches and it’s gone already.
    I think I measure my happy by moments. You know these little moments where you pause and take a deep breath to take it all in..
    Your pictures and words made me smile.

  27. What a great idea for a post. My guess is that your special numbers are ages and length of time since special events.

  28. What’s the country you have yet to visit? I love your number 3 – 3 pizzas, 3 coffees, 3 scoops. You are my twin. :-)

  29. Grateful to be here. Love your life in numbers and looking forward to exploring the rest of the submissions. Love and happy holidays to you.

  30. This was lovely. I keep reading these and want to do a post of my own. I have to buckle down and get it done. I so love this idea! (Linking up on Thursday!) :)

  31. I loved Greta’s post when I read it, and I love your interpretation!
    5 hours of sleep? How do you do it?

  32. I love your numbers – all of them. 2 is my perfect group too. And I want to know what the one country is!

  33. I’m always so happy after I read your posts! I don’t even want to think about the number of years it has been since I finished high school. Or the number of ice cream scoops I’d love to down right now!

  34. I love this, Galit so wonderful to see those numbers. Big kudos to you for doing 5ks! Always admire those who does that 😀

  35. Oh I love this! What a fun way to look at life and what beautiful pictures!

  36. So breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I’ll be linking up this month because hooray!! I missed the last two – boo on me.

    These numbers are incredible and you are beautiful and amazing. xo Happy Chanukah, sweet friend!

  37. Look at all that SNOW! What wonderful snow fun you all have had!

  38. 3 cups of coffee and 3 scoops of ice cream – just perfect!!!

  39. I have to say that my favorite in this post is the line “I win!” because that is something I would totally say to my husband.

  40. 4 the number of children I wanted
    2 the number hubby wanted
    3 the number we negotiated

    Our numbers match…well, except for your’s make me look shamefully untraveled!

  41. Those are some great numbers. :) I enjoyed reading it when it posted at the beginning of the week… and am just now getting to respond (and add my own memories captured link) – darn BUSY, busy weeks!

  42. Love this idea! And such a sweet post!

    I find the days sliding one into another- somehow seeming so long and yet going by so quickly.

  43. Oh I love this idea! Great pictures! I love your words. SleepBreaths. Perfect.

  44. What a sweet post! Love it.

  45. I loved getting to know you from this post and your numbers. I am so bummed I missed Memories Captured this month. It was a rough one. Can’t wait to link up next month. As always, your pictures are pure joy.


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