About Belonging (As an Introvert)

My bare feet pad along aged carpet.

Brody is curled into his covers, his room is already darkened. His blond hair is shocking amidst a sea of blues – blankets and pillows and lovies in every possible shade – sky, cornflower, navy.

I pull him close, and we puzzle piece, his head against my chest. “Sweet dreams, buddy.” I whisper. He smiles back. His eyes bright, but ready for nap time.

He has to be.

Because as the sun reaches its high, I reach my low.


Today I’m at my friend Katie’s place finishing this post about what empties me, and how I refill.

About finding belonging as an introvert, because that can feel tricky.

(And also, about why I nap.)

Please come visit me at Katie’s – she’s honest and true and you’ll want to hug her immediately – and tell me what makes you tick. What drains you? How do you recharge?

See you there! xo

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