62 Ways To Spread Kindness Like Wildfire

Acts of kindness are the simplest way to be the change you want to see in the world. Use these acts of kindness ideas to spread kindness to one person a day.

1. Give out compliments with wild abandon.

2. Tweet a few of those compliments out.

3. Make eye contact.

4. Smile.

5. Let her go first just because.

6. Recommend a book. Better yet, lend that book.

7. Send her a recipe, a pin, a blog post, a magazine clipping that you know she’ll love.

8. Drive carpool–both ways.

9. Take her kids out on an outing. Feed them, sunscreen them, hydrate them, and bring them home happy and tired. Don’t mention any of the above.

10. When you think that thought–I like her outfit, she’s a good mom, her Instagram photo was perfect–say it.

11. Invite her family over for pizza and store bought cookies.

12. Reciprocate invitations.

13. “Like” the first ten things you see on her Facebook page or Instagram stream.

14. If you know she had a bad day yesterday, call, text, or email to check in on her today.

15. Notice and tell her kids when they’re polite-kind-caring, smart-funny-clever, strong-athletic-scrappy.

16. Listen to her story, laugh at her jokes.

17. Tell her boss what a great job she did.

18. Send and post as many comments of thanks and compliments as you do complaints and oh dears.

19. Don’t post angry.

20. Stay late at her party, help with the dishes.

21. Be the first RSVP.

22. Hold the door open.

23. Let her check out first.

24. Offer your seat.

25. Let him merge ungrudgingly.

26. Sit next to someone who’s sitting alone at a work meeting, a school function, an event, a yoga class.

27. Put away your phone.

28. Offer to take a photo of a family, an outing, a date.

29. Don’t interrupt.

30. Pay for drinks.

31. Help that mom trying to get her stroller through the door.

32. Leave a tip. A big one.

33. Make sure she knows you’re happy to see her.

34. Hug often.

35. Clean up after yourself at the coffee shop counter, the bathroom sink, the table at the pool.

36. Pass along nice things someone else said about her.

37. Be the first one to comment on or like her status or photo.

38. Hold the elevator.

39. Pay for the toll, the coffee, the ice cream cone, the car wash of the person behind you in line.

40. Leave quarters at a pay phone. Kidding! But leave them at the laundry mat, the arcade, or the game machines at restaurants. Their parents probably said no and you just made their day.

41. Talk to someone new.

42. Send dessert to their table.

43. Forgive.

44. Text or tell someone you’re thinking about them.

45. Scrape someone’s windshield.

46. Offer sunscreen, wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer to someone who looks like they just might need some.

47. Carry his bag.

48. Offer to put someone else’s bag up high in the airplane, or to take it off of the carousel at the airport.

49. Take an extra turn taking out the garbage, turning over the dishes, vacuuming.

50. Be kind to the messenger.

51. Don’t order pizza when it’s storming.

52. Share your umbrella.

53. No dirty looks when someone splashes you at the pool. (It’s a pool!)

54. Stop at the lemonade stand.

55. Offer your last piece of gum.

56. Return the lone shopping cart.

57. Be the one to shift the negative conversation.

58. Bring her her favorite coffee drink.

59. Know what her favorite coffee drink is.

60. Call first.

61. Bring up your neighbor’s garbage can, mow their lawn, water their plants, smile at their (barking) dog.

62. Only say nice words to yourself.

Download this kindness list as a PDF right here: 62 Ways to Spread Kindness


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And I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that my Kindness Wins Shop is officially open with its first three items–ridiculously cool and comfortable #kindnesswins t-shirts created by my college friend Rodney and stunning, hand-designed Kindness Wins Parent-to-Child contracts made by my college roommate, Nina.

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  1. I love all of these so very much. They are a wonderful reminder of how incredibly simple and easy it is to be kind and show kindness to each other. It really doesn’t take much…just a moment! Thank you again for the reminder!!!

  2. I really love these, Galit. I am going to try to do one a day this summer!

  3. oooh I love this list! I tried to keep track of my favorites but I love them all! Lindsey’s idea to do one a day this summer is awesome!