Footsteps Through Fall

Leaves crinkle beneath my feet.

Air crisps against my cheeks.

Bonfire smoke dances towards my heart.

I glimpse splashes of color and they paint this moment in.

Dirt the color of the perfect cup of coffee is kissed with golden yellows, bright reds, shocking oranges.

Small sneakered footprints carve my path, lead my way.

Etched deep inside, I know that the word “small” doesn’t fit anymore.

I will this ache out, let my heartstrings in.

Strong steps, determined mouths, helping hands.

Brody slips, Kayli steadies him.

β€œAre you okay, Brods?” Chloe’s voice lilts in the breeze.

I’m warmed over- twice.

Guess what? This week’s RemembeRED prompt came from me. (I know!) I would absolutely love for you to join in. The prompt is to conjure anything you like -an object, a person, a feeling, a color, a season, whatever- in 100 words or less. Come link up at Write On Edge on Tuesday. I can’t wait to read what you conjure!


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  1. Well that helps immensely, thank you! And what a lovely photo πŸ˜‰

  2. Wow. Just wow.

    How you write, how you pull these images into my mind with just your words (and only 100 of them here!) just blows me away.


  3. You paint such a vivid picture in so few words, beautiful as always, Galit.

  4. 100 word? Great job with them. You always amaze me with your writing.

  5. I am in awe of your writing. This was beautifully perfect. xo

  6. Wow, that took my breath away while reading it, especially “I will this ache out, let my heartstrings in.” You are such a talented writer, and I can’t believe how much you portrayed in so few words!

  7. Galit, you know how I feel about your writing! This is another example. You’re just so good at playing with my head! lol.

    Beautiful words as always, this post has such a dreamy quality to it. Very you.

  8. Your writing is so beautiful and descriptive, I can see it all in my head. Love it. That picture is beautiful.

  9. I loved this and YOU. You “conjured” every single moment of watching your children grow as the seasons change and your heart expands with it. WOW. My friend. I’m just speechless.


  10. and you are working on a book or two or three – right?
    Awesomeness, sweet and pure!

  11. Simply gorgeous, Galit. They do look so independent here, and I love that the girls are concerned for their baby brother as they enjoy the day.

  12. Total poetry. That’s a high bar you’ve set there, friend.

  13. I just love the sounds and sights of fall!

  14. Simply? Awwwwwwwww.

    I love it when CJ stands up for his little sister . . . now, if only we could get that to be “are you ok?” rather than tackle the person trying to take her toy.

  15. Sibling love is truly heartwarming. You’re so right! :)

  16. Those moments of siblings caring for each other are priceless. This is a great prompt! Having a picture will help me stay within the 100 words. : )

  17. Beautiful. I love how you perfectly capture fall.

  18. There is truly nothing better than siblings helping each other. What a perfect fall day! Congrats on doing the prompt!

  19. This post made me sigh a contented sigh. Oh, how I love fall.

  20. What a beautifully written post. You are such an awesome writer. Glad I found you from the Writing on Edge site! You can John for that by the way. :-)

  21. Love doing exercises like this:

    6 words life.

    100 words emotion.

    SO much fun.

    Awesome job, Galit.

  22. Love this prompt, Galit. You did it perfectly! Awesome picture :)

  23. I love it! I was thinking about doing this prompt and about fall as well!

    I have another idea so maybe I still will!

  24. What a beautiful photo! And I see you’re reading Half Broke Horses. I LOVED that book!

  25. This is just gorgeous! I was right there with you. I hope I can write like you someday…. xoxo

  26. Stunning…simply stunning. Sigh…

  27. Absolutely beautiful!

    I love fall. I love it hugely, and reading this makes me long for it even more.

  28. You’re crazy brilliant with this:

    “I glimpse splashes of color and they paint this moment in”

    CRAZY. Brilliant. I love it all, but obviously that is my favorite line, this time anyway.

    Gorgeous, my friend.

  29. Once again you amaze me.

    I love the picture. We are still waiting patiently here for the leaves to change!

  30. That *is* a great moment. And I love the picture that goes with it.

  31. BalancingMama (Julie) says:

    Poetic! A lovely image. Beautiful post, Galit.


  32. I particularly liked this ‘I will this ache out, let my heartstrings in.’

  33. ‘Carve my path, lead my way’… Nice πŸ˜‰

  34. Your writing is fantastic as always, but I want to talk about the kids. πŸ˜‰ I love the kind and thoughtful people you are raising. Although I know it’s got to be difficult to watch them grow up, it has to be overwhelming to see what cool kids they are becoming. I’m always touched by the interactions of your family. So sweet.

  35. Galit, that was beautiful – thank you for sharing such a sweet moment!

  36. This was a great prompt and you captured it well.

  37. yes!! this is how i feel about Fall. really and truly, it’s such a magical time of year for me. the other day, i welled up with tears as i drove home marvelling at all the beauty surrounding me outside (and inside the car too- where Lovie sat singing in the back seat). :)

  38. I absolutely love this post! Your descriptions are beautiful, as is the picture. It’s such a wonderful thing to see your children helping each other out (especially since mine don’t do it that often).

  39. “They paint this moment in.”

    Such a beautiful image! I really enjoyed this.

  40. Love this-so descriptive, it’s like I’m standing next to you, watching everything. Beautiful.

  41. This brought me to a similar memory, from an autumn camping trip many, many years ago. Taking a very similar hiking trail! The sights, the sounds, you captured them all!

  42. Wonderful. And the steps not so little anymore. Sigh.

  43. It’s all there in the last two lines.

  44. Lovely. I can smell those leaves! Great job.

    I too look at footprints that were once small and wish for more time…. Sigh.


  45. Can I? Will I? Could I EVER write like Galit? Oh how I wish!

  46. lovely. beautiful color words and emotional images!

  47. All I had to do was read your title and I immediately thought of crunchy leaves!
    Your description is what I remember so well from the change in seasons when I lived in Michigan!

  48. I totally think you should submit this as a poem to Vox Poetica. It is fantastic. I think my own heart was warmed seeing how your children take care of each other. Precious.

  49. Again you tug on my heartstrings. Your photo and words, when strung together, weave such a wonderful fall tapestry.

  50. Love this, Galit! Fall is working hard to win my love.

  51. Gorgeous imagery Galit.
    I often wish my daughter would stop getting older but then she keeps doing amazing things that make me excited to see what’s next.


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