Memories Captured March Linky!

Thank you so very much for another stunning Memories Captured!

As always, we adored every last moment that you shared with us.

Alison and I are over the moon to announce

the winners of stunning Bellflower Books!

Our THREE winners are:

#7 Scooter Marie, #25 take2mommy, & #46 Four Plus and Angel!

Congratulations ladies, we’ll be in touch soon!

See you next month, April 16-20th!

This month, we’re partnering with the absolutely stunning Bellflower Books!

They’re generously gifting $100 books to THREE incredibly lucky (randomly chosen) linkers! Why not you? Our winners will be announced Friday night.

I captured my moment with PicMonkey – a (New! Free! Easy!) photo editing site.

Please grab the button in my sidebar, link your slowed-down-candy-coated moment below, and then? Visit the others.

Every last one will be a stunner. That, I know for sure!

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  1. Life As Wife says:

    The commitment you have to make to running shoes is too scary for me but I applaud you!!

  2. I used PicMonkey for the first time last week. I like everything about it except that it’s not integrated with photo storage sites. That’s a problem for me.

  3. Ahhh, sun’s first rays. Isn’t that glorious? That should make it easier to stick to the commitment :)
    Thank you for doing the Memories Captured Linky, I love it.

  4. Yay you!!! Love doing Memories Captured with you every month! xo

  5. So happy for you! I love those early morning rays and it certainly helps me move a little easier!

  6. Good for you for doing something for yourself. As moms we teach our kids how to he healthy and active and sometimes don’t leave any time for ourselves to be just that. Enjoy your “me” time!!
    Thanks again for this project. It is so much fun!!

  7. I need to get back on track too, thanks for the motivation!

  8. I’ve recently gotten back on track too. Yay for taking care of us!

  9. Good for you! I think you’ve given me just the motivation I need. I LOVE this linky!!

  10. Love this! I will join your linky later this week. I definitely have memories to capture, as my son turns 2 on Saturday!

  11. Good for you. I’ve recently dusted off my shoes and use them everyday on the elliptical. Not the same as running outside but it’s what I can do since I always have kids at my side.

  12. I’m currently in the process of re-configuring my exercise…

    I loved (or tolerated, endured and enjoyed mostly after-the-fact) running.
    It’s fast and efficient; you throw on shoes for free, open the door, and you’re doing it!

    Unfortunately, my older dog now has inflamed joints (like pre-arthritis) and she can’t run with me anymore. So.

    My choices are the following:

    A. run and leave her (or both dogs) behind to languish with no exercise.
    B. walk her and skip my runs which is partly appealing (due to my laziness) and partly awful as a long-term option.
    C. walk her and then also run but I’m far too lazy to do this.
    D. not do anything because it’s too hard to decide so we all sit around the house embracing the lazy.

    Have I mentioned lazy?

    I know. First-world problems, right? I should be so lucky that this is a complication I must face.
    Which is why I’m not really complaining.

    Just re-configuring, as I said.
    So thanks for the inspiration, my friend.

    Because I do love my fresh air and my running shoes.

  13. I love following up Julie’s mini-post up there with my comment. 😉

    I love Bellflower books! And I need to join picmonkey! And due to a scheduling change, I get to link my pic up on Thursday now. Hurray!

    That all being said – I’m so impressed with your runner-ness. It’s super hard, girlfriend.

  14. Way to go! I’m so glad you are able to stick with running. I may be finally winning the battle to convince my body it’s not something we need to do together. We can bicycle now, which both my body AND I like.

  15. I’m getting back on track with my running as well. I hate the lead up to it, pretty much hate it while I am doing it, but then afterwards I feel sooooo good the rest of the day!

    Good luck!

  16. Good job, Galit!!! This weather has been SO perfect for running! I can’t help but (almost) sing at the top of my lungs down the streets!
    Linking up later this week…I wouldn’t miss it :)

  17. Well, you know I love this one! 😉 You go girl!! xoxo

  18. Running outside in the morning is the BEST! I personally have not done it for years … I need to start that up again. I workout at the gym, where when it is 18 degrees outside, I can still just wear workout pants and a tank. It does lack a little, though, in the inspiration department.

    Beautiful pic!

  19. I’m happy for you that you are doing your morning rounds. I wish for myself that I would do the same, but by the time I dropped the little one off at preschool it’s much too hot already. But I walk him to school and back every day, that’s counting for something too, right? :-)

  20. Good for you, Galit. xoxo

  21. Ugh. I so wish I could make myself start running again. I just can’t seem to find time or space to do it consistently. Maybe when little dude goes to school? Good for you for getting out there though!

  22. Maybe I’ll use this to motivate myself, too! I definitely need to get back on track. If I ever was on track.

  23. I wish I liked running… I don’t. Maybe because I have crappy knees :(
    Instead I do Pilates and the elliptical.

    I think I’ll try Yoga next. But I’m scared, I’m so awkward.

    Keep going! Are you training for anything? Marathon, 1/2 marathon?

  24. Good for you! And I think we have the same sneakers, I got mine after I had my son and needed to get back to the gym, they have served me well. I hope yours do the same for you.

  25. I swore I commented on this. Anyway, so proud of you getting back in the mix, moving, shakin, hot bod bakin.

    Keep it up! I know it isn’t easy and it is so hard to just get started some days, but doesn’t it feel so good when you accomplish it, push through, conquer?!

  26. Love this! And I will have to check out PicMonkey!

  27. Yeay for you getting back on track with exercise! Thanks for this linky and for inspiring me to create a special Memory Captured post. Also…those Bellflower Books are amazing!

  28. Oh, you good woman. Now that the weather is nicer (and there’s so much great sunshine) I’d love to go for a run. But not going to happen for at least, oh, 9 or 10 months. Sigh.

  29. Oh, I love early morning workouts. I can’t wait for my daughters to begin sleeping through the night, so that I can have enough energy to do them again! I wish you the best on your fitness journey!

  30. I want to print this up and tape it to my fridge…

  31. I need to get back on track. Good for you for doing it!

  32. Love this!! One bead of sweat at a time. xoxo

    Thank you for hosting another month of this amazing meme!

  33. I admire your dedication. I gave it up too long ago and am too scared to go back.


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