Memories Captured!

They wake each other up in the mornings.

Stepping and stumbling and maneuvering their way down the hall and the stairs and the kitchen until they make their way to me.

And when they do, they face me, standing shoulder to shoulder.

My staircase.

Of tousled hair and sleepy eyes and off kilter pajamas.

Of cheeks and voices and thoughts still kissed with night.

Of dreams on the tips of one breath, and plans for the day in the next.

As the sun slants through “the big door”, it frames them, and I can’t help but want to do the same.

I want to slow them down just like this.

The way they laugh and play and love and sometimes argue, all of it.

Because one of summer’s greatest gifts is this kind of spaceless together.


Alison and I are over the moon to start a new tradition with you — a once a year Memories Captured! A time for all of us to slow down and zoom in on our moments, and tell their story.

We can’t wait to swoon for your stories, and can’t think of a better way to celebrate them than with books!

We’re thrilled and grateful to be giving away five amazing books signed by their stunning authors!

Forty Beads: The Simple, Sexy Secret for Transforming Your Marriage by Carolyn Evans

Motherhood Comes Naturally (and Other Vicious Lies) by Jill Smokler

Actual Organics: The Radiant Woman’s Handbook by Joanna Runciman

Lost in Suburbia by Tracy Beckerman
Our linky will be open through Friday evening, you can find out more about Memories Captured — and find the badge — here, and with that –let the linking and the swooning begin!

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  1. Oh I love this imagery Galit and your words! Spaceless together –> Yes! So happy that you and Alison are back with Memories Captured this month.

  2. HeartStaircases – YES!

    I couldn’t be more thrilled, doing MC with you again. xoxo

  3. “Spaceless together” and slowing things down. YES. I’m feeling it, completely, as evidenced by my MC post for this month! SO glad you and Alison have resurrected it. I’m looking forward to going back to the heart of blogging.

  4. The spaceless together is so beautiful.

    I love your picture – it is sweet and sassy.

  5. Glad it’s back and will link-up! xo

  6. Love this and get this so. I love space-less time. It’s one of the reasons why summer is so precious.

  7. My favorite meme – so glad to see it back! xo

  8. Yes, yes and yes – love this picture and your words, Galit!

  9. That picture is my favorite one you’ve ever posted. :-)

    I will be linking up tomorrow or Wed and I love your book giveaway.

  10. What a fantastic photo – it captures the sweet and the fun. I love ‘spaceless together’ – what a perfect way to express that feeling of close-yet-free this time of year brings. :)

  11. LOVE this. And your writing is oh-so gorgeous. I hope to join up by Friday!

  12. This is a description of the perfect morning for me. And a staircase, yes, that’s such a wonderful way to put it.

  13. Yes…the gift of summer is togetherness. I feel that too…and I love this image, Galit :) Can’t wait to link up later this week :)

  14. Heart stairsteps… I love that term.

  15. Love this!! I’m so happy Memories Captured is back. I’ll be linking up soon!

  16. I could probably leave the arguing, but I know what you mean… 😉 That photo is the BEST!

    Thanks for hosting MC again!

  17. Oh! Once a year? That’s all? So sad!! I was SO thrilled to see you ladies back!!

    But either way, these moments are so beautiful. I’ve missed keeping up with your lovelies and these words. :) Hoping to link up this time!!

  18. Their faces oh so adorable!
    And your words, my friend? Perfection that oozes with so much love.

  19. Oh I love “spaceless together” what a wonderful description.

  20. Ah… once again you capture the moment that is beyond words, and yet you find them. Beautiful Galit. As always. I may try this sometime this week, if I can catch my breath to capture those fleeting special moments long enough to write about them…

  21. Such gorgeous words, such an awesome memory. Thank you for starting this meme. It forced me to write something I’d been trying to figure out how to say!

  22. As, such a sweet, sweet picture! Thank you again for including me in this project. It’s such a wonderful idea. Enjoy your kiddos! Much nachas!

  23. Your children are such a beautiful staircase of your love. That picture is priceless! The faces tell the secrets of their personalities.

    LOVED your entire post. But my favorite line was:
    “I want to slow them down just like this.”

    YES. I want to slow mine down as well. Where do I find the slow mo button on this life?


  24. I just imagine all of your days with warm sunshine and lots of love. And I bet your house always smells like cookies. :)

  25. I do love those moments when the children all are in love with each other. When there is no fighting — only laughter. Last night all ours slept together in blankets in front of TV. It made me smile to see them all there together fast asleep this morning.

  26. LOVE the staircase imagery. Beautiful. They’re so sweet when they wake up, aren’t they? So glad you brought this series back!

  27. I liked this meme so much it made me happy to see it back! :-)

  28. that’s my favorite part of summer. The spaceless together. beautiful. we’re slowing down too….

  29. So glad you did Memories Captured this month! Perfect timing. And I’ve missed you in my big gaps of blogging. I’ve loved seeing your successes, though, which I’m keeping up with!

  30. Your children are so lucky that they will get to read these lovely words that you wrote about them someday (or now?). Love that picture, it is so clearly full of their personalities.

  31. The perfect little staircase! Spaceless. YES.

  32. What a great photograph! While your words always hold my attention, I couldn’t love this picture more.

  33. I always love your words, Galit. It doesn’t seem fair that we can’t freeze them. I’d have to pass on freezing the arguments, but I guess I had the choice to freeze them at all, I’d settle for ANY moment. Beautiful kids! Thanks for hosting!

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