Interfaith Hearts

“Just one more?” They harmonize. Edging on whining, but not quite diving into it.

Jason nods into the rearview mirror, and smooths into yet another neighborhood.

The five of us ooh and aah over the brightest of lights and the biggest of displays.

I breathe this moment in- the dark, the glow, the cold.

Their pajama-ed legs tucked beneath them as cookie crumbs grace their lips and shirts and somehow, even their cheeks.

And just for an instant I revel in our cocoon.

But that’s not really how it goes, is it? There are friends and family, new and old, whose stories weave with ours.

There are questions that my children need to learn how to answer.

What did you ask Santa for? What is Jewish? Do you go to church?

And I, search for the most graceful words to teach them to use when these kindnesses are splayed.

Our family added new words to our story this year. Christmas. Ornaments. Santa Claus.

This new space has been sweet, and our landing has been soft.

And I want to tell you why that is.

My friend, novelist Tess Hardwick, asked me to write about faith and friendship, and I did.

It would mean the world to me if you came to Tess’s to read our story.

Tess, is golden. Her space, is lovely. And this conversation, is important. I can’t wait to see you there, sweet friends!

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