Memories Captured April Linky!

What a fabulous Memories Captured this has been, thank you all so much for linking up! Alison and I have loved each and every one.

We’re thrilled to announce the two winners of the MyMemories Suite software – congratulations #29 Vivian of Confessions of a Vi3tBabe and #49 Greta of GFunkified

See you next month, May 14-18!

The sun reflected in tiny glints off of her hair and her helmet and her handlebars.

Her bike tilted in the way that bikes do and she let her feet skid to the ground, making that stopstopstopping noise.

The tip of her chin and the wrinkle of her brow and the set of her mouth told her story, and told it well.

“Try again.” He called in his best Dad Voice. “Keep going!” He added, for good, even measure.

And you know what? She did!

My girl rode her bike without training wheels this weekend, and I’m so very proud!

But my Happy, is laced with one teeny tiny cringe.

Not because of the millions of metaphors dot-to-dotting training wheels to growing and separating and maneuvering through this Big Kid parenting – although those cringes are, for sure, there.

I cringe because I missed this memory.

I was mid-obnoxciously loud laugh with my girlfriends when my phone beckoned with this message from Jason-

As the mom, I’m used to being the one in the Big Moment. Or at the very least the one behind the camera capturing it.

That’s what drew me to scrapbooking and photography and blogging.

And it’s what keeps me swooning for Memories Captured each month.

Luckily for me, Jason knows this.

And so do you.

Thank you for being here. Alison and I are so very excited to see what Memories you’ve Captured this month.

We’re also over the moon to partner with My Memories, a digital scrapbooking company!

At the end of the week, TWO of you will win $80 digital scrapbooking software! How completely fabulous is that?

The linky will be open April 16-20, the badge is in my sidebar, and you can find out more about Memories Captured here.

With that, let the linking and swooning begin!

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  1. OMg!!! Yay!!! That is so huge for a child…and her parents. I’d be sniffing all the way. Xoxo

  2. Your husband pretty much rocks for capturing all that for you! Yay for your bike rider!

  3. Ooh, BIG milestone, yay!!

  4. Such a big milestone! Good for her!

  5. So proud of your girl and I am happy I was mid-loud laugh with you. Love you girl. xo

  6. YAY! Go Kayli! I wasn’t around when my kids stopped using training wheels. My cousin watched them over night for our anniversary one year and when we picked them up they were BOTH riding w/o training wheels. Best. Anniversary. Present. Ever!

  7. Congratulations to her! That truly is a big moment for everyone.
    Now, if I could just get my Claire to want to try…

  8. Yay Kayli rocking the bike. Caroline figured this out late last year, just after she turned 8, and she’s building her proficiency this spring and summer. It’s the best feeling ever as a Mom to know she has that in her bag of life-skills. I’m so excited that your big girl does, too.

  9. she is sooooo beautiful and looks so great on her bike!
    I know about those times I missed…it’s been like that since they were born, but I’ve stopped being sad, and been happy that they are growing and learning and I don’t have to be there in every moment, because really I AM..I’m their mom in every moment.

    I love Capturing Moments…Memories..thank you so much for starting it with Alison and letting us show off our priceless MOMENTS.

    love you

  10. Yeah to your husband for getting it on video!
    And I’m also sad when I miss memories…

  11. Awww … way to go Kayli!!

  12. Yay! What a big girl moment!

  13. Honored that I was mid-laughing with you for that very big moment! Your husband wins “best hubby of the weekend” award, for sure.

  14. That’s awesome!

    If we were there for every milestone, yes, we would be happy about that, but we would also miss some of our own time, lose a little bit of ourselves. I’m glad we have great guys that will help us to not *really* miss those moments while we’re out getting some ME time.

  15. Great milestone and great picture. Glad your husband captured it all!

  16. What a great moment!! That is an exciting time in a child’s life, learning to ride a bike without the training wheels. So exciting.

