Memories Captured September Linky!

“C’mere, buddy!” I call.

He makes his way towards me with the look and the stance and the dance moves of a Birthday Boy.

Sugared and silly and happy, and then, more sugared.

“You guys match!” My friend laughs from behind the camera.

This catches our attention, and for a split second we all pause and look and smile, our arms and legs and fingertips connected, the party still happening in our background.

The camera clicks the moment still, exactly the way I like it to.

Brody’s birthday party was this weekend.

It was a golden, windy day that I refused to believe was anything but warm.

The sun beat its rays in slices through trees that dared to already begin losing leaves.

I stilled so very many heart tugs that day.

One story threaded within another.

Laughter and Happy birthdays and even a few tears.

Running feet and sugar doing its job.

Chairs sinking into damp earth, mothers relaxing.

Frosting scraped off of plates, the crack of a lemonade opening, spilled water, lost candy.

And so, so very much love for our little guy.

“Everyone has someone to play with!” Chloe whispered in my ear, her breath sweetened with chocolate and little girl.

I knew exactly what she meant. It’s how I feel about Brody’s birthday, too. The sweet spot of his friends being mine, ours, together.

Jason showed off his ribs, which disappeared much too fast and the rest of the party’s deliciousness came from Dickey’s Barbecue.

Oh, how our family (and friends) love barbecue. From the bottom of our hearts (and bellies!), thank you Dickey’s, truly.

We buttoned up summer in the best way we know how.

Surrounded by friends, laughing loudly, and eating well.

Day gave way to night, the sky darkening and chilling and absolutely announcing fall’s arrival.

We said our goodnights and goodbyes, and gathered the party’s relics quickly, efficiently, with a lot of help -bottles and cups and wrappers letting us know where the most fun was had.

Brody made his way towards me once again.

Pajamaed, he landed in my lap in the way that little boys do – all arms and legs and speed.

I brushed my lips against his newly minted four year old forehead, he leaned back a titch further, tilting his chin to the stars.

“I love four.” He said.

And ohmygoodness friends, so do I! Happy birthday, Brody!


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  1. Oh, FOUR!! Wait, what?

    What a beautiful day, a beautiful boy, and a beautiful family.

    (YOU, my friend, you are stunning)

  2. Four?

    Sigh…four is so big, and yet so small all at once. I cannot believe he is four.

    What a wonderful day you all had!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!! Four is a lovely age and yes – boys are all arms and legs and speed oh my! Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate and I love all the pictures, especially the first of your family.

  4. I’m glad I’m back in time for this.
    Happy Birthday to your baby boy Brody!
    Your Friend, m.

  5. Never has a birthday day been so perfectly captured. Happy Birthday to Brody !

  6. Oh, tears … happy birthday to your baby (my baby, also a boy, is turning 8 in January and the mere fact of that shocks me every single day) and to you. xoxo

  7. Happy birthday to your sweet boy! I love party pics :) What a happy day and lots of good memories you made :) That spiderman cake is the best!

  8. I love four too! It brings the sadness of fading babyhood, but it is so full of possibility. Four is when you start getting glimpses more and more often of who they really are and will always be.

  9. Oh my word. FOUR! Love his cake!

  10. I love what your daughter said about everyone having someone to play with. That really is what makes the day for me.

  11. Four was an absolute favorite of mine. I love 4, too, dude. And that family picture? You all look great, I love your dress (esp the colors – my go to colors right now).

  12. That was a sure fun way to celebrate your birthday. I’m sure your boy was very thankful and happy.

  13. I truly can’t believe the transformation he has made from going to toddler to little boy over the past 6 months. I love that I get to share watching your children and your heart grow for them at the same time. I feel like it is a true gift.
    Also, looks like an amazing party. We love ribs too! (or as the girls call them…dinosaur bones)

  14. Love it. And four? Yikes. My girl will be two on the 25th :(
    Where does time go. As soon as I became a Mom it accelerated!

  15. Four! I love four, too, and I love the happiness that flows through this post even more :)

  16. Happy Birthday Brody! May the stars shine brightly on your whole year.

  17. A big, big happy birthday to Brody!! What beauty and sweetness this was, you are.

  18. Oh Happy Birthday little Brody, four is so old. My baby is three and that is already big. Hope your Momma heart is enjoying every minute, I know you are!

