About #BlogHer11

He looks up through lowered lashes. His impossibly brown eyes welcome me home.

His pudgy fingers lace with mine as he settles into my lap. His full weight rests against my chest. I kiss the top of his head. Feel his blond locks for myself.

And just for this moment, I close my eyes.

The gritty carpet at the airport washes away. A businessman in a sleek black suit rushes by. Ponytailed teenagers laugh as their flip flops smack towards home; I barely hear them.

I wrap my heart around home. The conference. This tired space in between.

BlogHer was amazing.



And everything in between.

I’m awestruck by who I met, what I learned, what we talked about.

A smile plays on my lips when I realize just how many women came together with a common passion, for a shared experience.

One heart keeper friend told me, “Stop apologizing.” I heard, “Stand tall. Be you.

Another said, “Your reader might change when you get home.” I heard, “And that’s okay. Change is good.

Yet another mouthed, ” I am so, so happy to meet you.” And I heard- just that.

In the end, I have a phone full of pictures, a notebook full of ideas, and a heart just plain full.

Through tight squeezes and loud laughter, clinked drinks and whispered tips- I left BlogHer11 better.



 VlogTalk is hosted by Jessica from My Time As Mom,

Elena from Mommy is in Time Out!and Kate from Mommy Monologues.

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  1. so happy you had an amazing time and heard all those wonderful whispers. You change my world with each post and I’m so glad you’re in my WORLD.

    welcome home, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us now.


  2. Such a great photo recap! I’m glad it was such a great time for you! It looks like you had a lot of fun AND met a lot of awesome people!

  3. I can’t imagine your words touching me any more deeply than they already do, my friend. I KNOW I will be amazed at what comes next.

    I have chills and tears in my eyes that you experienced this; your happiness and excitement shine through that slideshow.


  4. Galit! YOU are “emotional, inspiring and amazing!!” I love the way your vlogs bring your words and thoughts to life. I look forward to following your post-BlogHer journey…

  5. So glad you had a fabulous time. And so glad you’re home with your gorgeous family. I love how you started off this post – where it matters, with your loved ones. It’s so you! xoxo

  6. Ummmm…. Soooooo sad I did not get to meet you. Next time? Please?!
    Your welcome home greeting looks amazing.

  7. What a wonderful weekend! I can’t wait to read what else happened :)

  8. Glad you had an amazing time…and that your little ones were so excited to see you when you got back!

  9. I’m so glad you had such a fabulous time. I hope that I get to meet you next year in NYC!

  10. I’m so glad you had a great time. Like I told you before, I loved watching your twitter stream. I learned from you definitely. Your kids were very sweet welcoming you home.

  11. Ok really–lets talk inspiring. That would be you! Love this photo recap–so well done. And your words. Not many could put the concept of BlogHer into such a poetic and personal voice. So glad that I got to hug you at least once!

  12. I cannot tell you how happy I was with my roommates. Beautiful, soulful, funny, caring, considerate women.

    Honored to have met you, beautiful, talented lady. And miss you already.

  13. It was so amazing to finally meet you in person, Galit.

    BlogHer was an experience that I’m still not able to write about coherently. I’m still trying to process the entire thing and my ridiculously strong emotions about it. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement.

    But meeting you was an absolute highlight of the entire weekend. Much love to you.

  14. Oh Galit, this is absolutely wonderful…..awesome…and everything in between.

    I expected a heart-felt post, but this? Made me cry.

    I SO loved meeting and rooming with you and making that connection that we made.

    Much love to you! xoxo

  15. It’s so wonderful that Blogher worked out so well and made you feel so wonderful!!!

  16. You can even touch my heart with a BlogHer wrap up post. Geez girl.

    It’s hard to express in words how wonderful it was to meet you. But my heart holds it, so it’s all good. :) Your smile and presence made the first day there so fabulous for me. That photo of us together just shows it. Love you girl, so glad we met and hung out. xoxo

  17. I’m so happy I got to meet you the first day and have lunch with you before the craziness started.

    You are a wonderful person and I hope we can see each other again one day.

  18. You have the uncanny ability to put a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye about everything! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and soaked up the love when you got home.

  19. What a great Vlog – Wow! I have to say, I teared up at the end there. The welcome sign? Oh, my – what a wonderful moment that homecoming must have been!

  20. That made me all misty! And I didn’t know you were going. I would have loved to have met you!!!! Dang it!

  21. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. The Welcome Home sign was amazing!!!

  22. Love the vlog! :) And I’m so glad you go to attend BlogHer and have such a great time. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about it!

  23. Thanks for stopping by my page. Would love to attend BlogHer’12! I’m hoping to get moving on this blogging business thing as I have a passion to tell stories and a drive that needs to be amped up!

  24. Each year at BlogHer I make just one or two special, incredible connections. It’s like certain people are just meant to know each other. I had a feeling about you from your gorgeous words. So glad we got a little time, especially that walk back to the hotel. Next year, I want more!! And thrilled that you pulled such an amazing experience out of the chaos and craziness. xo.

