Blackberry Mojitos

Laughter. Fun. Excitement.

All three fill up our home from top to bottom. Literally bursting the seams of every single nook and cranny.

Chloe’s belly laugh is high pitched and contagious. Definitely to be considered a warning shot.

Brody’s two year old feet are running. Quickly. Today, I can still describe them as toddling. But his steps are achingly smooth and strong. Soon-to-be just plain old walking.

And sweet Kayli is in rare form. Just as loud and wild as her brother and sister.

Just a few short moments earlier, they were upstairs with me.

Dabbling with my blush brush.

Dipping their teeny tiny fingers into my lip gloss.

Passing along my hairbrush with a satisfied flip of their hair.

Rummaging through my jewlery box. Here you go Mama. Wear this one.

But when the doorbell rang, downstairs they went to greet their grandparents. Eyes already bright, smiles already wide.

Watch out people: Mom and Dad are going out and Papa and Oma are here to babysit!

It warms my heart to know how content they’ll be. Games, tickles, noodles, treats, books. So. Many. Books.

But my smile isn’t just for my children. It’s for me, too. A night out with Jason at a new-ish restaurant known for loud jazz, perfect cocktails and appetizers galore. Bliss.

We dress up. Well, as dressed up as we get these days. My hair is in place, I have heels on and the promise of absolutely no food thrown mid-meal. Why yes. Yes, I am dressed up.

And the evening goes exactly as promised. It’s relaxing. Rejuvenating. Just what we need.

About halfway through the meal we gaze at each others’ eyes and share a thought: Our kids are so going to make us pay for this tomorrow.

Mean, sad and inappropriate. I know! But it’s so-very-true.

Our kids are cut from the same cloth, my cloth. We all crave routine. And when we change things up on them, they need to recalibrate.

So in the morning, we stay in our jammys. We squeeze and snuggle them to pieces. We read books and color. And we make it all FINE again. Because that’s exactly what it is.

It’s so good for us to take that time out. For them to see that we’re focused on each other. It’s healthy for them to see that we leave and then we come back That they’re safe, cozy and giggly while we’re gone.

I didn’t used to think this way. In the beginning (Do I dare say it?) I prided myself in not getting out. Ever. And then it became a habit, routine, just the way it was.

Three kids and many Mama years under my belt later, I know better and revel in nights out.

Like the one that Jason and I just had. You remember: The scrumptious appetizer-perfect cocktail-payback inducing one.

So when things got harried at our house today, I called Jason at work and wistfully asked, Do you remember? The fun? The music? Holding hands? Finishing our sentences? Do you remember the mojitos?

And he responded, as only husband do, Yes, I remember. It was only Saturday.


Our night out was just a few days ago. And I miss it already.

So today, in honor of Saturdays.

Long days.

Spilled coffee days.

Sidewalk sad days.

Kids are sick days.

It’s still snowing days.

And all of the in-between days when a mojito is most definitely in order, we made those perfect cocktails together.

They’re called Black Bunnies or Blackberry Mojitos. I know. And here’s the recipe so you, too, can make one on your next in-between day.

Blackberry Mojitos

16 Mint leaves

12 Fresh Blackberries

1 Tablespoon Sugar

3 ounces Sweet White Rum

1 ounce Lime Juice

Club Soda

Crushed Ice

At first, I thought that the kids would be the ice crushers.

Organized noise-making. What’s not to love, right?

But as I was prepping and mixing and photo opping,

I noticed that they had other ideas.

So I did exactly what the rest of y’all would have done: Made Kiddy Cocktails!

Swapping Sprite for rum meant that it was Happy Hour for everyone at our house today.

And a lovely Happy Hour at that.

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  1. Oh how I love a night out! A date night, going to the kind of place that caters more to couples than it does to families. We had a date last week and we enjoyed every minute. The wine, the conversation, the time together. You are right, it is so important to focus on each other and to let the kids see that, to model it for them. I love that your girls were helping you get ready for your night out! So sweet…

  2. Sounds like a night out is essential to everything that is good and that helps make it all work!
    I’m happy for the five of you that you have these special times —you and Jason…And as to the Mojito’s—They sound quite exotic, but I think I will drink with the kids…..I’m not a big drinker at all—not even a little drinker, so Sprite sounds perfect. (lol)

  3. Date night? What is date night? ugh.

    Love this – and now it seems as if we need to drink these together over the Summer, yes?

  4. Sounds like a perfect night out with entertainment, drinks, and no food being thrown.

  5. Such a joyous post! It warmed me through and through.

  6. Love this! We need to go out on dates… I miss those. We’re going out to dinner on Saturday (to celebrate the one-year-since-going -into-labor), but bringing the little one with us… We’ll see how much food gets thrown. :)

    • Happy one year labor anniversary! That *is* a big one! I remember doing the exact same thing with Kayli! What was your labor inducing meal?

