Memories Captured January Linky!

The January Memories Captured linky is here!

Are you ready to swoon, friends? I know Alison and I are!

The linky will be open all week, the button is in my sidebar, and more information can be found in my Memories Captured page!

This month,TWO randomly chosen linkers will win six month subscriptions to the ever fabulous Picnik‘s premium services!

The winners will be announced right after the linky closes on Friday evening, January 20th.

Now what are we waiting for? Let the linking and the swooning begin!


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  1. Gorgeous girls!!! I need some ladies to lunch with :)

    And yay, love partnering with you for this!

  2. Awww…those smiles. I can only imagine the fun that was had on that day. What a great memory to have for all of you!

  3. What fun you girls had! They look SO happy, Galit. :)

    I forgot to do this but I hope to still link up this week! You know I love it!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE girls’ days! I am so lucky to have two daughters to do all sorts of girly stuff. And equally lucky to have my sweet son who is currently teaching me everything one needs to know about Power Rangers. Photos like these remind me of how lucky I truly am!

  5. Well, this I can only dream of, I’m stuck with the dude-stuff. Sigh. But I’m glad you are having great fun with your girls.

  6. My favorite words are “lip gloss”. You know you’ve had a great girls day out when everyone has their lip gloss on! My girlies are tickled when I say yes to that. Looks like you captured a wonderful moment!

  7. Great picture! I want to be a lady who lunches! Those bagels look amazing!

    • Thank you – they were pretty happy with them!

      And you’re welcome to join us anytime, but hand soft their bagels. Obviously. {Hee!} :)

  8. Aww! Looks like you had such a great day!

    (LOVE this linkup!)

  9. Thanks, Galit and Alison for hosting this great link-up! Always such a pleasure to participate in.

    Love those big cheerful smiles on your daughters’ faces! Indeed, a beautiful “girls-bonding time’ moment captured!!

  10. My daughter and I are starting girls night this week – I don’t know why we waited to long! Never forget the lip gloss, or the glitter!

  11. Look at your little gems! My goodness, they are alike.

    Girls Day = total swoon.

    That I am not going to miss out on this particular brand of lovely? Thrills me!

    Two sons to cherish and a little daughter on the way. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

    I know you feel the same way, too, beautiful mama Galit.

    • Amen, sister- gems, indeed!

      And oh my, yes- my dear friend! We’re on the exact same page here – lucky, lucky, and more lucky!


  12. It looks like so much fun! I love the whimsical letters you choose to illustrate the great day you had.

  13. Looks like a fabulous day out – I ‘m linking up later this week. xo

  14. I so adore the word Ladies who lunch đŸ˜€ So cute! Sounds like it was a great time for everyone

  15. Your girls’ days out look wonderful!!!

  16. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  17. Looks like Panera! Which is one of our favorite places too. Love, love their smiles!

  18. Ladies who lunch! I love this. They are beautiful and look every bit as sweet as their mommy.

  19. Love this, with homeschooling and our travel schedules … we are blessed with quite a few ‘ladies lunches’ … just love the time and the chatter!
    Thank you for this link up, I have really enjoyed putting these together and peeking into everyone’s memories xxx

    • Thank you, dear friend! I knew that you’d be able to relate!

      {And yes, peaking into everyone’s moments is pure wonderful!}


  20. Love the photo. I do Girls Night Out with my daughter and she loves it. It’s fun to have one-on-one time wiht her.

  21. I just noticed how much your eldest daughter resembles you. Gorgeous girls, both!

  22. oh my heart….this was gorgeous and I’m so glad you’re going to keep this Memories Captured going…it’s truly WONDERFUL.

    your girls are so beautiful and those smiles just warmed me up…Thank you for sharing that picture and those memories with us. xo

  23. Sweetness personified. Love this picture and the smiles :)

  24. Love this picture it looks like a wonderful day!

  25. How sweet are these girls of yours?! Adorable.
    Thanks for hosting – these link-ups are great.

  26. I love the way the picture is balanced, with a girl in the top left and bottom right corners (but not precisely, so there isn’t anything artificial about it.) I also got a kick out of the phrase “Ladies Who Lunch”.

  27. Great idea – I’m excited that this will be a monthly tradition! I’m looking forward to having girls’ days with my little girl too!

  28. What an awesome girls day celebration! Love the shot.

  29. What a lovely memory. I bet you guys had a wonderful time!

  30. —Oh, my goodness,
    they are both Beautiful…

    How blessed you are. X

  31. I’m going to have to try to remember to do this…

  32. Adorable photo to be cherished for years to come!

  33. What a fabulous girls’ day!!

  34. A girls day. Something I will never know with daughters. I bet that was fun! all that gilry stuff always is! Panera??? YUMMO!

    • Yes! We fancied up, went to Panera, and then “Color Me Mine” {a pottery painting place}. Oh my, the girliness factor was HIGH and FUN! :)

  35. Girls days are the best days!! Great shot and lovely words to describe it too.

    I will link up later in the week. :)

  36. Cute cute cute. Girls days are he best!

  37. Looks like a great day.
    I’m so proud of you and Alison!
    What a great job you two are doing.

  38. Your girls are so beautiful, Galit! I’m glad it was a fun girls day. I think I’ll have to do that sort of thing with my girls more often as they – and the baby boy – get older.

  39. They look so pretty and grown up there. Moments they will remember forever fo sure. Such a great momma!

  40. Your girls look so much like you Galit! So pretty:) So sweet :) Girl Days rock!

  41. This looks like it was such a fun time! Girls can make a meal out an event can’t they? It’s obvious they had a great time. The smiles and your words paint the picture.

  42. Anti-Supermom says:

    They look so happy. Well, they should be… Panera makes me happy too!

  43. I LOVE girls’ days…love them!! Aren’t we so lucky to have daughters? Not that boys aren’t awesome too, but that special bond between daughters/sisters/mothers…
    Awesome picture :)

  44. Gorgeous. What a fun time!

  45. These images are gorgeous! I can’t imagine how you’d ever pick. Thank goodness for random number generator!

  46. My post is about my girls too. Mothering them may be the hardest work of my life!

    Your girls are beautiful. Enjoy them!

  47. I thought maybe I had already commented…but I just can’t tell!

    I had a fabulous time out with my daughter on her birthday last year. Really loved it (she’s 11). We really need to do it again!


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