A Walk in the Rain

Everything is a titch more today.

The air, a titch cooler.

The grass, a titch drier.

The leaves, a titch looser.

We walk together- fingers laced and strides matched.

His voice lilts about the geese and the puddles and the fire truck. Oh my, the fire truck.

I breathe in this time wrapped around just the two of us. So foreign and new and not quite my skin anymore- this juggling of just one.

In the chill of the morning, we walk the girls to school and he waves good bye, then looks up at me with impossibly brown eyes and enviable long lashes and an achingly wondering heart.

Where did they go? When will they be back? But what will we do?

His world is impossible without them. One of three. The youngest of three.

It’s hard being the littlest sometimes.

His fuse has been short while learning these changes by heart so I realize that this peaceful moment that we’re sharing- is ticking down, slipping away.

Even as my heart fills and my cheeks raise, I know.

I feel it in our steps and our words and even in our songs.

We are seconds away from a tear drizzle or a jacket thrown or a yell that could fill up this space between the walking path and the bright sun that is nowhere near as warm as you’d think it would be.

So I breathe him in.

My sweet boy with the bright blond locks that still take me by surprise and the cheeks that are as flushed as the tulips that we won’t be seeing for so very long now.

I grasp his fingers and he grasps mine.

His skin, soft and warm and fragrant of morning milk and little boy, is delicious against my own weathered fingers that have their very own feel.

They are worn from teaching and writing and motherhood. But they are mine.

And he knows this. I know that he does because every one of his pudgy fingers circle just two of my own.

So we walk a titch slower.

And smile a titch wider.

And hold a titch tighter.

And try to fill in this space made for just the two of us.


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  1. Oh Galit, your words are amazing. This is a beautiful, heartfelt post that just has me aching to go hold my daughter a little longer. I love how you make me want to pause life for a just a little longer.

  2. I love the picture. And your vivid description of just being with your little boy. You’re truly gifted, Galit.

  3. Oh, so beautiful. And made me think of time with my grandson. I’m all wanting to see him now.

  4. antonio angelo says:

    awwww adorable and wonderful. big sigh.

  5. So true. I wrote something similar last week about enjoy this time together with my littlest. Such precious time.

  6. This is beautiful, Galit. My son is a little lost now that the two older ones are at school and the “baby” torments him 😉
    Enjoy this time with just the two of you :)

  7. This is so beautiful. I love the way you write. This made me want to turn back time and snuggle my babies a little longer. It just goes by so quickly. (mine are 10,12,15 and 18….sigh….)

  8. I don’t think I have ever heard the word titch but it fits perfect in this post. Enjoy the time with just the two of you.

  9. I know just how you feel. I love those first few moments with my toddler when his brother is off at school. You described it so beautifully!

  10. Beautiful and heartfelt! 😀

  11. You have such a great way with words. I absolutely loved this post. I think there is something so magical about a mother-son relationship!

  12. This was absolutely lovely Galit. Thank you for taking us along on your walk.

  13. Galit – your words were full of love and feeling that I could see you and your little boy in my mind….

  14. you have a wonderful way with words….your little one will treasure these moments one day.

  15. You are such a wordsmith. I loved this. thank you!

  16. So sweet!

    My youngest is home with me most of the time while his brothers are off at school. I can’t believe how quickly he is growing and how soon he’ll be off, too.

  17. Oh Galit, this post is so beautifully crafted. I can feel the love just oozes out of them. Those are precious precious moments share between the two of you.

  18. I’m so glad you’re soaking in all those wonderful and fleeting moments with him!

  19. It is hard being the youngest sometimes. I remember my mom telling me stories just like this about my little sister when I was in school. What beautiful moments the two of you will share during these days.

  20. Lovely reminder to be in the moment. Thank you.

  21. Ahh, how I know this well. My youngest is in kindergarten, but we are doing a home-based charter school. My older ones are for the first time in a traditional school. So we walk them to school. She misses them as she has never known the bulk of her days without her big sisters. Hope your little guy decides that “mom only” time is a pretty sweet deal.