  19. Gorgeous, I mean it’s always gorgeous, but this one caught in my throat. No one captures exactly one moment like you do. I love reading your work and seeing through your eyes! Thank you for this:)

  20. I so enjoy reading your words Galit, you have a wonderful gift.
    And look at that boy of yours! So precious.

  21. What happy, happy pictures. Your Brody has a friend on the other side of the pond. My youngest will be 4 in November. :-)

  22. How did our guys get to be four! The party looks wonderful. I could have had several servings of that wonderful mac and cheese.

  23. Four is wonderful.

    Looks like such a fun party. He looks like he had a great time!

  24. Oh, so sweet and beautiful!! Happy birthday to your little boy!!! xox

  25. I love Brody’s eyes in the family photo. He’s ready to run back into the fun!

  26. Oh my gosh, I love this so much! That looks like OUR kinda party, for sure! Tim loves to make ribs too. I think our “guys” would get along well, all of them. Happy belated birthday to your sweet Brody!!! xoxo

  27. Birthday parties are such fun. My son is the 7th. It is still so hot here. I remember long ago trying to host outdoor parties and it was blazing. Catered is the way to go. Looks like a great day.

  28. Anti-Supermom says:

    He looks absolutely adorable and that he loved every minute of his party. I love your comment regarding your refusal to think of the weather as anything other than warm… I’ve been guilty on this on too many important days in my life, lol!

  29. Looks like it was a blast. And his comment in the end, “I love four” is just the cutest thing ever. I almost died. 😉

  30. Four? Oh my goodness. It goes way too fast.

    What a fabulous party he had. How can you go wrong with cake and BBQ?

  31. I love learning more about your boy at age 4 – and he’s quite a cutie. The family photo at the beginning is also so full of happiness!

  32. Happy Birthday to that sweet boy of yours! I loved “being there” with him. I taught 4 year olds for a long time and loved that age. Enjoy!

  33. Happy birthday, Brody!

  34. Awww, Happy Birthday little man! Looks like a wonderful party!

  35. Happy birthday Brody! I love that he “loves four!”

  36. That cake looks delicious. (Did you make it?) Happy Birthday to Brody!

  37. Looks like quite a party! I happen to LOVE bbq myself!!! Happy Birthday to the not so little boy anymore!

    PS – I found a site work hasn’t blocked to edit my photos over lunch, so I’m back in the game! So glad to be joining again!!!

  38. Keely Weiland says:

    Loved this day. Loved this party. (Thank you for inviting us.) Love this boy. Love YOU!

  39. May the year ahead be as wonderful as that party. Happy birthday to your big boy, Mama! xo

  40. Oh, sweet boy! I see so much of you in his face, Galit. Beautiful boy.

    Happy 4th Birthday, darling Brody.

    Everything looked AMAZING. A superb way to button up summer, indeed.

    Although I had to giggle at Jason showing off his ribs – I totally saw your husband with his shirt pulled up for the party goers to admire!


  41. What a great family photo at the top! I love the blues in all the pics.

  42. Brody is adorable. Happy 4th birthday to him!!!!

  43. The little boy enthusiasm of your little Brody so reminds me of my little dude! “I love four?” Priceless words!

  44. I love how you write. You drew me right in. What a wonderful celebration :) Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!

  45. Happy belated birthday to your handsome fella, Galit. Those pictures are just perfection and your words as always so poignant, so beautiful. You truly have a beautiful family :)

  46. Where does the time go?

    Happy birthday, Brody! I’m so glad it was a special one!

  47. What a perfect day!

  48. Oh, perfection! What a beautiful family, and awesome day of celebrating the littlest. (also, LOVE Dickey’s!)

  49. Oh how I adore little one’s birthday parties; the celebrations, the joy, the significance, the emotions. Happy Birthday to your sweet guy! I love these beautiful memories you have captured here!

  50. Awwww, Happy (very belated) Birthday to your big 4 year old…I love 4 too. Such sweet memories being made.


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