Listening Ears

I remember the first time I realized that my girls are always listening to what I say — when I’m not necessarily talking to them. It was when one of them repeated a word I use or a story I told or even an inflection I rely on. And I paused and listened and looked and noticed that they pick up on what I put out there and, often, they mirror me.

I’ve written a lot about my decision to tell my girls why I exercise — because it makes me stronger and puts me in a better mood. They shrug at the former and nod vigorously at the latter; I’m okay with that.

girl laughing

Photo via the ridiculously talented Nicole Spangler Photography

I’ve also talked to them about why I’m conscious about what I eat — I’ve made poor food choices in the past and I want to change that.

(Almost) every time, I’ve followed this answer-what-they-ask philosophy with my girls. They know about cycles and bodies and changes, they know about real terminology and body image and advertising.


Photo via the ridiculously talented Nicole Spangler Photograpy

But there was one time when I had no idea how to answer their questions — about my choices.

I wrote about this at Everyday Family and I’d so love for you to come over there and weigh in.


Do you tell your kids allthethings? How do you explain nights out or — if you’ve taken them — classes like these?

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  1. It’s so hard to explain things to my kids (at least for me). I do try to give them what they need in the moment, and try not to go farther than what they asked. It’s hard for me since these conversations were awkward and uncomfortable with my mom, they now always feel awkward and uncomfortable for me with anyone. Fun things to get over. :)

    • Hee! Fun things to get over, indeed!

      I try to *not* make them awkward as much as I can — but omg, I struggled with this one! Aak

      Thanks for the note and the in-it-togetherness, sister! Both mean the world to me!

  2. Ha! How did I miss this status update? I’ve never taken pole dancing classes, but I totally would. Can’t wait to hear more about it!!!

    • It really was fun! And the awkward part that I had after the fact should be a non-issue for you because your littles are… little! So what I’m really saying is: Go. For. It. (And then report back what you thought!)

  3. Can’t wait to read this! Heading over!

  4. Oh how fun, Galit! I tell my son I have a yoga class once a week. His reactions? He wants to go too hahaha. Good luck with the class it sounds like a great fun.

    • Hi girl! My kids are all over yoga, too! So, so different, yes? I have no problem explaining that one! :)

      Thanks so much for the note, love seeing your face! :)