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The lights dim.

Familiar strains fill the auditorium from worn, speckled carpet to high, open ceiling.

They tap onto the stage united by a year’s worth of well practiced steps.

I straighten in my chair whispering, “Here she comes,” in Brody’s ear as I slide him into my lap and wrap my arms around his threeness.

Through the swirl of glitter and sequins and sparkle and more glitter, I’m glued to my girl’s shine.

As the audience quiets and breathes them in, I cheer for her.

My girlfriend does the same and even from here, I see our girls’ cheeks raise.

They know the loudest applause is just for them.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This happens each time one of them takes the stage. The straightening and the whispering and the cheering and that stunning cheek-raising.

They move and step and swish and turn, and I, fill to the brim.

I’m happy for their beginnings and sad for their endings.

And know with every fiber of my Mothering Heart, that these moments are their’s, and my role as the loudest (and most obnoxious) cheerleader in their audience, is etched just the way it should be.

That’s really what this Mothering Gig is all about, isn’t it? Finding our way to a spot at their sides.


Alison and I are thrilled that Memories Captured is here again!

We absolutely can’t wait to see what Memories you’ve Captured this month!

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With that, let the linking and swooning begin!

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  1. LOVE your link-up, and I also love what you wrote on your captured memory. Heartstrings on the outside? Wow, that’s exactly it!

  2. The cheering, the cheek-raising, the obnoxious cheerleader and the heart swelling – all of it is more than I ever could have imagined.

  3. We are born cheerleaders for our children, aren’t we?

    Your girls are gorgeous. And look at you, you beauty!

  4. Exactly what it’s all about. Lovely my friend. xo

  5. Gorgeous, of course. Love being that cheering mom and you put it into words so perfectly.

  6. Good for you Galit. I love that you are their number one fan and are proud to display it. Those girls will have self confidence like no other xoxox

  7. I am so glad they have YOU to lift their cheeks in giant smiles :)

  8. Beautiful. I’m glad it turned out so lovely. They both look just precious. :)

  9. That quote about motherhood is so true.

  10. oh how I LOVE this, how I love those costumes and the smell of tafetta and those little colored ballet shoes, tap shoes…stage makeup. This took me back to my own childhood and it was such a sweet wonderful journey.

    oh Galit, how beautiful your girls are,…how they shine in this world. I loved this. xoxo

  11. Oh that’s lovely. We just did ballet recitals, and I blogged about how much it meant to us outside of dance.

  12. Being the loudest cheerleader is a joy of being a mom. Those moments are just so special. Oh, I love the photos too!

  13. I am loving the kids getting a little older and starting to do stuff like this. I’m not as loud of a cheerleader, but I’m definitely a cheerleader. 😀

  14. Dance recital time is so much fun (and SO much work).

  15. Wait, I read this one too and didn’t comment. I must have been really distracted. How do you get the colors in your pictures to be so bright and larger than life?

  16. I just know how loud you cheered because that will be me this weekend as JBird has her very first dance recital coming up.
    I’ve got all 3(!) batteries charged up :)

  17. Your girls are absolutely gorgeous! Those moments always bring me to tears. I can feel it in my chest even thinking about Olivia’s recent violin recital. My child being in the spotlight creates the strangest series of emotions — humbles, electrifies, excites, and mystifies!

    Such a darling moment captured!!

  18. Oh wow, this reminds me of my childhood since I danced for a long time. I wonder if this is how my Mom felt. I’m guessing it was. But of course, your words, Galit – so amazing. Love the photos too, of course!! xo

  19. Watching them take their stage and shine in their moments is amazing. You captured that here just beautifully. And that quote about motherhood? So very true.

  20. motherhood is… finding our way to a spot at their sides – love this description of a journey travelled together.

  21. Oh, this is just beautiful. And the picture of you with your girls and the quote? Perfect.

  22. Well said, that’s so important in parenting, cheering and building our kids self confidence. I love your captured memories.

  23. Such pretty dresses.

  24. Good lord, your family is beautiful. I love that first photo of the kids walking to the auditorium in their costumes, too!

  25. I am so that obnoxious cheerleader too and I love that as much as it could embarass my girls that they always find me in the crowd and smile. That is what pulls at my heartstrings!

    Beautiful post about you and your girlies, Galit! What a treasure for all three of you children to have this blog when they get older. They will always know you heart!

  26. So absolutely beautiful. I adore each word and each image you share with us. Moments forever captured here in your space!

  27. I love this!!!! Seriously – you can HEAR the three of you giggling and smiling.

  28. Oh absolutely, that’s what it’s all about! Love this, Galit!

  29. I love this link up, your words and most definitely, your heart strings.

  30. Your children are beautiful, Galit. I love these memories you’ve shared with us.

  31. Galit, you look gorgeous as you can see the absolute joy in your face. I can feel your happiness and it makes me smile so big. Your girls are gorgeous and you did indeed capture the joy we have in cheering for our kids as they forge ahead in the things they love to do. I love it!

  32. Oh my, this is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments.

  33. I was right there with you, waiting for your big baby girl’s performance to begin. There’s so much love in these lovely words. xo

  34. This is my favorite line…Through the swirl of glitter and sequins and sparkle and more glitter, I’m glued to my girl’s shine. I totally get this.
    I cheer the loudest at my daughter’s dance events, too. Always. I can’t help myself.

  35. This is gorgeous, as usual, Galit. The lines, “I’m happy for their beginnings and sad for their endings. And know with every fiber of my Mothering Heart, that these moments are their’s, and my role as the loudest (and most obnoxious) cheerleader in their audience, is etched just the way it should be.” — They warmed my heart.

  36. Such a sweet memory! Thanks for hosting the linky!

  37. I was always a performer in school and because of work, my mom had only been to one performance. It wasn’t until I became a mom myself that I realized how much it would’ve meant to me if there was someone in the crowd cheering just for me. And when my daughter was on stage for a church service at age 2, I knew I would always be that person for her in the crowd.

    It’s so amazing to watch them shine, isn’t it?

  38. This is SO lovely! This post struck a sweet cord with me today, since we just signed up our almost-three-year-old for dance class. She’s so excited to be out there dancing with a tutu, and I’m so excited to be out in the crowd, cheering her on! :) Love this linkup! :)

  39. It’s incredible seeing our children blossom and shine – on their own! I agree, we are the best cheerleaders for our kids. You’re girls look so pretty! I bet they had a lot of fun.

  40. Little girls’ (and boys’) dance recitals are so magical! Your girls are so beautiful! What an incredible sliver of memory captured here!

  41. We are not obnoxious in our cheering at all 😉 That’s how it is meant to be.
    Beautiful pics of them all dressed up to “shine”.


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