Memories Captured October Linky!

“Why are we doing this?” She asks.

Her tone is sweet, soft, young. I pause to take it in, to take her in, and to carefully word my answer.

Fall’s crisp cools my fingers, a reminder of the season’s next turn.

Leaves melt off trees, framing my daughter’s silhouette as they drizzle onto browned grass. A patchwork of October’s finest gems. Reds. Oranges. Yellows.

I press the marker into her hand. “Because it’s important,” is how I start.

She wraps her slender fingers around the marker, grips it tight, leans in.

Her long locks slip over her shoulders and graze the board. They shine in the afternoon’s golden light.

She labors over her letters and I can tell by the squint of her eye and the bite of her lip that each etch is well thought out, and each feel is her own.

Almost a decade ago I spent fall afternoons inside, sitting cross-legged on the floor. The carpet beneath me rough, the baby in my lap soft.

I was a new mother in an Early Childhood Family Education class and my eyes were edged in all that braided those days together – tired and new and so, so very much to learn.

I sat shoulder to shoulder with other mothers. Our babies toddled and crawled and wove between us.

Their unsure steps and indignant cries, diapered bottoms pushed out and colorful toys grasped between pudgy fingers, threaded our New together.

The teacher sat in our circle, too. Her eyes were the deepest shade of fall’s brown, and she responded to our worries about sleep and milk and cries with warmth.

One night, Kayli pressed her knees into that carpet and one hand onto my knee, as she shook a rattle my way.

It was BIG in her hand and LOUD in my ears and I matched her BIG and her LOUD with my mothering words meant to fill every single space between us. That’s a rattle. So loud! It’s yellow.

Our teacher leaned in, touched Kayli’s back, lowered the rattle. She quieted our noise.

And holding onto jeaned knees with manicured fingers, she said, “Everyone deserves someone who sees their good.” And one HeartBreath later, “It’s important.”

It so is, isn’t it?

She passed those words on to us, one mother to another. And we sat in her circle, enclosing her gift between us.

Today, through these words and these photos and this linkup, I’m honored to share the Good shoulder to shoulder with you, encircled in our own space with our own children weaving between us, our words filling the spaces in between.

Thank you for seeing our Good, I can’t wait to See yours.


This month Alison and I are thrilled to partner with Tracy of Sellabit Mum, to honor our moments and our loves, and with this month’s sponsor Signazon, to honor one of you! 

Signazon offers decals like we used in our girls’ tween room, window decals,  yard signs, car magnet signs, and congratulations banners.

One lucky linker will win a Signazon product of their choice. So join us this week, and make one of these, yours!

Our linky will be open October 15-19, the badge is in my sidebar, and you can find out more about Memories Captured here.

With that, let the linking and the swooning begin!


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  1. Yes, see the good. That’s what it is about isn’t it?

    You are teaching your beautiful children wonderfully. xo

  2. Oh I love this. It is important to see the good. Thank you and Alison so much for facilitating that – not that I wouldn’t necessarily do it but I wouldn’t be as conscious in my effort. You are an incredible teacher for all of us.

  3. Beautiful post Galit. And I LOVE the pictures of your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Your family is beautiful. I love all of the signs!

  5. You treasure these now, but you will treasure them even more later. As will they. :)

  6. I love how you did this. Your words, my friend. xo

  7. Gorgeous! I love the idea of focusing on shine, we focus on the darkness too much! These are beautiful pictures!

  8. I don’t want to win the prize, but I can’t wait to see all the fantastic posts. This one was one of my favorites.

  9. Oh! This is a case where scheduling too far ahead is biting me in the tush. I will be doing this later in the month. Even though it will be too late for the link (I did something else last week), it’s too wonderful of an idea NOT to do.

  10. I cannot wait to link up! I can’t wait to focus on what makes them shine. What makes me proud.

  11. It is SO important. At our last girl scout meeting I went around the table and had each girl say something good that had happened to them, something good that had happened to someone else, and something nice they had done for someone. It it is so, so easy to focus on the negative. I want to build them up and help them realize that THEY are good and there is good in EVERY day.

