Love Letters

Dear Friends,

Each month, I look forward to Memories Captured in the same way that I look forward to winter’s first snowfall, spring’s first thaw, summer’s first swim and fall’s first leaf pile.

With delicious anticipation.

January 2011 – Our first Memories Captured linky

I love diving into your captured moments with you, peeking into a slice of your story that’s my privilege to read and see and savor.

Memories Captured is truly the heart of why I blog.

Taking moments and slowing them down, zooming in on them placing them in my pocket for cooler days, that’s what this — all of this — is about.

I know Alison feels the exact same way.

April 2012 – Spring, Memories Captured style

So when, seemingly out of nowhere, our second February of Memories Captured rolled around, we knew we wanted to stop and thank you.

Thank you for sharing your moments with us. Your belly laughs and heart tugs have become our own. And for that, we’re so very grateful to you.

July 2012 – Summer, Memories Captured style

All beautiful things, have their seasons. Like my coveted snowfalls and thaws, swims and leaves, we’re starting a new phase with Memories Captured.

From now on, we’ll gather around our virtual cocktails and chocolate for Memories Captured twice a year — June and December.

Same captured memories, same fabulous sponsors, just a little less often.

October 2012 – Fall, Memories Captured style

We can’t wait to dive into your moments today, and then again in June.

Because we’re head over heels in love with you and your captured memories, which seems ever-so-appropriate to declare during Valentine’s Day week.

So Happy Valentine’s Day sweet friends, and thank you for being here, with us! xo


Our February sponsor is makemine Body Care. makemine is generously offering one lucky linker a $90 Natural Glow Skin Package complete with a Lime & Lavender Himalayan Salt Scrub, a Get Your Glow on Body Oil and a Buttery Shea Oil. How completely fabulous does that sound?

Our linky will be open Febuary 11th – 15th at 9:PM, the badge is in my sidebar, and you can find out more about Memories Captured here.

With that, let the linking and the swooning begin!


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  1. Have loved doing this with you for so long, and I know that MC will be back better and bigger! Love you. xoxo

  2. –Wonderful Photos.

    Fabulous Memories. Xx

  3. I have loved linking up with you lovely ladies! Thank you for hosting such a fun and memorable link up.

  4. I have loved Memories Captured and sharing all these lovely moments with you and Alison and the wonderful community of bloggers. Will anxiously await its return. PS – I do love seeing your writing everywhere. It makes me so happy.

  5. First of all I love linking up with the both of you. This was a link up made from the heart! Secondly, YAY!!!! For having makemine as the sponsor for this month! I am fortunate enough to have met them and they are even more wonderful than their products (and their products are AMAZING!). I’ll be joining in on Wednesday! See you then!! xo

  6. I have so enjoyed linking up with you both over the past few months; I have loved seeing and sharing the memories. I look forward to its return in June!

  7. What I have loved about this link-up is really stopping and appreciating what I love about my child and remembering all the fun moments. So many really that I can’t even put it into words. Your pics are beautiful and I really love the quotes.

  8. So much fun! You guys always look like you’re having so much fun!

  9. I love the concept of memories captured, it is 75% of why I blog. To write down those memories, to capture them with words and pictures and make them more permanent in our minds somehow. I always hate when I don’t have the time to capture them all and worry that I will somehow forget them if I haven’t cemented them somewhere I can come back to and remember.

  10. It is such a warm, wonderful link up. And how I met you and Alison! Looking forward to sharing my memories come June!

  11. Sigh. Your words always weave magic and your pictures are always, always gorgeous. Happy Valentines Day! I am so proud of you for all of your new writing adventures (which are amazing!!) and of you and Alison for knowing when to step back. Memories Captured is my absolute favorite link up and I’m so glad it will still be around twice a year. xoxo

  12. I love how you let things evolve so naturally and take us all along for the ride. xo.

  13. Happy Valentine’s Day, Galit! Wonderful pictures…my favorite is the sunrays shining on your children…just as it should be.

  14. So glad you’ll still be doing this, because it’s a lovely thing to participate in. I always enjoy thinking about what I want to capture. Will of course be with you in the new format. xx

  15. ooh, I just adore that last photo and quote! So true! And I adore you and this link up, of course! Thanks Galit and Alison!! xoxo

  16. Your words are & always will be such a comfort to my soul! I love your writing & am so happy to be seeing it everywhere, so well deserved! Thank you & Alison for hosting such a beautiful linkup each month, I look forward to its return in June! xo

  17. Love these pictures and love this link up.. just another reason to look forward to June.


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