  17. Oh, I know how much you must have hated to miss that. But yay for Jason for getting photographic evidence and double yay for Kayli! That’s so cool. xo

  18. How exciting!!!! It’s such fun to ride a bike.

  19. Awwww. That is such a big girl moment. Good for her.

  20. Yay!!! Such a big accomplishment!

  21. You gotta leave some of the big moments for daddy, right?! Bittersweet! She looks like a pro.

  22. Your hubby did a great job of capturing the moment to share with you. Such a milestone for your little girl.

  23. Fantastic! That’s wonderful her dad was able to capture this moment for you.

  24. Yay!!! Such an exciting milestone! And yes, it would have been great to be there…but sometimes it’s nice for the spouse to have those moments too (even if we really want to have them all). xo

  25. What a big day for her! (And you). Glad you got to see the video. Great guy you have there. :)

  26. Such a wonderful milestone captured on film! Congratulations!

  27. Leighann says:

    So great! No training wheels!!
    I love that your husband takes those shots for you

  28. What a great idea for a linkup. I just did a photo post on the 15th; I think I will link it here. gonna go grab the button and stick it on. (If it isn’t sacrilige to use a post that came before the 16th.) :)

  29. Way to go Jason! I have to get Bryan off a Blackberry and on an iPhone. STAT!

  30. Love this! Huge hug and pat on the back to your husband for capturing that moment, too.

    I feel like riding a bike is the first real taste of freedom a kid gets. Once my son mastered it, he was hooked. He loves the independence, and can be a big kid riding with his daddy.

    What fun for your daughter!!

  31. WOW!! That’s such a huge moment!!! So glad and happy that your husband was able to capture it for you!

  32. Way to go girl, congratulation.

  33. So happy for her. That is a huge milestone.

    I hate missing those moments in my children’s life, but I do realize that I have to “share” with my hubby. :)

    You are lucky he got such great pictures!

  34. Good for her! That’s a big milestone. I still remember the day I rode my bike for the first time without training wheels – where I was and how I felt. I’m sorry you missed the actual memory, but you certainly captured it well here (thanks to the miracle of modern technology of course). 😉

  35. That’s a big moment! I love this link up series, but right now we’re potty training, and I’m sure none of those pictures are internet suitable. 😉

  36. I love that he got it on video for you… Great job Kayli!! WAHOO!! 😀

  37. Oh! What an exciting time!! Love it!

  38. Oops! Forgot!
    First time linking up with you gals…I’ve watched for a while, but never jumped on board…hope I did it correctly! :)

  39. I am so glad he captured this wonderful moment for you! Hooray!

  40. It’s awesome that you have a video of the big day!

  41. Congrats to Kayli on her first solo bike ride! it’s great that you have a video of the milestone event.

    (visiting via Blogger Comment Club)

  42. Awesome for Kayli – what a great milestone. :) It is so tough when we do miss out on moments – glad your hubby taped the video for you. :)

  43. So exciting!!!! My 6 year old just took off her training wheels not long ago. So fun!

  44. Great achievement for her. You had the proud moments to share. The lessons of riding stay with her, to be shared with future generations…

  45. What an amazing accomplishment for Kayli – and, yes, one replete with metaphors for you and her alike. How lovely that your husband shares your love for capturing memories – and that his images combined with your words to share this one with us. xo

  46. So, so sweet!! I know that stopstopstopping sound….I love the way you put that.

  47. I’ve had to drop offline so much lately – I had no idea you even had this link up which is so perfect.

    My son learned to ride his bike last February – a moment I found exhilarating and terrifying – the boy has no fear.

    But the pure joy and pride on his face – so worth it.

    Kayli appears to be the same. :)

  48. I always tell myself that having laugh-out-loud friends of my own is a gift to my kids. I love that they see these relationships I treasure. That’s what I tell myself, anyway 😉

  49. No training wheels – that’s so exciting! We’re a long way off from that in my family…but getting closer!

  50. Aww! What a big girl! I still vividly remember my Dad teaching me how to ride my bike. Big day!

  51. Aw… I just found out that my mom showed my son how to fold his clothes when I wasn’t looking. That’s not a very exciting thing, but it was still an “Oh” moment, you know? But it is so exciting when they learn to ride a bike without training wheels! Yay!

  52. Oh, so sorry you missed it, but glad your husband knows you so well!
    No training wheels is a huge accomplishment :)

  53. I missed Asher’s big bike day as well. I was having a girl’s weekend in Vegas! I am so grateful for my iPhone and that my husband thought to record and send me the first moments of that big day.

    These milestones always seem to happen when you least expect it. Congrats to her!

  54. Awww, love this :) What a proud moment (and whether or not you were there to witness it, there are so many big achievements still ahead!). XOXO


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