Gift Ideas for Her

Kayli and I went away this weekend.

It was a mother-daughter escape to the woods filled with laughter and food and sleep and then more food (and more laughter).

mothers and daughters

Photos taken by mothers and daughters, just the way it should be.

At night, I sat with my friends in a dimmed room lit only by candles and twinkle lights listening to nine girls negotiate movies and put glitter tattoos on themselves “because doing each other’s didn’t go so well” and laugh and sometimes cry and just be together. It was lovely.

In the morning, I slept in. This was also lovely.

When I finally awoke, I wrapped my fingers around hot coffee and my mind around how very pretty even a grey day can look when it overlooks bare trees and a big lake and a wide-open, seemingly never-ending sky.

My eyes rested on my friends who were already up and showered and dressed and the girls who sat shoulder to shoulder on what might be the coziest couch ever, flipping through magazines.

From the back, their hair looked like a glittery, ombre sea of chocolate and auburn and caramel. They were quieter than I had seen them, maybe ever, and seemed so very grown up and so very comfortable in their own skin and just being together.

This is what we want for our girls, isn’t it? That comfort, that strength, that friendship, and that ability to step away from the everyday, turn it off, and do nothing but relax for a day (or two).

This weekend felt like the beginning of the holiday season to me. Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are just around the corner and Christmas isn’t far behind.

I’m ready for lights and baking and music and as many cozy moments like the ones above that I can possibly squeeze into the next few weeks.

In honor of girls and friendship and the holidays nipping at our toes, I want to share with you three things that I’m absolutely in love with right now, that I think you might want for yourself or for the women you love. Because I’ve decided that self care and friendship? Is so where it’s at this season.

cashmere sweater

Every Woman Needs… Cozy

grey sweater

Photos taken by Kayli who told me to, “Put some sass into it.” Love her.

Everlane’s cashmere collection is soft and luxurious. They’re a socially responsible company that you can feel good about supporting and wearing. Their crew-neck is to die for using a delicate-to-the-touch top grade cashmere in fine 12-gauge knit. But mostly, it’s a beautiful sweater that feels like you’re taking care of yourself every single time you slip it on. And when you say thank you for the million (and one!) compliments you receive while wearing it? That’s nice, too. I reviewed the grey sweater above and can’t say enough about how in love I am with it.

… Glitter

mixed metals

Photos via Lisa Lehmann. Stunning, yes?

Lisa Lehmann’s jewelry line is handmade, modern, trendy, and beautiful. Lisa is a stunning human being, bringing light and beauty wherever she goes and every single piece in her jewelry line is a must-have. I wear the Full Moon Pendant and the Long Mixed Metal necklace above almost everyday because supporting a woman-owned business and wearing stunning Notice Me jewelry? I call that a win-win, sisters.

… And a moment — or two — to breathe Me, too.


Photos of the next books to grace your nightstand. You’re welcome.

Books. Just the words makes me happy, but nothing makes me swoon more than the power of words to bring people together, to show us that in the grittiest of details and story-telling, we are more alike than we are different. So it should be no surprise that books are on my short list. The books above are three of my favorite reads from this year. I can’t wait for you to slip your fingers through these pages and fall in love the words between them, and the women who penned them.

Karma Gone Bad by Jenny Feldon is a beautifully written memoir about woman’s journey from being a latte-drinking East-coaster to a water buffalo appreciating expat in India.

Fancy Feet by Heidi Cave is one woman’s story about what it takes to come back from a tragic accident and the darkest of times. Heidi’s humaneness and golden heart shine through every single one of this memoir’s beautiful words.

The Her Stories Project edited by Jessica Smock and Stephanie Sprenger is a collection of essays from over 50 women writers, encompassing tales from the sandbox to the inbox. Nothing fascinates me more than the power of female friendship and fifty women (I’m one of them!) writing about this topic from the nooks and crannies of their hearts make this anthology not only a must-read that you can get lost in, nodding your way through with those ever-important Mmm-hmms and Me, toos, but this book also makes a perfect gift, like everything else on this list.

Now it’s your turn! What must-have is at the tippy-top of your holiday list for you?

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  1. What perfect gifts. I want all of them. xo

  2. I’m loving all of these ideas! Especially the books – you know that is where my true heart lies.

  3. muah! xoxo

  4. Cashmere, glitter and books… what more is there?

    Love the mother/daughter photos.

    • Thank you, sister! I really and truly love them, too!

      (And I know, right? Chocolate is the only thing missing as far as I’m concerned! And for you? Maybe a ‘lil Dave! :))

  5. oooooooooooh. cashmere.

  6. Sounds like a fab weekend! and I’m LOVING that jewelry!

  7. Oh Galit! You are a marvel! And just so kind. Thank you for this. Love you to bits!!

  8. Ha, I love the sass :)
    Fun list!
    You know, I haven’t thought about my list. I’m still thinking about what to give the girls.

    • Hee! Right? And I so *love* that the directive came from my girl! :)

      And I know, I know! We rarely (if ever?) actually get to think of ourselves in the midst of gift-giving! But I say we need to sometimes!

  9. Great Gifts! Definitely books and something cozy. I could use a cozy new bathrobe– my favorite piece of clothing.

    • Oh Anna, how I love that that’s you’re favorite piece of clothing! A cozy one would be an absolute gem, wouldn’t it?

  10. Galit you are soo gifted with your ability to write – and more more importantly capture the feeling, vibe, ambience of the weekend witb the girls You Go Galit!

  11. This was so fun. I think your sass may just have been a little infectious!

  12. You make me want to take a trip with my Karly.
    She’s 14.

    How much longer would she want to do that with me? Just us girls?

    I need to.

    As for your gift ideas, they are brilliant. And sassy. And cozy.
    My favorite things.

  13. Cozy, glitter, books: you’re speaking my language. :)


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