  22. You know. Even though it’s an adjustment, it must also be wonderful for the two of you to have this time together. I feel like my time with Cole is always borrowed. Borrowed against his sister’s needs and rushed to squeeze in some cuddles when I can. I love that you are breathing in these moments with your little boy.

  23. when I looked at the picture, I felt a kinship, I love a bracelet or watch that jingles and jangles, (even when I take a walk).
    this made my heart melt, I could feel his hand in yours…just like the small hands I hold.

    your words are always gorgeous, this was no exception.

  24. LOVE this! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! Buggy is only 15 months so he is adjusting to his brothers not being here all the time like they were this summer. I’m enjoying it because it’s one on one time with my last baby. Somedays he loves having mommy to himself and others, he wants to be with his brothers.

  25. Beautiful, as is everything else I’ve read here, though I only just found you. I was at home with the youngest of 5 and although she was still a baby, she knew enough to ask for “Bubbas” and “Sissy.” The time alone was wonderful, though, as she is my last baby. Thanks for the memories.

  26. This is just beautiful and well written. I really enjoyed reading it, VERY MUCH! LOve it! I still have three at home and only one off to school, but I can relate to the little special moment when everything is sweet and perfect…with “time ticking down.”

  27. I love that I can relate to this so much. And of course reading your writing is like listening to a favorite song… :-)

  28. Beautifully written (of course!) and so timely for me. Dylan and I haven’t yet found that rhythm, but there is such magic in the promise of a few hours each week, just for us.

    I love this (and hope the moment lasted for more than a toddler minute!)

  29. This is absolutely beautiful! These precious moments with just the little one are amazing. xo

  30. I loved the way you opened this and let us in and then closed it. Beautiful, Galit.

  31. Lovely. And sad. Because my little guy had such a hard time when summer was over and big brother went back to school. In ways, it’s smoother and easier for him, but in other ways it is so much harder. Sigh. Beautiful words… you always have them.

  32. You know, Galit, when I first read week’s RemembeRed prompt, my mind immediately thought of you! You always have a way with words, especially when it comes to describing sensory details.

    My daughter’s almost seven, and she’s my one and only. Your post made me remember those days when her small chubby fingers were still too small to grasp my hand… the softness of her palms whenever it grazed my skin. How I wish I could re-live those days!

    Beautiful, Galit, as always.

  33. It’s so nice to have that special time. Not only for him but for you as well, and how wonderfully you put it into words!

  34. This is just so beautiful. What a great little moment together.

    It’s like the start of a really special adventure, and so wonderfully written!

  35. Sp precious. The mothers hands are so distinct and the description of his hands , his fingers entwined in yours. Sweet, bittersweet for me.

  36. This is beautiful. I have a 2nd and Kindergartner this year and teh 3 year old is definitely missing them. I love this post oh so much.

  37. This is like reading poetry. What I wouldn’t give to go back and catalog all those toddler and preschool years. I wasn’t writing then. I was too distracted with motherhood and forgot to take time out for myself. I love your descriptions of your son. Truly a portrait.

  38. I love this! I love how you described him holding your hand, too. All of it was just perfect and beautiful!!

  39. Oh, I love the line about your fingers. So true. My little ones are still so small that they grasp one of my fingers, not two. I love holding hands with my kids.

  40. Wow, you captured such a beautiful moment with your son. It was really powerful and heartwarming.

  41. Reminds me of the last few weeks with my little girl – as my son has ventured to preschool for the first time and it’s just us two :) so different, and so special.

  42. So lovely!!

  43. This post grounded me. I so needed to read this. Thank you for your words, for your beautiful gift.


  44. So beautiful. Like poetry. You have frozen this moment in time forever.

  45. As always, Galit, your words draw me in, show me the nuance and emotion of the moment….and make me want to read more. You are such a gifted writer!

