6 Habits Of Very Happy Women

Habits of happy people are worth studying and repeating. There are things every happy woman does. Get into the habit of doing these things and find happiness.

Over good food and good wine, I was talking to two women about one important topic that threaded us together. They were new friends who shared so much between motherhood, Minnesota winters, and current and past teaching careers. As our voices got louder, and more urgent, we leaned in closer. We were talking about happiness, debating whether or not it belongs on our top five wants for our kids.

It’s tempting to say no because there are so many other things our society needs — kindness, compassion, education, even humor.

But there are two secrets that will always keep my kids’ happiness at the front and center of my heart lists. The first is that we adults are ever-striving for it as well. And the second is that all of these other needs lead to happiness if we choose to see it that way.

The happiest women I know realize that there are habits they’re in control of that lead to joy. Here are six of them.

1. Happy women make it a habit to hold routines. When you know what to expect from your day, simple things make it joyful. A friend showing up at the exercise class you always go to is happy. A stranger opening the door for you during your grocery run is, too. Your kids being ready five minutes early brings a smile to your face. When you know your routine well, you know what to realistically expect from it, how to maneuver its challenges, and how to find joy within what pops up in it.

2. Happy women make it a habit to look for the goodness around them. When you train yourself to look for the good around you, you see it. You see someone smiling at you, starting a conversation with you, being a friend. When you make it a point, a habit, to notice goodness, it lifts you. It makes you happy, if you will.

3. Happy women make it a habit to be open to newness. This world is so big and so wonderful and so rich of things to try and learn and do. When we say yes to simple things like new foods, important things like new friends, and everything in between like new book genres, new tasks, and new experiences, our endorphins increase and our our happiness rises with them.

4. Happy women make it a habit to lift others. Telling someone else that you like their shirt, their hair looks great, they’re a great mom, they rocked a presentation, or their work gave you chills, it feels good — happy — on both sides.

5. Happy women make it a habit to take accountability for their experiences. When I link a bad eating day to my own poor planning, a negative interaction to my own grumpiness, a lack of productivity to my own procrastination, these don’t feel out of control or never-ending. If I own them, I can change them and/or my reaction to them and I’m happier for it.

6. Happy women make it a habit to remember that nothing lasts forever. This mantra makes the bad stuff feel bearable and the good stuff feel golden.


Seeing “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.” Love the book, the message, and the movie so very much.

Not every moment or every day is happy. Happy women also make it a habit to remember this and to not expect perfection, not ever. Everyone has terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. When I do, I find it to be a relief to know that I can fall back on these habits (among others) and find happiness again (and again).

This year, I’m joining a group of 12 women who are choosing joy in 2015. The writers in the Happy Mama Movement will share their paths to joy monthly. You can join us. Connect with us by sharing your stories on our Facebook page or by writing and your linking your posts to ours.

The seventh habit that happy women have is surrounding themselves with other happy people. Start here.


This month, you can link your post at Amanda’s blog, Dude Mom.

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  1. You always, ALWAYS lift others up – no wonder you’re happy! :)

  2. What a great list, Galit! I am happy (no pun intended) to see many of these things that I strive to do regularly on here, especially #1 and 2. But your list reminds me that I need to work on #4–not that I cut other women down, but I certainly have not been great about going out of my way to regularly lift either. I need to do this more because (others’) happiness breeds more happiness, right?

    • Hi Kristen! Yes, I am so with you! Happiness breeds more happiness! It’s the right kind of contagious!

      (Thank you so much for the thoughtful note! It means so much to me!)

  3. I love this, Galit. I agree with every one of these, and like the way you remind us that there are a lot of things we can CHOOSE to do to enhance our happiness. Sometimes I feel like people are so focused on what’s out of our control – and yes, lots of things are – but there are still choices and actions we can take every single day. Thanks for that reminder. xox

    • Amen, you. I need that reminder myself at times! Thank you so much for the note and the perfect hone in on the choices we make direction. Love your words and heart, grateful for both! xo

  4. I love this list, Galit. As I’ve gotten older, I realized that skipping parts of my routine results in unhealthy consequences for my physical and mental well-being. The habit of doing things that I enjoy everyday is nonnegotiable and I’ve learned to respect my need for it.

  5. This was very needed today. Thank you for the inspiration and the boost!

  6. Awesome happy women habits! I could take a couple of notes from these… 😉 I’m so glad you’ve joined in with us happy mamas, you’re the perfect fit my friend! MWAH!

  7. Love this, love your posts. I am “studying” my own version of happiness/contentment/habits this year and I agree with every word. Your blog is a constant uplifting thing. xoxo

  8. Oh, THIS makes me happy. I would love to embrace happy with you this year… and you are off to a great start. xoxo

  9. I agree. Happy people — people who look for the positive in situations and others are wonderful to be around. Choose Joy, right?

  10. Looking for the good and lifting up others. Those are the two that bring me the most joy.

  11. Lifting women up & always looking for the good–my favorites. I’m so happy you were a part of Aimee’s word of the year post & I found you through that. I so look forward to reading more from you–your positive, happy spirit is something I want to be around. :)

  12. I have to admit, you never fail to make me feel brighter, happier, more hopeful—the list goes on for days. Thanks you for this, but also for the truths that you share about even happy women needing to be lifted up.


  13. your children are lucky to have mommas that are so invested in the welfare and lives of their children :) kindness, humor, generosity, empathy – these are all important – and i believe that they do, oftentimes, lead to happiness. also love how you point out that happy women seek joy and lift others – so important, so true <3

  14. I love how your list truly encompasses out word actions. We are called to love and when we stop looking… thinking… musing over ourselves we then are free to love others. In this freedom is joy… peace… and contentment!!

    I already said this on FB but I’m looking forward to reading your blog and getting to know you! I’m new to this blogging world and I’m still “finding my tribe” as some say (and the time/energy to actually write and read posts… darn children… and husband… and laziness come 8:37 PM 😉 )

  15. *outward 😉

  16. This is just pure perfection. You have single-handedly concocted the formula for happiness. When I see any of these slip from my life, I see more stress, more angst and more self-doubt — all bad, bad, bad. I strive so very hard to keep us on a routine, and the past few weeks of cold and sickness have detoured us badly.

    But! There’s only one thing to do. All aboard!!!

    Thanks for bringing me back. Really.

  17. like the one about complementing other phenomenal women! So true!

  18. Love this, Galit! At the core of being happy is making it your go-to-choice. Sounds like you’ve known this all along. :)


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