  25. Galit, you are such a talented writer. And that picture is so adorable. I’m glad you had such a great experience.

  26. Coming home is what makes the trip worth it. Beautiful recap Galit. Your smile is contagious.

  27. Sweet! You’re so lucky to have gone and met all these other bloggers. Even moire special to have such sweeties waiting at home:)

  28. Now I know that if there are people I want to meet, I just need to make it happen! Next year you’re on my list ;-).

  29. That was such a sweet little recap! I’m glad you had such a wonderful time and met some many amazing people. But I think the coming home was the sweetest part. Your children are adorable.

  30. Wow – beautiful, inspiring and everything in between! I’m glad you enjoyed the conference. And, most importantly, coming home!

  31. It sounds like quite an amazing experience! How awesome that you got to go :-)

  32. I loved viewing the conference through your eyes. It looks like it was wonderful.

  33. That was an awesome video. So glad I got to meet you in person. You are a sweet, sweet soul.

  34. Seeing you made my heart happy. Hugging you was icing on the cake.

  35. I’m so glad that you went and had a great time! Loved the photo recap! One day? You and I WILL meet!

  36. What a great photo recap, wish I could have been there to meet you. The word around twitter is that your hugs are the best :).

  37. This was beautiful, and effortless as all of your writing always is…jeez no pressure or anything. It was lovely to meet you, albeit much too brief.

  38. Love this! And so enjoyed meeting you. I think we are all glad we went–and that we are back home again.

    Hope to see you soon!

  39. That picture of your little boy is just precious. Made my heart melt. Looks like you had a fabulous time!

  40. Sigh, the green eyed monster reared it’s ugly head as I enviously watched the vlog. Looks like an amazing time, I especially loved the sign & flowers at the end from your kids.

  41. Love that our worlds collided …
    It made me truly happy to see you were all that I had hoped you would be :)

  42. I love the slide show! Made me cry a little. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you, dangit!

  43. “In the end, I have a phone full of pictures, a notebook full of ideas, and a heart just plain full.”

    Best BlogHer line yet! Thanks for sharing! It was so good to meet you!

  44. Your voice is so authentic, your writing so sincere, I have to imagine that shined through at the conference. And I’m sure THEIR readers include you now if they didn’t before. Thanks for sharing.

  45. As usual, I was in tears after the opening line. You make my day better every time I stop by to see you. I hope I can one day be the one telling you how nice it is to meet you in person. Glad you had such a great experience.

  46. Such a fun & sweet vlog. Looks like you really enjoyed yourself. I cannot wait to go one day! I totally love your welcome home from the kids! How adorable!

  47. Sounds like you had an amazing time! I look forward to seeing everything you learned implemented!

  48. As expected, this is perfect. I love that you had an amazing experience too, and the welcome home from your family is just beautiful.

    I’m so glad I got to meet you, even if our visits were brief. You are an absolutely beautiful soul.

  49. Still totally bummed we didn’t get to meet, but you got a lot of great pics! I have almost no pics of me with anyone! I’m always behind the camera!

  50. That was wonderful Galit! I could have watched it again and again!

    You looked like you had a wonderful time!

  51. Awwww, I’m so happy to read that you had a great time at BlogHer, yet sad that I wasn’t able to attend and meet you in person :( Maybe next year?? It’ll be in New York–I don’t have any excuses!

  52. I love this! Especially the last line.

    That photo of us is great. Will you please e-mail me a copy?

  53. Looks like you had so much fun!

    I would have loved to hang with all of you. Though I’ll admit I did a special little squee at Anymommy b/c she is one of the very first bloggers I ever read. I adore her.

  54. Best welcome home ever – and your video gave me major goosebumps. :)

    WW: Fun With Nigel

  55. Looks like you had an AWESOME time!! Thanks for sharing with all of us! And the welcome home signs and flowers? PERFECT! You are one lucky lady :)

  56. It was great meeting you, Galit! I love the vlog!

    Jen :)

  57. Ok, I’m with Shell, I totally squealed when I saw the picture of you and Stacey. I love her! I am even more inspired to go to BlogHer12 than I already was. Thanks for the recap. Maybe we’ll get to meet in NYC next summer. : )

  58. I just wanted to run and hug someone after reading and watching this! You are something else woman, an inspiration… really!

  59. This picture is amazing. And I can’t get enough of you blog. Love, Love, Love It!!!

  60. I’m so sad I couldn’t make it this year. I’ll go next year though. I already have it marked on my calendar. I hope we’ll get a chance to meet.

  61. Aw, love your post! Seeme like you had a great time!

  62. Thanks so much for letting me (literally) attack you and blabber on incoherently at Cheap Sally. Meeting you was one of the highlights of my trip. You inspire me every time I visit here. Also, you make me cry a lot. Hence the stalker-ish assault as soon as I saw your badge :)
    Haven’t been able to put my experience into words yet, but you’ve inspired me (yet again) to give it another try.

  63. How great we were able to meet.

    Prize to you, for most heartfelt hugs.

    You are great.

  64. You’ve just inspired me to attend the BlogHer Conference next year!!
    I’ve read many posts about the even this year, but yours has truly inspired me to attend next year!
    Thank you and I’m happy you had fun!


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