Memories Captured Linky!

:: Memories Captured is finally here! ::

:: Alison and I are so very excited that Memories Captured is finally here! ::

We’re excited to swoon over each and every one of your photos.

We’re excited to see which {randomly picked} linker will win a 16 x 20 photo canvas from the fabulous Canvas Press on Friday.

Basically, we’re just excited. So let the linking {and swooning} begin!

Do visit a few of your fellow linkers and see what gorgeous memories they have captured!

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  1. Egad, I love your pictures and words – perfect!

    Thanks for doing this fun linky with me!

  2. Such a fun moment captured!

  3. So sweet!

  4. I’m in. And I even got it done tonight! xoxo

  5. Those are adorable pictures!

    I’ll be linking up later this week. The post is already saved as a draft.

  6. Yes, look at those smiles and eyes full of wonders! Truly magical, Galit!

  7. That’s an experience I want for myself! The closest thing to snow over here is frost in my freezer or shaven ice *sigh*. I think I’ll get my hubby to flick some in my mouth tonight! 😉

  8. So much fun! What a priceless memory!

  9. I love your pictures! I can’t wait for my son to experience the first snow this year…I think it’s the first year he might actually appreciate it!

  10. He he, I loved to catch the first snow flakes like this when I was a kid. Or the thrill to lick a street light. LOL

  11. Wasn’t the snow beautiful this weekend!

  12. Oh, your kids look SO happy!!!

    This is such a wonderful idea. xo

  13. Aww! Such a magical moment! I wish I had captured my kid’s first taste of snow, too! =)

  14. LOVE your photos!

  15. Love, love, love the catching snowflakes picture. That right there is childhood personified. Beautiful.

  16. The first snow is SO magical! What beautiful pictures!

  17. Thanks for putting together such a great idea – your pictures are sooooo good!

  18. The pictures (and the children in them) are beautiful. I also really like that font. Well done, as always.

  19. Oh what a great idea! I’ll have to work on one and link up later in the week!

  20. What a fantastic linky idea! I love all of your pics. :)

  21. I just love the words you chose and the images to share the first snow fall this year. Wonderful!

  22. I totally linked. Love this!

  23. I am also very excited about this. Can’t wait to see all the photos and drool over the beautiful memories captured. Love the concept behind this linky, ladies!

    XOXO and hope you both had a wonderful weekend.

    PS: Galit–your photos are too precious :)

  24. I know I was supposed to use a picture. but I didn’t have one. If that is a rule break, feel free to delete my linky. but as soon as I read it, I had the perfect moment I WISH I had a picture of.

  25. thanks for the tweet! i used to love catching that first snowflake as a kid.. now i can catch the waves in the sun! :0

  26. What a great moment! Such a fun link-up. I need to do mine later in the week!

  27. What gorgeous photos Galit! What an incredibly wonderful linky :) What service do you use for getting words on your photos? I’m thinking of doing this but I’m such a novice with putting personal pics on my blog.

    • YAY Melissa! I’m thrilled that you’re thinking of doing this!

      I use picnik and am in love with it. I may or may not have called in Mama crack before!

      I know that what you’ll create will be stunning! xo

  28. Love love love this idea and link-up!

  29. I loved this idea from your very first tweet about it! It ended up creating a very personal gift for my daugthers as they grow…thank you! You are such a wonderful person and mommy!! xo

  30. I love your pictures and think that this meme is so great! I have loved seeing/reading everyone’s take on the meme and can’t wait to participate!

  31. Oh my god, LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I will link up tomorrow.

  32. Aw, love your pic! It’s great that you went out to experience the flakes, even though it was night! :-) That makes the memory even more special, and you captured it so well!!

  33. Beautiful children and you catch the moments perfectly. I love catching the memories as they happen!

  34. Love this idea and these photos. Hoping to link up later this week.

  35. I love this! If it wasn’t totally dorky to say that you perfectly captured the moment, I would. 😀

  36. The first snow of the season, the older of our two dogs gets a growl in the back of his throat. It’s like he knows it’s the start of a spotty-walk-season and he’s not happy about it, what-so-ever.

  37. Look at those amazing little faces!!!! Oh how I loved this!!!!!! It’s a great linky for sure!!!

  38. I really love the snow tongue capture photo!

  39. Very good looking family. Your kids look so full of life and energy.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)

  40. You captured the joy of childhood so awesomely! 😀 Thank you for this fun idea with Alison. You ladies rocks!

  41. I so love those photos!!! Your kids are happy people!

  42. So sweet! Kinda makes me wish we had snow here… 😉 xo

  43. What awesome photos! And what a great idea for a linky. I’m going to have to capture one and participate.

  44. Love yours, will be back with mine in a few days XO

  45. What a fantastic link up! Look how many entries you have already , yay :)

  46. Love it.

    And it’s especially magical for me to behold because we don’t have snow here. Well, of course, we have snow but you have to go up the mountain to a ski resort to see it. Except on freak occasions when it gets stupid cold and it snows where you live. This has happened exactly once in my life.

    I swoon for your little people, Galit. And for you. xx

  47. So beautiful. So precious. So breathtaking. Even with minimal words, you move me. :)

  48. I’m a little late to the party, but I just linked up. Thank you! This is such a beautiful series!

  49. my kids long for snow…
    yours are adorable…I especially love the pic with your son!

  50. My linky isn’t working! Ugh! I’ve been trying and trying!

  51. Thank you so much Galit for hosting this excellent link up! I’ve seen so many sweet pictures from everybody, it’s been quite heartwarming :)

    And I love your pics too, you captured the first snow joy perfectly!

  52. LOVE the coloring in these photos!

    • Oh, thank you girl!

      {I was just looking at Chloe and Brody and wondering how it would look if those were in black and white?}

      Ahem, back to thank you so much! :)

  53. These make me feel like I wanna go play in the snow. Except we ain’t getting any over here! 😛

  54. I like your take on this with the first snow. So cute.

  55. I love this. It is 1:21 am. and I just finished reading everyone’s posts. They are so wonderful.

    Everyone has such beautiful children.

    Thank you both for this opportunity to show my son.

    He has never let me post his picture before. Ever.

    But for this, he read my words and saw the pictures and he gave me permission.

    I couldn’t have posted without that.

  56. This was such a great linky that you guys came up with….love your pic…it is definitely magical!

  57. I love the way you put these together to capture the same memory for each of them…and such a great moment in time. I love snow!!!

  58. First snows are magical! Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!


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