  12. Umm.. it is so important to point out the good things. Your little guy looks so proud of himself for being able to write his name. Such a cute idea.

  13. As I told Alison, I love y’alls take on the whole “baby-shaming” epidemic that’s sweeping the blogosphere byt turning it around to see the good in our kids. Thank you. :)

  14. Oh how I love that last quote and picture. It is SO so true. I’m trying so hard to focus on their ‘shine’ because that is SO much more important than the other stuff.

    You ladies are genius’. :)

  15. Oh, so beautiful. I think that is exactly your gift; always seeing the good in everything. Your family is so very lucky to have you. Thank you for sharing this here.

  16. I agree with Julia right ahead me. It is a gift you have to see the good. And not only to SEE the good, but put it into words. This was really stellar post. Love the photos too!

  17. What a phenomenal idea! I so want to do this photo shoot with my girl. Beautiful!

  18. This is so beautiful, I nearly cried! I came to check yours out before I started mine (to confirm it was this week), and just….awwww. I love it!

  19. Beautiful, as usual. I’m having the hardest time getting out of my head and seeing all that beauty that I know is there, that you’re showing me. I just hope that they will know their good, even on the days I can’t seem to be able to tell them.

  20. I love this idea. I try to see the good always. Children and motherhood are too full of goodness not to celebrate and acknowlege it.

    Love that quote with the final photo. It’s so true; we all deserve that!

  21. What a beautiful post. Clever idea and such tender words. Good ones to read in a time when frustration comes easy! Thanks. :)

  22. Your words always feel like poetry in my brain…and the message, oh, the message…engraved on my heart!

  23. I need to focus on my shine more…if I can only find the son of a bass turd.

  24. Love this. I also love this idea! I may think of things my girls can “do” and put on signs. Actually, I’ll let them tell me, I can’t wait for their answers.

  25. Sweetness and love and sunshine. All wrapped into one beautiful, heartfelt post. Love you, friend.

  26. Yay Kali and Chloe, and YAY BRODY. Writing your name is the first step on the road to forever!!

  27. I was just telling Scott how great it is when someone ‘sees’ our kids. Meaning-seeing the good in them. You’re right – it is so important. They, we matter.
    So lovely.

  28. It is so clear to me through these pictures that you are the one who sees the good in your kids – because there is love and light pouring out of them. Thank you for creating something so very positive in your corner of the universe.

  29. This is better than good, it’s brilliant! Love you, girl! xoxo

  30. Oh, Galit! So beautiful, so inspring!

  31. Just finished drafting my post. Thanks for such a heartwarming story, and for reminding us to appreciate the good in our children.

  32. Oh, so marvelous. Tears in my eyes. I’m almost 10 years into this journey, too, and those long ago days feel like yesterday and like another life. xox

  33. The absolute truth of this along with the responsibility it means for us as parents humbles me. You did sit shoulder to shoulder with me today, Galit. You took my hand and touched my heart.

  34. Hi…stopping by from SITS to show some love! Your family is adorable…love how you captured their “good” on film! You’re right…it’s so important that we cherish the time we have them, because we don’t get “do-overs”! Thanks for sharing!;-))

  35. As usual Galit, love, love, love.

    There’s so much joy and life here.

  36. What a lovely post!! I just read and really appreciated your post on SITS today, so came over to check out your blog and of course, it’s full of more beauty and awesomeness. Nice to meet you :)

  37. I love that last picture! And your words….always a treat to visit here, I swear-the way you write has a calming effect on my crazy days…

  38. First, I love that Kayli is proud of her science brain! Ash always calls herself a math brain. Second, oh my word…the way Chloe spelled “socker”. I love it! Third, what are we going to do with that Brody?! The girls are going to be so sweet on him!! xoxo

  39. Your children, are beautiful. Your family is so full of joy and love. Beautiful pictures, Galit!

  40. Galit, I love EVERYTHING about this! Such perfection. I love the signs and congrats to you two for the 5k. You know that is close to my heart. Go get ‘um!

  41. I love this concept and I love that quote, “Everyone deserves someone who focuses on their shine”. So beautifully put.

  42. Yes, see the good. And you are doing an amazing job of that! Beautiful words, as always.


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