Driving Stories

“Look Mama!” Brody calls from the backseat.

My heart skips as I slow.

Did I veer (again)? Hop onto the curb (again)? Miss my turn (sigh, again)?

“Look, a truck!” He points out the window- his fingers chubby, delicious.

“A big green truck.” His voice smooth, also delicious.

I dig deep into my limited truck knowledge searching for something (anything) to say other than, “That’s right, buddy. A truck.”

Enter Chloe.

“Brods, look- the truck bed is empty. What do you think that Daddy will carry in there?”

Every man is a Daddy.

“A swingset for his kids?” Brody asks.

Every man has a family.

“Yes,” Chloe nods with authority. “For his three kids.”

Every family is like ours.

I settle back into my seat, drive a bit slower, make our route a bit turnier.

Bare trees and gray skies melt outside our windows. The heat is on, the music is loud, and this conversation? Is gold.

“That man in the blue car is bringing home lunch for the mom.” Chloe says.

“Because the mom is sick.” Brody completes the man’s story.

They weave words and breathe life into the strangers that we pass.

The man with the mustache is “going to get a haircut for his face.” (I die.)

And the woman who passes us -the one with the long blond hair and the big black sunglasses- is “on her way to the ball. With princesses.”

Oh my heart, I love their stories and their words and their imagination. But mostly, I warm at their grace.

Everyone who passes has a story worth telling. Everyone.

Their talking slows and the music quiets. The sun’s rays glisten against the sidewalk and the trees and the freshly fallen leaves.

We pass joggers and bicyclists and even other mothers as their voices soften, nestling into quiet.

I maneuver us back onto our planned route, head home, to our own story that is worth telling.

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  1. Oh my heart.

    So lovely.

    Everyone does have a story. But oh, how I love yours….

  2. It’s amazing to hear all the stories our children could come up with just from the power of their imagination, isn’t it? But I also believe that happy childhood provides a fertile ground for their imagination and creativity to flourish. And you’ve clearly given that to your children, as it is apparent from how they perceive the world around them. A very heartwarming post, Galit!

  3. They are just like their Mama – storytellers with big hearts. Loved this.

  4. I used to love doing this, making up stories of others as we passed them in our travels. Everyone has a story, and every story is worth telling.

  5. This is such a great idea! I am always telling stories. I need to have JDaniel help me.

  6. Galit, such beautiful writing .. and precious kids! Everyone has a story. Love it!

  7. Love love…they are right…even though we are all strangers, we all have a story 😉 Love their imaginations.

  8. Aww this story about your kids stories is so sweet. I love that every man is a Daddy to them.

  9. Love the chubby, delicious fingers and the also delicious smooth voice! Brings back memories of my #2 son who had those same delicious traits! :)
    I think my motto has become “Everyone has a story to share and it’s a privilage to hear it.”
    Glad I “heard” yours this morining, Galit!

  10. Just beautiful. And not just because now all I can think about is buying a swing set.

  11. Your kids have picked up your gift of creativity! I love that they told you a story about everyone passing by…

  12. What a beautiful reflection on how we all have stories to share – and how, when we are young, we assume that everyone shares part of our own story! Sounds like your kids have the gift of wonderful imaginations – too rare these days.

  13. I love the imaginations of my children too…the wonder that they see the world with.

    that last line, just melted me. it’s so true, the stories worth telling are YOURS (and ours)

    love those tales. :)

  14. Love it –especially the swing set in the back of the truck!

  15. It sounds like you’ve passed your lovely storytelling genes to your little ones.

    Mine just sing wildly inappropriate pop songs to each other, that’s my mothering legacy. :)

  16. They say “readers raise readers.” I think “writers can also raise writers.” At the very least, storytellers raise storytellers and your kids have it!

  17. I love how the “build a story for any scenario” appears to be genetic . . . I seriously cannot wait to hear just what back-stories my kids will start assigning to everyone we pass.

  18. What perfect imaginations they have.
    I love their positive stories.
    Full of love.

  19. It amazes me how a typical drive home can turn into such an amusing and entertaining trip. Furthermore, it makes a fantastic memory solidified here.

  20. They have wonderful imaginations. Love it.

  21. Sounds like your story-telling apples didn’t fall very far from their Mama’s tree. 😀 Nice!!!

  22. I love that they make up stories for the people you pass by. Great imaginations!

  23. It’s fun to think that your lovely family might be a part of someone else’s magical tales!

  24. Ok, I know you said they aren’t angels. But they are precious. And so is this conversation. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to!