    And then, your writing also makes me a little wistful for those days. Those days before I could say to my sons, “Do you want a beer?” LOL

    Trish in AZ http://writinginareddress.blogspot.com/2011/09/last-day.html

  46. so beautiful. so very beautiful.

  47. BalancingMama (Julie) says:

    Love love love love! So very sweet.

  48. I love how you are drinking in this new season of your lives.

  49. This is a beautiful post. Even with only one I can imagine what it’s like to have that time with your youngest.

    On another note, “titch” is such a great word.

  50. I breathe in this time wrapped around just the two of us.

    And that’s just it. Breathing in those moments, and recognizing them.

    You capture so many sensory details here, but the kicker for me, I think, is the chill in the air. It envelopes me as I read, and really soaks into my pores.

  51. Love the book ending of the “titch” repetition. I’m going through this with my youngest right now, and you put me there with her. Perfectly descriptive.

  52. there is a story, an English story, called ‘Titch’ and it describes perfectly how the youngest is always that bit smaller, that bit behind the others. But it ends with the youngest’s flower seed (smallest thing) growing taller than all of them.

    Its a beautiful push-pull of this growing, and wanting to treasure the smallest for his very smallness. Oh my heart, your ‘morning milk scented’ cheeks. I know exactly whereon those cheeks you speak of.

    I loved this, and having taken my 3rd to her first day of preschool, it was especially poignant.

  53. Wow, this was beautifully written. The imagery so vivid. I especially loved how the wrap around ending. I truly enjoyed reading it.

  54. What a lovely moment. I was particularly struck by ‘this space between the walking path and the bright sun’. Nice description.

  55. How poignant and lovely and just the perfect blog post to read snuggled in my chair with a hot cup of tea. With two little boys of my own all of it hits close to home. Thank you for taking me to this place.

  56. I’m here with you today Galit. It’s just my 2 year old at home now (most of the time) and it has been bittersweet.
    As always, beautiful words from you.

  57. Your words move me as always, Galit. What a special moment this must have been with your littlest. Beautiful.

  58. As a mother of one who has always had older ones in her care, I know these rare and precarious moments of quiet. Beautifully described, as always.

  59. How many ways can I tell you how you’re writing rocks my soul? I am running out of them.

  60. What an interesting word, titch. Even my autocorrect wants to change it.

    I reacted to it right away. Felt scrunched up. Small moments. And the your repeated use, made it flow slowly. Smoothly, into meaning.

    Well done. This is exactly why I skipped this prompt this week. I was just not in the zone of being al or descriptive. Just felt like letting it all slide by instead, but you. You did good. 😉

  61. Nice typos. Real or descriptive. And theN your repeated use. Oops.

  62. Love the moments stolen with just one … like different children sometimes alone …

  63. This is gorgeous.
    Your descriptions pulled me into your moment with him perfectly.
    What a special post.

  64. What a beautiful, beautiful post!

    Happy SITS Day!

  65. I’m right there with you …. pulled along in your writing and at home with my baby girls for the first time (three in school this year!). What a wonderful picture of the fleetingness that is motherhood.

    Enjoy your SITS day!

  66. Your detailed description was beautifully said….

  67. Just beautiful! I love that you use the word “titch”. I don’t think many do anymore. I don’t know why but I just like it.

    Congratulations on your SITS day!

  68. I used the word titch just this morning. :-)

    And my almost 3 year old had such a hard time adjusting to his big brother and sister being gone to school all day. But he and I really made some great memories last year. It was lovely.

  69. That was sweet, loved it

  70. This captured so many moments I have felt with my young son. I know time is slowly slipping away, or ticking away, to a time when he will not need me quite as much. And I keep trying to remind myself to breathe in all of these moments. To appreciate them. Thank you for this post. It made me once again, at the end of a long day remember what is important. You wrote it so beautifully.

  71. That’s beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes.

  72. Moments are so important. And you captured a beautiful one very well.

  73. Oh my, what a writer you are! Beautiful!