Bringing Home A Third Baby

The diapers, the crying, the mess, and more diapers, I knew I could handle.

The sleepless nights, I was wary about, but those too, I knew would be short-lived.

When we brought Brody home from the hospital, what I really worried about, was The Split.

Split time and laughter and laps.

Split hand-holds and giggles and cuddles.

How could I take so very much away from my girls?

But what I learned, oh so very quickly, is not what I was taking away, but what I was gifting my three.

And that’s what I wrote about today at my adorable friend Angie’s place, The Little Mumma.

Angie is kind and authentic and true and just had her beautiful third baby less than a month ago.

So hold onto your ovaries and come meet and swoon for and congratulate Angie. See you there!

How are you going to use your voice? Yes, you.

Spill it and link up with Nicole of By Word of Mouth Musings and I May 6th-13th.

The details are here, we’re waiting – wine in hand – to read your heart!

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