  7. I loved how joyous the post is. And your recipe looks devine!

  8. Glad you had a nice date night- those are so needed!

    And that drink sounds delicious!

  9. We had a date night Saturday, too!! Heals, lipstick, the works. We don’t do it nearly enough either. And it’s soooooo wonderful to have quiet moments with my hubby, why don’t we do it more often? Because we miss our kiddos. We are homebodies too:)
    I bet those drinks were YummmmmEEEEE!!

  10. Hi Galit!
    You called me “friend” in your last post and of course I didn’t mind! After reading THIS post I am even more sure we would be real friends in real life!!

    1) I have always thought it important that Denny and I get away for some grown-up time. My mom and dad taught me that lesson….and I thought just as you do. It helps their security when they realize that other people in this world can love and care for them! We even leave them for ‘overnights’ sometimes! But, shhhhhhh…don’t tell anyone. I’ve had enough friends try to make me feel guilty for THAT one!

    and the second, maybe most crucial reason, that we can be friends is ……

    2) MOJITOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ‘nough said! :))

    This post? Love. Love. Love.

  11. Cooking with kids so always so enlightening. I have to admit, cooking with my daughter and some of her ‘experiments’ are some of my most favorite memories. From ‘stirring’ muffins at age 2, to coming up with her own salad creations now…it’s all precious time together. Thanks for sharing the recipe Galit, and the important reminder that time out with your significant other is important.

  12. I’m glad you two enjoy nights out together. So very important, as you said. I will definitely try this recipe. I’ve wanted to try & make mojitos for so long! I’ll use it on our next in between night. 😉

  13. Becky Kimbrough says:

    As you know, I’m not much of a drinker—never even had a mojito! :) —- but the way in which this post highlights the importance of mommy-daddy dates as well as the sweet family reunion that follows is just precious. Kids take great comfort in seeing their parents as a loving team, and the time spent with grandmas, grandpas or any beloved babysitter is so valuable– a win-win!
    PS: I’ll also take this opportunity to thank you for sharing *your* beloved Chelsea. :)
    PPS: And I’ll thank my wonderful parents who will soon be here to help us welcome baby #2 into the world. Their granddaughter is counting the days! (In her own 22 month old way.)

  14. Hi Galit!

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. I have the palate of a child when it comes to alcohol, but maybe with the berries…? Or I could make the version you made your kids! I enjoyed reading your story about the special night out and reestablishing routines.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve been taking a look around here and I like your approach.

  15. YUM! Those sound absolutely delish. Your assistants are adorable!

  16. That sounds like a really yummy recipe, thanks. And here’s to many more date nights! 😉

  17. Love those photos Galit! So important for you and Jason to have time together like that and I agree that it is good for your kids to see that and know it’s all okay for them as well. Thanks for the recipe too – Hugs!

  18. I can’t wait until you can enjoy them out on the patio! The berries and the limes are a sight for poor eyes. Lovely post.

  19. Mary Fretland says:

    Ummm… reality check. I don’t remember the last time Dan and I had a “date night.” Yikes. Thanks for the reminder, girlfriend. Beautiful as always…

    • Thank you, friend! And I *know* date nights are seriously precious commodities! As are GNOs, Book Club nights, Sexy Shoe Nights…:) XO

  20. I can’t get blackberries but Oh. My. God. do I want to drink one of those right now!

    My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  21. Oh how I love it all! We do not often get a chance to go out, but when we do, we sure take it- and the payback that comes the next day, of course :). Those mojitos look delicious and just perfect for the in-between days- love the sprite swap-out too!

  22. Wonderful post. I love that you made kid-friendly versions of these drinks so you could all enjoy a family happy hour :) So incredibly sweet and lovely.

    The pictures are priceless.

    And good for you for getting out with the hubby and strappin’ on those heels. I’m glad you make time to have date nights with each other. The key to a very healthy relationship. *LOVE*

  23. What a beautiful post about your date night!!! I loved reading it!!!! I’m so glad you had a good time! Thanks for reading my blog too!! :) date nights are the best! Looking forward to reading more of your stuff

  24. So glad you had a great time and thanks for linking up to #projectmarriage!

  25. Great date night! And an awesome recipe…wowzers!

    You said “I prided myself in not getting out. Ever. And then it became a habit, routine, just the way it was.”

    I can totally, TOTALLY relate to that.


  26. What fun it is to go out! We don’t do it often, but it sure is wonderful when we do.

  27. A night out is so refreshing!!

    Love that you included your kids in this little party.

  28. Ooh, that does sound like bliss. I wish my MIL would watch our baby past 9:00 pm. The Hubs and I really need a night out. But maybe that awesome recipe will do for now. Thank you for sharing! Visiting you from the Time Travel.