  25. Beautiful! Makes me want a sibling for Lilah. (Someday.)

  26. Of course they are great story tellers…just like their mama!! Love that you captured this so perfectly :)

  27. Very sweet. I love hearing their little imaginations go!

  28. I just ADORE the fact that they are telling stories like their Mama! Perfect. xoxo

  29. Oh I love their stories. So fabulous.

  30. Another conversation about trucks…I know that one…but turned into something beautiful. :)

  31. What lovely tales they tell. Priceless!

  32. “Everyone who passes has a story worth telling. Everyone.” <— love this.

  33. Gorgeous as always, Galit! I know you’ll keep fostering those little hearts and imaginations. :-)

  34. Your children are wise beyond their years….

  35. Simply beautiful.

  36. I look forward to this stage of life. With more kids, with child-like conversations. Thanks for this glimpse into your worth-telling story. It’s encouraging to me, one who is a few years behind you on the path. (not as in you’re older than me, but as in you have more kids/older kids than me) :)

  37. I hope they always feel this way, you’ve taught them so well, Galit:

    every person is worth listening to their story.

  38. Yes. Everyone does have a story. But the way you tell yours, is so very inviting. And warm. Always warmth in your words.

  39. If only I could let some of the day to day to worries and stress out of my head to let some of the imagination of my girls in…I know life would be a much simpler and happier place.

    Great post!

  40. Our children weave such beauty into everything. And they know how to tell a story!

  41. I LOVE everything about this post!!!

  42. I know of a friend’s little tot–not quite 2 years old–who loves to “talk” and when he does, he starts pointing at stuff…as if he’s telling stories about those things he’s point at. Kids have such fertile imaginations and it’s inspiring to see that you’re growing another generation of storytellers like you. Kudos to you!

  43. You have some really unique kids and I bet that as they get older they’ll write just as good as you do!

  44. Definitely a drive worth prolonging!

  45. THIS is delicious. every word.

  46. I love overhearing the kids and their made-up play. Especially when there’s a song involved. So precious.
    And I might be using that haircut for your face business over here 😉

  47. What a lovely ride, so much better than bickering 😉 I love the moments where we glimpse into their imaginations

  48. How adorable! Your kids are such great story tellers! I wonder who they get their creativeness from… 😉

  49. What sweet stories they have!

  50. I swear I could’ve written a similar post. Jack is obsessed with trucks and buses and every man is also daddy!
    Cute post!

  51. This is so sweet! My husband and I love playing “what’s his story?” too, and I hope my son picks up on it one of these days. They are precious!

  52. You captured a moment that could so easily be forgotten. Wonderful!

  53. Your kids are very smart: everyone we pass has a story worth telling.

  54. You bring up such a good point, how our kids “see” the world really is greatly affected by their family unit.

  55. These words and stories that they weave together so beautifully? Clearly they have picked up a thing or two from their momma :) Love the “haircut for the face” line. So cute!

  56. Oh my.

    I remember being their age (Seriously. Is that a thing with writers? This early-memory thing?) and I remember watching other cars pass ours as we traveled around in our lives.

    I thought, “Every person in every car has a life. A mind. Stuff to think about. Places to go. Maybe they even know the same people. We just don’t know we know.”

    I remember feeling this truth deeply. That every person has a story.
    And I wanted to tell mine. To tell theirs.

    Your children are already writers, Galit.


  57. wonderful story. I love the fact that to kids, all men are “daddies” and every family is just like theirs. Makes you realize just how important we are as role models in their lives.

  58. Oh, I loved this. Sounds like you have two little story-tellers in the making, Mama.

  59. I love little imaginations, and soft spoken words that come from open hearts and bursting minds. This drive sounds like many that I take with my girls and it sounds like absolute perfection to my Mommy heart. Every story is worth telling and Galit, there is no better storyteller than you. You weave your words and make magic every single time. It’s a treat to read you.XO

  60. Such an amazing world we see when we look through their eyes, isn’t it?

  61. I want to be along for the ride! What fun storytellers you have. “A haircut for his face.” That is gold right there.

  62. You had me at chubby fingers, delicious! They are so so delicious!

  63. this is really fun. we are free to listen [and make up] other people’s story if we are comfortable with our own. no competition. just enjoyment. i love kids for this!

  64. oh my word so cute. Love their stories. Guess we know who they got their imagination from 😉

  65. How is it that each and every time I read your stories you make my heart swell for a moment?
    Beautiful, as always.

  66. So pretty. I love their stories and their interest in telling the stories of everyone around them.

  67. I love this.
    I love how you incorporate what you are thinking (but not actually saying) and I loved, “I searched my brain for something to say other than, ‘yep! That’s a truck!'”

  68. It would appear that your children have inherited your gift of creativity! Next think you know, they’ll want their own blog(s). :)