Joining the Moonfrye Team!

I have something I’m bursting to tell you.

Soleil Moon Frye, most known for her lovable childhood role as Punky Brewster and her inspiring grown up role as the spokesperson for perfectly imperfect parenting, children’s right to play, and families’ right to savor their moments together, has launched a new site where stories of motherhood, and childhood, are shared.

I’m over the moon to be a contributing voice there!

I’m thrilled because I’ve adored Soleil since neon and jelly bracelets and off the shoudler shirts were in style the last time, yes.

But mostly because her call to fall in love with motherhood with all of its mess and chaos and bumps pulls at every single one of my heartstrings.

And I know it does the exact same for you, which is why you and I are such a perfect fit, and why you’ll fall in love with Soleil and Moonfrye just like I did.

Braced by my assignment editor, Jenny Feldon of Karma Continued, a slew of gorgeous writers, and my dear, dear friend Katie Hurley of Practical Parenting and Clomid and Cabernet, I’m thrilled to show you the new site!

And to invite you to come read my first post, Siblings at Sunrise, and to check out the other ridiculously fabulous kick-off posts.

Thank you for coming with me, and for believing in the beauty of chaos, I can’t wait to see you there! xo

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