Kissing Wonder

:: 2011 ::

-Getting lost in winter white-

-Raising cheeks for an early thaw-

-Celebrating firsts as the youngest-

-And the oldest-

-Finding sparks-

-And hidden gems-

-Noticing how very much I have-

-Daring to step away, and to land softly right where I belong-

-Loosened heartstrings, two kids off to school-

-Still bungee corded, holding one hand at a time-

 -Kissing all of my wonders-

-And gifting myself the chances to slow down, zoom in, and just keep breathing.-

Here’s to adventure and sparkle and kissing wonder in

:: 2012 ::

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  1. Love the pictures from each month…they were so cute!

  2. Looks like your family enjoyed a beautiful 2011! I hope 2012 is even better and that you continue to enjoy every moment and every memory as it is made.

    Much love to you, Galit!

  3. What glorious pictures! I love the snow at the end!

  4. Looks like a fabulous year Galit, filled with wonder, excitement and fun!
    Wishing you a very happy 2012!

  5. Beautiful pictoral year in review. Love how happy & content with life your family is. Even when there’s ups and downs, you all just keep breathing. :> May 2012 be filled with smiles & giggles!

  6. OH Galit, how lucky and blessed I am to know you….to have my path and heart to cross with yours this see the smiles of your children and read your words….it brings me to tears.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR my beautiful friend, may 2012 bring you EVERY GOOD THING your heart desires. xo

  7. I adore these pictures and the words to go with them. So beautiful and touching. As always, thanks for sharing so much of you!

  8. Loved reading these and the pictures were so wonderful. Your so good with words. 😉

  9. So beautiful. What a year of wonder.

  10. Galit, You have a gift for capturing pure joy in your photos. I just love them!

  11. Galit, you do it every time. Whether pictures or words, you cause me to catch my breath. Love this look at your year. Thanks for linking up with me.

  12. Love this, my friend! What kissable littles you have…

  13. Such a lovely year you’ve all had! Happy 2012!

  14. a beautiful look back at 2011

  15. Such a beautiful tribute to 2011, I have so enjoyed this year with you.

  16. LOVE these so much. Happy New Year! xo

  17. What a beautiful way to recap your year. By the looks of it, you had an awesome year, Galit. Wishing you the best for a fantastic 2012! Happy New Year! :-)

  18. You have such lovely children, Galit. Thanks for sharing their richness, love and beauty with all of us.

  19. Beautiful! What a nice way to capture the year, even if it went too fast.

  20. Aw. How sweet – hope 2012 is just as joyous!

  21. “Kissing wonder”. Wow. I am going to carry those words with me forever. Thank you.

  22. Thanks for a year of sharing yourself:

    Your wonder, your words, your insights, your questions.
    And of course your heart.

    Yes, thank you for sharing your heart.

  23. Such a great recap! I’ve so enjoyed finding your blog this year!

  24. —All the photos are classic…but the last one is Priceless.xx

  25. Beautiful year, beautiful family.

    All the best in 2012!


  26. I think it’s incredible how much your kids look like you! It’s been a wonderful year finding your blog and enjoying your writing. I hope the new year is full of love & happiness for all.

  27. Beautiful! Happy New Year!

  28. Loving your photos and words. They spoke to my heart.

  29. What a lovely way to capture a year!
    xo and Happy 2012 to you!

  30. I loved how you recapped your year in such a poetic way!

  31. Galit – your photography is so amazing. I love your story of the year through your pics. Looking so forward to 2012!

  32. A bountiful year indeed for you and your family, Galit! Beautiful tribute to the passing year and what it meant to you. Your children are such blessings! Seeing their pics, one can’t help but smile…

    May beautiful moments and happy memories surround you and your loved ones throughout the new year! Thank you for your wonderful friendship and support. It means more to me than words could ever express.

  33. Love, love, love.

    You always unearth the gems. I love that about you.

    I love YOU. I so do.


  34. Love the pictures – your kids are gorgeous! :)

  35. Looks like a beautiful, wonderful, magical 2011. Wishing you all that and more in 2012!

  36. So beautiful.
    what a ride 2011 has been eh?
    I wisht you much love and good health in 2012.

  37. What a wonderful year you had Galit and I’m so happy I got to hug you in person. Hope to see you again one day. Happy New Year.

  38. A lovely year in photos! I don’t know the circumstances in the November photo, but that’s a great one! 😀

  39. Charmed life, Galit. Charmed life! Wishing you another year of the same blessings!

  40. I loved going through the year in photos of your kids. Such a beautiful family with amazing hearts…it shows in every captured photo. Happy New Year to your and your family! Looking forward to more of your amazing writing in 2012.

  41. I absolutely love the last photo. What a perfect, wintery picture.

  42. What a wonderful way to recap the year. You have wowed me for a while with you writing – but your photos – incredible too. Happy New Year!

  43. So sweet. Cheers to kissing wonder.

  44. It’s been so wonderful getting to know you over 2011

  45. These pictures are beautiful and you just say the BEST things!
    I can’t be eloquent about it. I guess I’m a little jealous 😉
    I love how you express yourself, Galit.
    Happy New Year!

  46. Happy New Year Galit!

  47. I love this chronology of events, Galit. And how much love oozes from each picture and each word. You have a truly magnificent family. All the very best now and going forward. XOXO

  48. Beautiful words, gorgeous pictures.