How To Throw An Awesome Super Hero Birthday Party

superhero birthday party ideas

Now THIS is a birthday party! #superhero

Brody started kindergarten and turned six all in the same week — I can’t even tell you how many loops my heart has made in the last few days.

The basics are that he’s tired and happy. And the important part of this story (according to him) is that he had an awesome birthday party — a super one, if you will.

We went for simple, inexpensive, and fun. Here’s how it went.

1. Invitations: Calling All Super Heroes!


We used this free design from Evite. Adorbs, right?

superhero birthday party invitation

2. Dress Code: Super Hero Costumes Required


We asked Brody’s friends to wear Super Hero costumes to the party.

This was EXCITING and FUN. We took pictures as soon as they got there. It was the quietest five minutes of the party.

superhero birthday party ideas

3. Super Hero Training: Donut-Haters Need Not Apply


Jason — dressed up as Darth Vader or Nick Fury, the verdict is still out on that one — told the boys they had to go through “Super Hero training” in order to be official. Ohmyheart, I love my guy.

For the “training” we did an obstacle course using what we already had at home as play equipment and supplemented with things like silly string, streamers, and donuts.

Yes, donuts. You’ll see why.

superhero games birthday party For the obstacle course, the boys went across the monkey bars, dropped down, and,

superhero birthday party supplies Went bobbling for donuts!

We strung yarn and ribbon through the donuts and were going to hang them from the end of the monkey bars, but Jason just ended up holding them up high which was faster and simpler.

We put the donuts in the fridge before taking them outside which made the messiness factor smaller, but having wipes nearby is never a bad idea when it comes to parties (and donuts!).

superhero games birthday party After the donuts (and the donut clean-up), the boys climbed up to the swing set club house and threw “bombs” (big bouncy balls) into a ball bucket.

super hero birthday party games After their turn, they went down the slide, hoola-hoop hopped,

superhero birthday party games And army crawled through “lasers.”

This was so much fun! Those are tomato stakes with streamers taped to them.

superhero birthday party ideas 6 year old Once they got to the other side, they worked as a team to make a building out of blocks,

super hero birthday party ideas 6 year oldThen knock it down with frisbees, like you do when you’re a Super Hero.

We already had the blocks and we asked everyone to bring a frisbee.

They each took as many turns throwing frisbees as it took to knock down a portion of the building and once it was all down? They did it all over again (and again!).

superhero birthday party activitiesWhich brought us to the last part of their training: Get the bad guys.

We put some of Brody’s “guys” on the block bin and told the kids to get the bad guys… with Silly String!

superhero birthday party supplies super hero birthday party supplies superhero games birthday party Later in the party, when we were less “organized” and more “sugar rushed,” Jason had the kids make balls out of the Silly String and see how far they could throw them.

There was plenty of… material to work with!

superhero games birthday party

4. Feed Your Heroes: (Super) Power Food

After all that training, these Heroes were hungry, so it was time to eat.

The kids made their own Super Mix — Spiderman Cheez-Its, microwave popcorn, and candy that Brody loves.

The containers are pages out of a 99 cent Super Hero coloring book rolled into cones.

food for a superhero birthday party food for a super hero birthday party super hero birthday party food ideas They also had Awesome Juice — Plain and Life Water wrapped in Super Hero duct tape.

superhero birthday party food ideas

drinks for a super hero birthday party And ate Magnificent Munchies like “Super Dogs.”

superhero party food ideas super hero birthday party food

5. When Heroes Get Creative: DIY Super Hero Capes

After they ate we moved inside to make capes. These, I love so very much.

I’ll tell you what worked really well here and what you absolutely need to learn from my mistakes!

marvel comics birthday party ideasI bought these felt capes from Michael’s ($7). They velcro at the top and are bright, colorful, and pure fun. Brody picked the colors and we bought one big embellishment ($3) for each cape.

I also bought plain sheets of peel-and-stick felt ($1) to pre-make the first letter of each of the boys’ names and a few extra embellishments out of — stars and lighting bolts and shields.

how to make super hero capes for a birthday partyThe boys loved this activity and did such a nice job with it!

superhero capes directionsBut here’s what could have gone better — we ran out of the extra embellishments quickly.

