About Friendships

I’ve been thinking about friendships.

How they’re formed, why they change, what keeps them HeartFull, what doesn’t.

I swirl these thoughts in my MindHeart, flex them and fix them and make them my own.

And still, more often than not, I’m left wondering.

My unearthed puzzle pieces layered beneath too many thoughts to be clearly seen.

In a moment of “wonder” that felt too messy to muddle through on my own, I asked my children, “What is a friend?”

I thought that their fresh eyes and open heart and young words might see more clearly than my own weathered versions.

And I was right. They were, indeed, clear.

A friend is someone who is nice.” Brody. Age 3

A friend is someone who you like, who likes you back.” Chloe, age 5

A friend is someone that you can trust.” Kayli, age 7.

And with these sparkling gems tucked inside that HeartMind of mine, I wrote two guest posts about friendship for two lovely friends.

I wrote about blogging friendships, and what makes them stick at my friend Sweaty’s blog, Do Sweat the Small Stuff.

And I wrote about how we present ourselves online, and how we might be perceived by our online friends at my friend Renee’s blog, Lessons from Teachers and Twits.

It would mean so very much to me to have you join in the conversations at Sweaty and Renee’s. And you never know, you just might make a new friend yourself!

See you there and there!


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