I thought 2-3 for each cape would be perfect. Not so much. And those little eyes when we ran out absolutely slayed me. So I would pre-make a few more of those.

And the most important two words I can say about these capes: Fabric glue.

A craftier person would have immediately thought of that. but I didn’t and when they put their capes on and started running around — because, Super Heroes — the letters started falling off one at a time. So sad (for me!).

Here they are laying down so I could quick-fix them with rolled duct tape (thank goodness for duct tape) before they went home.

diy capes for a superhero birthday party

So, again: Fabric glue.

superhero birthday party crafts

6. Sweet Treats: Traditional Party Favors

We ended the party with one last game called, “Human Piñata.” My goodness, this was fun!

The concept here was a piñata with a twist — a little bit more active and Super Hero-ish.

superhero birthday party games ideasMy kids filled water balloons before the party and my girls played the “villains” — the Super Heroes had to get them each at least once and then the villains would be forced to toss candy their way.


We gave each of the boys party bags to fill with candy and the candy, capes, and two balloons became the take-home party favors.

super hero birthday party games ideas

7. Balloons, Cakes, and Chalkboards: Small Details That I Loved


So there was nothing fancy about this party — Brody had his best buddies over from preschool and they ran and played and ate treats and it was really mostly just fun to see them together again, reunited after a week at separate schools.

But I also loved these small details — decorating with balloons, a big impact with little cost and effort, and then sending them home as party favors. Double duty for the win, right?

The duct tape and coloring book pages were also simple ways to up the theme without a lot of cost or work.

We pre-bought Brody’s cake. (Target, $20).

superhero birthday cakes

The girls made Super Hero themed signs on these sweet chalkboard stands (Michael’s, $4) using liquid chalk markers (Amazon, $25) that I’m ridiculously smitten with.

superhero birthday party decorations

And our family joined in the fun dressing up, too.

Jason had his Darth Vader (Nick Fury?) costume from Halloweens past and I love my Captain America shirt (Target, $13) and the girls’ Venom (Amazon, $15) and Phoenix (Amazon, $17) shirts were a big hit!

superhero shirts for a birthday partySo that’s it. At the end of the party the boys were happy and we were exhausted, so pretty much all was well with our world.

Thank goodness for age six, easy parties, and the absolutely sweetest of Super Heroes!

Now THIS is a birthday party! #superhero

superhero birthday party fun ideas


how to throw a superhero birthday party

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  1. What a great party–looks like it was so much fun! You had so many great ideas, love it. We are a huge fan of backyard parties too. And our daughter is in the same boat as him–last year, first day of Kindergarten = her 6th birthday! Similar scheduling this year…suppose it will always feel like a crazy/fun/emotional week for her and us, and sounds like you too!

    • Oh how I love that we share that! It *is* crazy emotional, isn’t it?

      And yes, I think backyard parties are so very much fun!

      Happy back to school and birthday week to you and yours! :)

  2. So dang adorable! Happy 6 B! xo

  3. Ooh, I JUST LOVE THIS PARTY THEME! So much fun and games, which is really what 6 year olds want, yes? I can see myself throwing this kind of party for my guys, who are obsessed with Spiderman (I tell you, my 2 year old would go mad for that cake).

    So brilliant, Galit!

    • Oh thank you, sweets, so, so much! People always say they just want to PLAY, and that was so true here!

      And the cake! I know! Those eyes light up and Brody considers that cake topper one of his presents! W-i-n!

  4. So so fun!! Definitely bookmarking this as my little guy isn’t quite a superhero yet but I feel pretty certain that this will be a kind of party I need to throw someday. Absolutely love that obstacle course! And the cape making is totally something I can get into :)

    • Oh lovelovelove that our guys share/ will share this kind of memory! (And that we mamas will, too!)

      Thank you for the note, friend, so very much!

  5. What a great party and fun activities! I really enjoyed reading this, even though we are too big for Superhero parties these days (or are we?) :)